How to cope with twins i make sure i feed them at the same time so that they are on the same schedule sometimes i even have to burp them at the
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Typical Day With Newborn Twins.

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Thanks guys!  It’s good to know that this is normal.  My husband has been talking about getting someone to come in maybe twice a week to help.  It just seems so indulgent to me, which I know is stupid.  I mean, I am not working outside the home so isn’t this my job?  But I understand that no ones job should be 24 hours a day so I am slowly warming up to the idea.

Mine are 3 1/2m and its just starting to calm down. Still I feel like I never stop running. I long for the days when they will take naps longer then 30-45min and for next year when ODD is in full day 5 day a week kindergarten.

Once we found some extra help, things got a LOT better.  The woman who came helped with tasks associated with the children – their laundry, dishes, bottles, etc., as well as caring for the children.  If your husband is up for it, get some help for a few weeks/months!  Don’t be a martyr!!  With time, it really does get better.  You’ll find a balance of getting things done and caring for the babies.  If you are able to keep them on a schedule, things will be a lot easier, especially over time.

I recently brought home my 9 week old twins from the NICU and am trying to keep my head above water here.  I’d really like to know how you manage to do anything other than care for your twins.  I’m talking stuff like sleep, shower, eat, laundry, etc.  It seems like all I am doing is feeding, pumping, basic baby maintenance like washing bottles or laundry, and giving them their meds. Since I have to wake them every three hours to feed, my days and nights are blending together and I typically have no clue what day it is anymore.

The first couple months were just as you described.  I was lucky to get a shower in a couple times a week.  Ha….hey, but it’s true.  It gets better and easier and you start to develop a routine.  Pinky swear it does!!

Here’s why: If your precious bundles don’t get synced up, you could be on nonstop, round-the-clock duty, putting one newborn to sleep while the other rouses from a nap and clamors to eat. That kind of care can easily exhaust even the most energetic mama. If coping with two babies makes you too tired and drained, you’ll produce less milk (if you’re trying to nurse your newborns), you won’t be happy, and bonding with your twin babies will be more difficult. And that bond is just as important to your wee ones’ well-being as anything else.

We have a mother’s helper for 1-2 evenings a week while my husband works late. It is definitely worth the expense if you can swing it. We debated having friends come over to help out vs. hiring our sitter. We decided that even though we had enough people volunteering we would have to explain what to do each time they came over. Having the same helper means she walks in the door and starts helping. I don’t have to show her where things are, etc. It will get better soon, hang in there!

The first month the babies were home were a blur.  The nanny we had lined up didn’t work out and my husband had only scheduled one week off work and works 14 hour days.  We also have a son who was 17 months at the time.  It took a month for us to line up another nanny.  During the time I was doing it alone, it was all about scheduling.  I had certain times I did certain things.  Sometimes the babies would have to fuss a little. They’ve learned to be patient which is a great quality.  While we all survived it, I have to say it really was survival mode.  Laundry barely got done, we ate a lot of take out, and the house was a mess (we’d just moved so we still had boxes everywhere.)

A lot of people will call the state you’re in “survival mode” because it really is. You’ll have easier moments, mostly harder moments, but despite what you may feel it won’t last forever. Back then, every completed day was a victory.

Honestly… my days were the same as you stated above… some days I didn’t shower (gross yes) but I took that “shower” time for a little nap time.  The first few weeks/months are hard and you just have to remember it gets better!  Read this thread…  I promise we’ve all been there!

In a few months, the schedule you’re starting now will finally take shape and become somewhat predictable. You’ll actually be able to leave the house because both babies will be awake and alert at the same time! You’ll be able to shower and eat breakfast during their predictable morning nap.

And your twin babies will thrive. Until then, remember this: Kids are only newborns once. If you can make it through these first few months with your sense of humor — and maybe a bra or two — intact, you can do anything!

we did everything one at a time. DH (dear husband) showered in the morning before our ODD was awake and hopefully while at least 1 baby was asleep. I showered at night after ODD went to bed and after at least 1 baby was asleep. One of us would eat with DD (dear daughter) while the other stayed wtiht he babies at dinner time. I’d make her breakfast and lunch and try to stay near her, but I really didn’t eat or would just grab a bananna or a slice of turkey or something.

Twins Abby and Cohen on May 30, 2010, born at 30 weeks and spent2 months in the NICU.

My son’s reflux made it so that he was going through TONS of clothes and blankets every day. I had to do laundry dailly. I just didn’t bother to fold it. It was used so often I just left it in the basket and took out what I needed. When it was empty I’d go to their hamper and do another load. ODD ‘s clothes were washed with it and I’d try to sneak in loads of adult laundry.

