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What Do I Need For Newborn Twins

What Do I Need For Newborn Twins What Do I Need For Newborn Twins

While on the subject of burping, let me digress. When your babies are small, you will probably not burp them over your shoulder as you usually see on TV. For the first three to four months, until they really get good neck control, it often works best to burp baby while he or she sits on your lap. Hold his or her jaw around the chin in one hand supporting the head, and firmly pat the baby’s back with your other hand. We draped the burpie cloth over our hand supporting the head, and put the extra cloth over the leg toward which the baby was facing, just in case. Each baby gets a fresh cloth each burp session.

Side note: Not a single book I read indicated when the parent-induced burping should stop. The “after-every-feeding” burping process continued for us until ours were about 6 months, and intermittently after that until they were about 8 months. Ours were exceedingly gassy. Yours may need regular burping for a shorter (or maybe longer) window of time.

You may even consider designating someone to help coordinate your helpers. Even though you will appreciate offers of help from others, it can be overwhelming when you are trying to focus on caring for your babies. A help coordinator will keep you organized and can efficiently delegate so that your helpers are most productive. Your helpers will appreciate having a specific answer when they ask, “What can I do?” It also ensures that your help remains helpful. The last thing that new parents want to deal with is entertaining visitors instead of catching a few precious moments of sleep. You’ll avoid much frustration if you are open and honest in communicating your needs during this busy time.

You can’t leave the hospital without them. They can’t share. Our twosome even needed to be “tested” in their car seats for stress prior to being released from the hospital. We have a hysterical photo of our daughter sleeping away in her car seat with electrodes and monitors attached all over her. From what I hear, not every hospital requires this test, but don’t be surprised if yours does.

If you’re on a tight budget or tight on space, you may want to forego two cribs or even a twin crib initially and just get one crib to share or two bassinets instead. Twins can sleep in bassinets until around 6 months or so. Not to mention, a bassinet can be moved from room to room with ease…A huge plus when you’ve got two babies! You won’t have need of two highchairs for a while either, so if space and expense is an issue you can save a bit here. You may also want to check out secondhand shops and garage sales for some of the pricier items (check out our Budget Twin Nursery Guide). And don’t forget your sister or friend who had a baby and needs to get rid of some stuff. If neither cost or space is an issue for you, happy shopping!

Even if you are handling burp duty single-handedly (which eventually you will have to) each baby deserves a fresh, cheese-free cloth. There are precious burp cloths out there that coordinate with bibs and outfits. If you get some as gifts, fantastic. For day-to-day and middle of the night use, cloth diapers serve the purpose well.

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First, think about what you’ll need help with most. Is it a set of helping hands to hold babies during feedings or when they’re fussy? Is it help around the house, perhaps someone to fix meals and keep up with housework? If you already have children, perhaps you’ll need someone to care for them, entertaining them and driving them to activities while you recover from childbirth. Or maybe you just need the reassuring presence of an experienced parent.

Twins Daily Schedule/Log Book1 or 2 Cribs or 2 bassinets 2 car seats Double stroller4-8 crib/bassinet sheets6-10 receiving blankets2-4 heavy blankets (for winter babies)Diapers! (100 or so per week)Cloth Diapers! (if you go this route, your local diaper service will let you know how many you will need) 2-4 boxes of baby wipes Twin diaper bag10-14 one-piece undershirts (a.

k.a. “onesies”)10-14 one piece pajamas and/or gowns 4-8 pairs of socks/booties4-6 hats4-6 blanket sleepers (for winter babies)Baby wash and baby lotion1-2 bath cushions or 1 portable tub4-8 washcloths and towelsDiaper rash ointment2 thermometers2 bulb syringesTylenol for infants6-14 bottles and nipples (if you will bottle feed)2-4 large cans of formula (approx.

a can a week)1 bottle brush6-12 burp cloths4-8 bibsTwin nursing pillow (great even for bottle feeding!)Labels!

Make a list of some of the issues that you anticipate will require extra assistance, and then prioritize your needs. It may be helpful to talk to other parents of twins and multiples. Discussing their experience can help you focus your priorities.

Two mouths. Both have a suck reflex, and are soothed by the process. You’ll need a minimum of two pacifiers. If you plan to breastfeed your babies, some wisdom advocates holding off a bit on introducing the pacifiers until nursing/latching is well-established. The phrase “nipple confusion” is one you will hear repeatedly. Personally, I don’t believe in nipple confusion where a binkie is concerned. No nourishment flows through a pacifier; give your babies some credit.

