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So I’m just gonna give him a little turn down that way, and push his bottom towards the back of the bag, so let him sink back into that sleep. >> Speaker 1: I try and make my blankets as smooth as possible before I take a shot so that I’m not having to do so much work in post-production to make them smooth.

Birth announcements. Word of mouth is the most powerful way to reach new clients. So let your happy customers speak for you. Create a simple video birth announcement that parents can share with friends and family, put your logo on it, and you’ve created an effective marketing tool without creating a “marketing” video.

For example, newborn photographer Erin Elizabeth made this sweet birth announcement slideshow, which is currently clocking more than 100,000 views on Facebook and has been shared more than 150 times.  

Whoops. >> Speaker 1: So, when I’m shooting anything, I’m using my 24 to 70 lens. I want to be at that 70 mil focal length. >> Speaker 1: Oh, dear. So we’ve got a quick shot. He’s just had a little bit of a wiggle, but we’re gonna fix his hands, and then we should be right to take our image.

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Are you using video in your newborn sessions? We’d love to see your work! Add a link in the comments below, or get in touch on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, by tagging @Animoto.

>> Speaker 1: So when you’re working in your studio and you’ve got this down pat, you wouldn’t be going through all the steps and going slowly like I am, you’d move through these poses really quickly. And sometimes, the trick is just knowing where to put your hands to keep them secure.

So it’s the same with babies. We’ve gotta remember that they’re the same as us, they’re just a ridiculously small version. So making them comfortable the whole time. >> Speaker 1: I’ve just, oh he’s going to do it for me again. Easy baby. >> Speaker 1: Now I want to bring his top hand, when he’s lifted his head earlier, he’s brought the top hand in over the top of the bottom hand.

So what I’m gonna do is stand above here and I’m going to take the weight of his head off his hands and slide the other hand in underneath. So I’ve put my finger through the palm here, bring those little fingers out, and push the thumb through just like that.

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You can see just by pushing there, I’ve just turned his little nose up towards the ceiling, which is where we want it to be. >> Speaker 1: Okay, we might get our first shot. Even though I’m really happy with where this is at, I would still like to get some flat fingers in there.

So just going to bring his little bottom around, making sure that the elbow stays in line with the body and the hand is up so that when I do turn him his hand doesn’t end up up here. And we’re gonna really struggle then to bring it down in line with the body.

>> Speaker 1: So I want to put a beautiful color on in here. I brought too many things with me. >> Speaker 1: So my mom has been busy knitting. She does some beautiful things, and she’s been using some of the Monkey Moo-moo patterns which are now available. I used to buy a lot of my props from her, but now she’s actually making patterns and selling them, and no longer knitting.

Oh, look, he’s smiling. Oh, that is so cute. He’s still doing it. >> Speaker 1: I’m gonna use another piece of fabric now just to wrap over the top of him. And I’ve got lots of different textures in here and beautiful color tones. And he’s just got the most beautiful skin.

And then bringing him towards the front of the bean bag towards that beautiful light. >> Speaker 1: Oh. >> Speaker 1: There we go. And then the hips, so they’re not facing up. We’re gonna sort of face them over, turn them over towards the bag. And I’ve got one hand at the back supporting him, and one hand on his shins and his knees.

>> Speaker 1: You gonna take your hat off? >> Speaker 1: I’m just waiting for him to just relax. Had a stretch. >> Speaker 1: And that’s something else that we also need to remember is that when we lay down in bed or we lay down on the couch to watch TV or we sit somewhere, we get comfortable.

So I’m not actually lifting his head this way, I’m kinda turning his nose up towards the ceiling. So I’m not overextending his neck or anything like that. Cuz if you stand there or you lay down and you try to go like that, it’s not that easy. But you can turn easily.

>> Speaker 1: And then, we don’t want it covering his cheek here, so we wanna bring that cheek forward, so it looks nice and full. >> Speaker 1: So just push in that hand a little bit further, up and underneath his cheek. And then we’ve got beautiful straight fingers. Let’s tuck that hat in a little bit more.