What’s a perfect twin-baby schedule for the multitasking multiples mom? A fairly flexible eating-sleeping-playing routine that makes the early months with your darling duo much more manageable.

One thing that helped was getting help. We couldn’t afford anything fancy but we could afford a teenager at $8 an hour. So we hired our regular babysitter to come 2 nights a week for 3hrs. She came from 6-9. From 6- she’d hold a baby. Those nights I made sure the babies got a bath, we ate real food,  and most importantly that we each sat down and did something with ODD. ODD goes to bed at 8 so from 8-9 she’d take one baby, DH (dear husband) would take the other and I’d do a load of laundry, clean a room, etc, etc for an hour until she had to leave.

Mom to Lauren and Katelyn, fraternal twins born at 33 w 2 d on February 4, 2010

My recommendation if you have someone help is to have a chart or list of things that you would like them to take care of when they are there like kids’ laundry, loading and running the DW, etc.. You might consider providing them with a schedule.  They can check it off as they do it, as well as recording things about the babies.  It leads to a lot less confusion to have things in writing.  Good luck and know that you are doing a great job and it will get easier over time!

Your friends, relatives, and even doctors may warn you against putting your babies on a schedule. But they don’t have twins. And while it’s usually best to respond to a newborn’s needs, whether the clock says it’s time to eat or not, twin babies are a special case.

Plus, a typical day with one baby, let alone two, is chaotic enough. A twin-baby schedule gives the day a reassuring framework — as tiny as they are, tots feel more secure and soothed by the predictability of a routine. And it can be comforting to you too. After all, when you’re drowning in poopy diapers and spit-up, it’s nice to know that your twin babies will be snoozing in about a half hour (not that you’re counting the minutes or anything…).

yep.thats how it goes for the first couple months. I wonder if you can change their feeding time to every 4 hours instead of every 3 hours. we did this while they were in the nicu just before discharge. We started feeding more and then trying to space it out to 4 hours, it worked great and it helped with the time between! We also had bouncy chairs and they were a blessing!! We still use them!! It will get better and you will all figure out a routine that works!! in the midst of all the chaos try to enjoy it! it goes by so fast!!

Newborn Twin moms really have to get creative about showers. Having an SO (significant other) around is a lifesaver for those things.

Of course, a twin-baby schedule should be something to shoot for — not an iron-clad routine you don’t dare break. If one newborn is crying with hunger, for instance, don’t make her hold out until her sib is ready for a snack as well. And if one is nodding off, let her snooze, even if it doesn’t fall in line with her sleep schedule (and her other half isn’t tired yet). Also remember this when you’re setting up a routine: All babies are different — you may have one fussy, unpredictable twin and one easygoing babe, so getting them to nap and eat at the same times won’t always be easy. But at least if have one reliable nap-time routine, you’ll know when your calmer tyke will be sleeping, so you can offer the higher-needs tot some one-on-one soothing. You might even be able to enjoy a nap with that baby, a luxury parents of twins can’t always afford when they’re worried about the other little one waking at any moment and demanding a bottle or boob.

I washed bottles twice a day and honestly sometimes you have to let them cry for a few min to get it done.

FTM to Fraternal Twins, Brayden Oliver & Harley Brooke,  born June 16, 2009!

BHB QUOTE   “i just dont know if im really trippin and should bottle up the things that upset me and change for him. or if hes just stupid” -whymeughh

We have a bunch of bouncy chairs also.  They really like to sleep in them.I also find myself doing the “would you rather” talk with my self.  Most of the time napping wins out over everything else like eating or showering.…?intcmp=SPGroupSearchResult_SPGroupSearch_textlink

It will get easier…..sometimes you have to let them cry. I would put them in their swing and then take a quick shower or bring them into the the bathroom in their bouncy seats if they were awake….yes they cried most of the time. After I quit pumping my life became a lot easier and in NO way am I telling you to quit BF (breastfeed, or boyfriend) or pumping. It’s going to be very crazy for the next few months and then it will get better once they start to entertain themselves…bouncer, activity gym, bumbos. I stick them on the dinning table in their bumbos while I fold laundry on the table…they like to watch me. I have always felt that trying to establish a routine will help a lot but right now its probably hard to keep a schedule…..good luck to you and your babies….you are doing a great job!

It was pretty much a blur in the beginning.  My DH (dear husband) and I did shifts at night so at least we each got a little solid sleep – him 7 pm – 1 am and then I was on.  I took my shower at night after he got home from work.  Having someone in definitely helped me – so I could take a nap and now can go to the gym.  The person we had was a nanny/mother’s helper so cleaned too.

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