What goes in must come out. Two bottoms, you can’t chintz out here either. They need coverage. Many of the predominant diaper manufacturers put coupons in the newspaper regularly and offer coupons to moms of twins. Be forewarned. Even with coupons, the name-brand diapers are much more expensive than off- and store-brands.

Most formula manufacturers offer special coupons and deals for parents of multiples. Get on those lists early in your pregnancy. Even if you intend to breastfeed, those companies distribute great developmental information on babies, and you never know. Best to be prepared. Likewise, once your babies are on solid foods, lots of coupons are available to mommies of twins. You’ll still need to get double foodstuffs, but you can save a bit here and there.

Once you’ve established your list, you’ll be ready when family, friends and neighbors offer their help. The outpouring of support can be amazing; many people genuinely want to be of assistance to a family with multiple newborns. Others sincerely want to help but aren’t sure what to do.

Two mouths to feed, you can’t chintz out here. Breastfeeding can work with twins, and if you can make it work, it’s the healthiest choice for the babies, for you, and certainly for your wallet. If breastfeeding is not the route you decide to go, formula will do the trick just fine.

We cover many of these items in our helpful Twin Gear Guide, so be sure to check it out!

You can expect each baby to soil/wet 8 to 12 diapers a day for at least the first two months. Believe it or not, you want that. It confirms your babies are getting enough nutrition. You can do the math. You will go through 960 to 1,440 diapers in your first 60 days alone. We found off-brands (or less popular brands) to be just fine. We used off-brand petroleum jelly with each and every change, and rarely had rear rashes. You’ll figure out what works best for you. If friends ask what you need for the babies, you need diapers.

Two mouths to feed. Two sets of burps to provoke. Two babies to dress. A diaper bag that needs to be prepped to handle needs of two infants. Two car seats to snap in. Two babies to strap into the stroller. Two children to undress and redress at the pediatrician’s office. Two cribs to keep in fresh linens. Two booties that need diapering. Two babies to individually hug and cuddle. Allow the extra time you need to do those things that must be done consecutively, one at a time. Attempting to “cram” too much activity into too little time will increase the stress on you, your partner, and your babies.

You will need to feed babies approximately eight times each 24-hour period the first couple of months. Get 20 to 30 cloths and you should be fine. You’ll be doing laundry often enough for that to be about right. If you feel you need more, get more. You can always use them for dustcloths or to mop up mini-messes later.

Wow, you’re having twins! Now what? Preparing for twins doesn’t have to be complicated. And it’s not a bad idea to start preparations in the early part of your twin pregnancy. You’ll have a lot more energy to tackle projects, go shopping, interview pediatricians, and perhaps even put together some cribs for that twin nursery. There is certainly going to be more gear needed for twins than singletons, as well as a bit more space. Making a list of the key items needed to prepare for your twins eventual arrival will help with setting a budget and keeping you on track with the essentials. As always, we’ve got you covered with the most important info, advice and tips! 

Shopping for two can become costly. Keep in mind that there are many things your twins will NOT need or use when they are newborns. Obtaining these items later is a nice way to spread out the expense and the fuss. There are also several coupons and discounts for twins offered by different businesses and companies that are a great help for parents of multiples.

A postpartum doula can be especially helpful for families with multiples. Doulas are professional caregivers. While they commonly serve during childbirth and labor, many are qualified to offer postpartum care, assisting with breastfeeding, newborn care and family adjustment while helping mothers recover from childbirth. Be sure to inquire about your doula’s previous experience with multiple birth.

All content here, including advice from doctors and other health professionals, should be considered as opinion only. Always seek the direct advice of your own doctor in connection with any questions or issues you may have regarding your own health or the health of others.

Help for families with new multiples comes in many forms and serves a variety of functions. But not every family needs or wants help. Some parents prefer to handle things on their own, and given the right circumstances, they won’t require any outside assistance. But most families find that a helping hand — or two — makes for an easier adjustment to life with multiples.

Now on the flip side, when a fast-flow bottle is introduced frequently prior to nursing/latching becoming well-established, that may cause problems getting the babies to breastfeed. Not because they are “confused” between nipples, but because the bottle nipple makes it far easier to get big mouthfuls of milk rapidly, and with minimal effort.

Bulk shopping for one baby is a good idea, but for twins it’s a necessity!