And, that’s the beauty of having the flow posing, and if you’ve got a little one that’s not quite happy in one position, you can transition over into the next. >> Speaker 1: And when you’re using bows or anything like that, if they’re too big, they’re gonna become distracting. You do not want anything in your images competing with the little one’s face.

And then when he relaxes that elbow, just giving it a little gentle rock. Now when I lift up, he’ll probably move with me. And slide that thumb in over the top of the other wrist. >> Speaker 1: And I’m just waiting for him to relax those fingers. There we go.

>> Speaker 1: Our windows can be fill light today. So, I’m just pulling the wrap. >> Speaker 1: There we go. And now, because we are going to turn him this way, this side here I want to pull down, like this. I’m not going to pull it out just yet, because as I turn him it’s now gonna come out the back.

But we want this bottom hand in underneath. Because if I was to take a photo now, it would become quite blurry, and you would see that in the image. I’m shooting wide open. I’m focusing on the eye. The hand is going to be in front of the face, so it’s going to appear bigger, and it’s going to be blurry.

Product video. Part of making sales is convincing clients of the value of your products. But your photographs are visual, so why not show instead of tell clients about them? Create a video with samples of your prints and albums to illustrate how beautiful, and how meaningful those products can be. Take Mollie Meagher of Ellie Belle Photography, who made this video to present her new Magnolia album. The lovely images and moving music help create an emotional connection, while text slides offer specific details about the album.  

So we want our blankets to be nice and smooth. >> Speaker 1: I’ve got his feet pretty much where we want them to be. We will perfect them in a minute, but I’m just gonna pop that cloth nappy in underneath there just to give a little bit of resistance there so he can sort of feel some form of support there.

So yeah, she’s having a great time creating all these wonderful bits and pieces. So we’re going to use this. And these colors are going to go really well together. >> Speaker 1: So I’m just using my hand over the top of the thigh there so he doesn’t kinda flinch. With the side pose, I like to have the feet tucked up towards the bottom as much as I can.

So, I’m sliding one hand underneath, it’s there under the bag. And what I’m going to do from there is lift his head, take his weight off the bean bag and slide the cloth nappy in underneath his head. >> Speaker 1: It’s moving that cloth nappy. So you can see it, I’ve kind of just bunched it up underneath there.

>> Speaker 1: So when I come in to fix hands, I’m placing my hand over the whole body there. I’ve got this part of my hand on top of the knee, I’ve got my fingers on his body, and I’ve got my other two fingers on that top hand so they’re not gonna go anywhere.

[video-description] In this video, professional newborn photographer, Kelly Brown demonstrates the art of flow posing for capturing the first months and days of a baby’s life. While this is a powerful art form, it’s also a demanding one. Covering everything from props, lighting, and camera angles, Kelly describes how to best capture the beauty and innocence of a newborn. In the full course of Newborn Photography Bootcamp, Kelly Brown will cover every aspect of the exciting field of newborn photography. [/video-description]

It’s funny, whenever we have sort of, different little props and things like that, not all of them are going to fit every baby. So we can tuck them in wherever we need them to be, and they don’t need to look perfect at the back, they need to look perfect at the front.

New parents can never have too much information — whether it’s what to expect in the first year or which newborn photographer will be the best choice for capturing their baby’s first days. Give them what they’re looking for with these five easy-to-make newborn photography videos, and you’ll have parents feeling safe and secure when they choose you.

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>> Speaker 1: You can see where the arm underneath is now. It’s in line with the body. If it was up like this it would be the same as the hand. It would be a large, sort of, object in front of the face, being the elbow. So we don’t want that anywhere near his little face so it becomes all about the face and he’s lifting so I’m gonna bring that up.

When it’s got a little bit of length you can actually drape it and it looks beautiful but we’re going to tuck it in. >> Speaker 1: All right. >> Speaker 1: Just grab that cloth nappy from the back of the bag. You can see a little bulge there, and when the light hits that, it’s gonna cause a shadow.

