White Noise Newborn Photography

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Sleepy baby white noise track 30 minutes of white noise for infants and babies
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White Noise Newborn Photography

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The app I use is “White Noise by TMSOFT” Make sure the white noise is louder than the baby to start off with (you can turn it down once they fall asleep). If your baby can’t hear it, your baby won’t listen to it.

Move the white noise machine (or your phone) close to baby so that they can hear it better. I have the volume for my white noise at about 80%. If you are using an app on your phone, make sure the ringer is turned off when you put your phone near your baby 🙂 You don’t want all your hard work to quickly vanish with a phone call LOL! Set the timer on the white noise machine or app if you like or make sure your phone is plugged in if you want it to stay on indefinitely.

Tip: if you have an old phone laying around, this a great way to put it to use! You can carry the white noise with you. Put the phone in your back pocket or any pocket while you are walking around with your baby.

It can also be tucked next to baby in a swing, stroller or car seat. The app that I have has all different kinds of ambient sounds. It even has several kinds of “white noise” options like red noise, blue noise, yellow noise, etc.

I have found the best luck with pink noise.

We are currently booking newborn photography sessions for Spring and Summer! If your due date is anytime in the next 4 to 5 months now is the time to contact us and get on our schedule! We only do a limited amount of newborn sessions per month, so reserving your spot early is highly recommended. 360.438.0432

In 95% of my newborn sessions, babies that are days old will calm down, become very content and will fall asleep when I turn on the white noise.

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True story…Many years ago I had a mom and dad bring in their brand new baby for a photo session. The baby was not a happy camper, the poor little thing just couldn’t calm down and fought sleep like a champion boxer. Her eyelids would slowly cover her eyes and then they would pop right back up again if she heard the littlest noise or if we tried to put her down for a picture! We knew she was exhausted and wanted to sleep but she just wasn’t able to fall asleep and stay asleep. Then the dad, who was very sweaty by this point, got a huge smile on his face said “can we use your vacuum?” (If we were in a cartoon, a huge light bulb would have popped up over his head!) I jumped up, got my vacuum and brought it into the studio. I plugged it in and turned it on. It was so loud, but the baby stopped crying. Not only did she stop crying, she feel asleep and stayed asleep! It worked! We left the vacuum on for the whole session and it was a win win – baby was asleep for the whole session and I had a very clean spot on the floor! When you have a little one that can’t be comforted and won’t settle down you will try just about anything to sooth them, including turning on a very loud vacuum. Ever since that session, I have used white noise as one of the comforting tools for my newborn photography sessions. Of course lugging my vacuum into a newborn session on a daily basis was not going to work for me, so I found a small portable white noise machine and now I just use a white noise app on my phone. During my newborn sessions, the moms and dads will hear my phone with the white noise coming from it and see how their baby really likes it, so naturally they ask me questions about it and what app I am using, so here are some white noise tips that you can try at home!

1. One iPhone goes wherever the baby is with the sound of a heartbeat playing. For example, the iPhone is in the fabric stuffing inside or around the prop and is placed right next to the baby. We use the heartbeat white noise to mimic one of the comforting sounds that the baby has heard for many months in its mother’s womb. Very important! 2. Another iPhone is used to play relaxing music nearby OR the sound of the ocean. The music is obviously not white noise and is more of a source for the photographers relaxation. However, the sound of the ocean is a great baby soother.

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Try these two tricks and I promise your newborn will stay calm for much longer!

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White noise is one of the many tools in our tool belt that we use to soothe the newborn baby during a photography session. Wikipedia defines this as noise containing many frequencies with equal intensities. . . .

When the baby is in the comfort of their mother’s womb they are listening to sounds all day long – television, music, talking, the swishing of the amniotic fluid, blood rushing, dogs barking, Mom’s heartbeat, etc. Constant sounds that remind the newborn of comfort, peace, love and nourishment.

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