If it’s within your budget and you have the space, you may also want to purchase a baby monitor, 1 or 2 baby swings and/or bouncer chairs, 1 or 2 changing tables (one for the nursery and/or one for the play or living area) and a good quality breast pump (if you will breastfeed your twins ). As mentioned earlier, lifestyle will play a role in deciding what items to obtain. So, use this list as your guideline when preparing for twins. Best of luck!

With twins, there are unavoidable doublings. Try to revel in all of them, especially the “Omigosh”‘s you’ll receive from onlookers when out and about with your precious babies. Twins are special, and as a Mommy of twins, you are, too. When you are purchasing double of the below listed items, try to look on the bright side. At least you will get through each need stage almost simultaneously. Here are the items you’ll need in bulk.

For babies under age 1, and less than 20 pounds, the car seats must be rear-facing. (If your babies reach 20 pounds prior to their first birthday, they still need to remain rear-facing. You’ll then need to invest in “convertible” car seats that can go from rear to front-facing, and that accommodate heavier babies.) Most firemen will install the bases into your vehicle for you, ensuring they are safely and properly in place. Don’t wait until late in your pregnancy to get this important task accomplished. Twins can and often do come early. Be ready.

Because the lack of sleep is such a strain for new parents, a night nurse or night nanny is another option to consider. These professionals are trained newborn caregivers who can provide parents with a bit of respite in the overnight hours. This type of service can be pricey; even if you can’t afford extended care, it can still be an option for an occasional overnight, a one-time consultation or during a time of transition, for example, before returning to work.

The first thing you will need to think about is lifestyle. Will you have your twins in separate rooms or one room? Will you be nursing or bottle feeding? Cloth or disposable diapers? What type of double stroller will suit you? And, of course, finances! Answering these questions will give you a good outline to start with.

If your budget permits, there are several services that can make life easier when your multiples are young. Hiring help with chores allows you to concentrate your time and attention on caring for your babies. A cleaning service can tackle the housework; a landscaping service can work on the yard. if you can’t afford ongoing service, a one-time touch up will help keep things in order until you can resume your regular routine.

Even though you can only place a single spoonful in one baby’s mouth at a time, feeding your babies semi-simultaneously by alternating bites betwixt the two is far easier than trying to feed them in sequence. Especially if you have one hungry infant watching while his/her sibling is being fed! High chairs serve purposes beyond feeding. They are great containment for finger painting, coloring, and for off-the-floor playing with small toys/books. Some favorite photos of our twins have been taken in their high chairs. Get a pair. You’ll be glad you did.

See our article on Bringing Twins Home From The Hospital Do You Have A Plan?

They are two children, with two distinct sets of achievements to document and cherish. Granted, the babies may be in high school before you get a chance to fill them all in with the notes you’ve jotted in your poo journal and on notepads, but they each need to have their own book. There are twin sets of baby books out there if you are seeking to coordinate every aspect of their early lives.

Surviving Twins – Tips and tricks for the first few months from an M.D. and Mom of twins. Great twin baby advice for new parents.

38 weeks + 5 days. It is a couple of years ago…but it was a great pregnancy. The nurse said before C-section that it was a very impressive belly even

After each feeding, each baby will need burping. Often, baby burps travel with spit-up. Hopefully, you will have Daddy or a second set of hands burping one baby while you burp the other. You’ll need to protect yourselves from the burp cheese.

If you have the above items on hand, you will be pretty well prepared for infant twins. You may be thinking that some of the amounts listed are over kill, but here’s a thought…How often to you want to do laundry? When you have a good stock on hand to begin with, it means less time spent with the washing machine. Twins will go through twice the amount of blankets and onesies a lot faster than you think!

Be sure to let us know in the comments below any of your own tips or advice for preparing for twins…

With twins on the way, you may wonder about hat kind of help will you need once your babies arrive. Will you need help with newborn twins, or can you handle it on your own? For some families, help is a necessity. For others, it’s a luxury. Help can come in many forms, from full-time, hired childcare to volunteer assistance with chores and meals. It’s never too early to consider what kind of help will be most beneficial to your family and begin the process of making arrangements.

Cheryl Lage is a full-time, fully fulfilled mom to fraternal twins Darren and Sarah. During twin-synchronous sleeping hours, she is the Web host of www.twinfatuation.com, a Web support site for new and expecting twin parents.

We also HIGHLY recommend getting some labels. You can order them personalized for your twins so you will always know who’s stuff is whose. From labeling clothing to baby bottles, they can be an easy way to stay organized.

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