I’m gonna keep them where I need them to be, and we’re just going to lift up gently here. >> Speaker 1: I just wanna bring some of these fingers out under here. There we go. So what I did was I used this part of my hand to just push his head up, nice and flat, it’s not pointing or anything like that, and then, I scoop the fingers out.

Studio tour. Newborn photography is a very specialized genre, and clients aren’t always sure what they’ll encounter when they go to a shoot. You can allay their nervousness with a tour of your space, letting them see what your studio (or at-home visits) look like, and what some of their options are. Kelly Brown created the video below, which takes you on a 360 degree tour of her stunning Queensland studio. But you can easily film your own studio tour with just a smartphone and some ingenuity.  

All the time. We do it without even noticing. We move until we’re comfortable. Yes, they do the same thing. And they have their own comfy place and we have to remember that not every baby will go into every pose comfortably. And as easy as a side pose is, sometimes babies don’t like laying on their side.

And this is gonna come over the top, and it’s going to just. Aw, hi. >> Speaker 1: He’s just having a stretch. He’s posing himself. >> Speaker 1: I’m not actually going to have any of this coming out as a detail. I’m going to tuck it in really tight because it’s not very long, so I don’t want it to look too silly.

We want it to be a nice smooth, round well. >> Speaker 1: When I shoot this image from over here, I want his little feet to kind of drift off into the background. >> Speaker 1: So now I’m gonna use one of my nappies just to give his little head a little bit of a lift and then that’s going to put everything, keep his, sort of, his chin and shoulder together to keep that hat in place as well.

>> Speaker 1: I’m just gonna use the weight of my arm just on his body. It’s not heavy, it’s not hard, it’s just so that he feels secure whilst I’m moving him. >> Speaker 1: So with this side, what I’m gonna do is in a second, I’m gonna lift here from the side of his head, and I’m gonna push with my finger down on the bag to bring that tassel down.

Video business card. A video business card can give you a quick way to share your philosophy and style of photography with potential clients, even if it’s only a simple slideshow of images. Just remember to finish off your video with a call-to-action button that links to your website. For example, Ruth Bloch of Butterfly Moment Photography created this beautiful video business card, which has been viewed more than 7,600 times on Facebook, and ends with a call-to-action that directs traffic to her site.  

Show new parents they can rely on you — not just to craft beautiful images of their little one — but to make the whole experience feel safe, warm, and memorable in and of itself. Video can bring clients into a session, helping them see what’s coming and why they can trust you.

Prep for shoot video. In order to help clients feel comfortable with you, you have to let them know what to expect when they walk through the door. A quick video illustrating what they’ll see and giving them tips for how to prepare for a shoot with you will go a long way to reassuring new parents that they’re in good hands. Take a look at how Kelly Brown gives a sense of warmth with just a few short tips and a peek inside her studio that prepare her clients for what they’ll see on the day of their session.  

I’m moving it around to sort of push them into that position. >> Speaker 1: If he was really stirring at the moment, I’d get a safe shot. I’m just going to do a little more tucking here, because I want these images to be beautiful for mom. >> Speaker 1: And then a little bit more height here underneath the face, underneath those hands, just to lift it up off the bag.

 >> Speaker 1: So because our light source is over here, I’m actually gonna turn him towards that light source. Or would it be better for the camera if I turned him this way? It’s probably easier for you to see on this side, isn’t it? We’ll do that, because we still have our beautiful light here, and I don’t want you guys to not see what I’m doing.

>> Speaker 1: Bring his feet down. And now I’ve got his fingers. Sorry, I’ve got my fingers on his elbows. So as I gently turn him, my little finger under here is going to push that wrap out the back. >> Speaker 1: I’ll just leave that over him for a minute. Make him modest.

So we’ve got those hands in place. >> Speaker 1: There we go. I’m just tucking that hat in so it doesn’t look too big. >> Speaker 1: Okay, now we can start to move our cloth nappies to get everything in the right place. So I’m just pushing it down underneath his little knee there, so we don’t have like a big deep sort of well here, and then it kind of just comes up at the end of his feet.

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