It may be that one or both of your babies have to spend time in special care after they are born if you cant breastfeed straight away start expressing
Sleep tips for twin babies
How to survive your first year with twins
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Great sleeping arrangement ideas and tips for twins all the way from crib2college what to do for newborns toddlers and school aged twin kids ad
Taking care of a newborn is a 24 hour job as bleary eyed new parents everywhere can attest twins come with double the joy and double the work

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Tips For Newborn Twins.

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Talking to other mothers and parents of twins can be a great resource, find a twin group in your neighborhood. Joining a playgroup not specific to twins is also great for your two as they mingle with single babies and children helping them socially.

Be sure to check with your pediatrician before starting any sleep training plan to determine if your babies are old enough (no earlier than 3 months old) and have gained enough weight.

When cooking a meal cook enough for two dinners and pop one in the freezer. You will have back up dinners ready to heat and eat on those chaotic days. Relax and enjoy, the tiredness will pass and it will get easier, try to focus on that when you’re having a bad day.

Before the arrival of your twins have the cupboards stocked up and even prepare some meals for the freezer. Grocery Shopping – Shopping with your twins can be very difficult. The best way to do the weekly shop is to get someone to look after your baby twins (straight after a feed so they have a nicely full tummy).

If relevant/able you could even do it at night when your partner is home.If you have other children get them involved with caring for the twins. This helps bonding between your children and time to talk with them, maybe you could read a book when reading to your twins.

My Tips For Newborn Twins  * Here are some great tips for coping with newborn twins from a mom of twins. * Only tips I have is no matter what keep their feeds together. If one …

Worried that your babies will fuss if you’re not holding them? Alternate holding and floor time with both twins. Sit on the floor near a play area where you can set one twin down on a blanket, infant seat, or mat while you hold the other one. Once the baby on the floor starts to fuss, put the one in your arms down and carry the crying baby.

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That was me after my twins’ arrival. I considered myself lucky—my husband used all his paternity leave so he was home a few weeks when the twins were born. Still, he had to go back to work while my maternity leave continued. My mom stayed with us soon after, but after a while, even she had to go home as well. The many visitors that came when the twins were born were now dwindling down.

With a singleton, you can get by with following your baby’s cues much more than with twins. Two babies means putting them on the same schedule as much as possible, because if you don’t then you will never get a break. Be prepared that it will take you a while to get them synched up, but the point is to keep trying and eventually a pattern will emerge.

Being alone with twins means you don’t have another adult carrying one of them. The next best alternative to getting around? Using your double stroller.

Taking care of a newborn let alone two newborns is a scary thought; here my best tips on how to cope with your newborn twins:

Nina Garcia is a mom to three boys—a six-year-old and two-year-old twins. She blogs about parenting at Sleeping Should Be Easy, where she writes everything she’s learning about being mom and raising twins. For more tips on how to sleep train twins, get her guide, How to Sleep Train Twins.

When my girls arrived I felt extremely tired and lost, having lots of support from family and friends really helped me get through the first couple of months.

Routine routine routine, is the vital ingredient for happy twins and happy parents. You will be surprised how organized you will become, even the most unorganized people (like myself) can become highly efficient and prepared.

If it’s possible maybe your partner could take some time off to help you out for a couple of weeks. It was great when my partner took two weeks off work after our twins were born. This is also great bonding time for daddy and twins.

Advice on Having Twins Not rated yet Advice for Moms with Newborn Twins Feed at the same time whether it is breastfeeding or formula feeding… There is no set schedule for anything …

For further advice to help guide your newborns to good sleep, see the newborn sleep problems section at

There is also the possibility of hiring help even for just a couple of days a week, like a nanny or someone to help with household chores.

If you need to hold one baby, alternate so they both get “independent” play and arm time as well. This is also a good opportunity to practice tummy time on the floor.

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My life went back to normal once my twins knew how to put themselves to sleep. No more rocking, nursing or shushing to sleep for each baby and for each nap. I sleep trained my twins once they were old enough. I could finally put them down awake, knowing they’d fall asleep on their own without crying. They’d sleep 12 hours straight at night, and an hour and a half to two hours for each nap. Bliss!

Do you have a great twin tip or story about how you coped with having newborn twins?Add a photo or two of your little ones too if you like.Share Yours here! Our Quest in Moms helping Moms

Remember it will take a few weeks before your two babies realize what the routine is, and it will also change as they grow needing less feeds and less sleep. Generally this will be around 3 months.

**Read more here about newborn baby care from bathing to jaundice and umbilical cord to diapers and more.**

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The day is looming. With dad going back to work, you’re wondering how to handle twins alone. Or maybe your mom’s extended stay has come to an end, and she’s headed for home. Just as you were getting used to caring for newborn twins, you now need to learn how to handle twins alone.

Have everything set up and ready to go in their nursery and loads of diapers and wipes at hand before your lovelies arrive. Once your twins arrive home have diapers, wipes and extra clothes all throughout the house and even in the car. You will have everything at arm’s length when you need it.

Before my twins could put themselves to sleep, I was a ping-pong ball bouncing between putting the both of them to nap. Experiment with different ways for your twins to nap, including:

Thankfully, it all worked out. I somehow managed to survive those months alone with the twins (plus a three-year-old!) using these tips.

**Something to note is identical twins will have similar sleep habits and temperaments whereas fraternal twins could be quite different, making it more of a challenge to sleep your newborn twins at the same time.**

Best Baby Product for Newborn Twins Not rated yetFor all those having twins or more arriving soon… my twins are 4 in a few weeks and i can say the most wonderful gift I received by far was a product …

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Putting your twins to sleep at the same time is important for healthy sleep habits and allows time for you to relax. Having a bedtime routine like having a bath and a bedtime story will help your babies understand the cues to go to sleep.

Swaddling – wrapping your twins will help calm them as it mimics being in the womb.Newborn twins love to be close to each other, after all they are use to one another being around. Sleeping your twins together can be of great comfort.

I had separate cribs for our twin girls but I would sleep them together if they were unsettled, it worked wonders.Allowing your two to fall asleep on their own is vital for good sleep habits now and later.

Sleep (or rest) when they sleep, don’t worry about the house work you need all your energy to care for your baby twins.

Learn the ins and outs of your stroller and how to fold and unfold it before you venture out on your own (I speak from experience!) A baby carrier or two will also be a huge help.

Learning how to handle twins alone has been one of my biggest challenges to date. I felt exhausted and sleep-deprived from caring for two babies. Still, managing two babies alone has also been one of the most rewarding experiences. Just when I thought I couldn’t do it, circumstances forced me to do so and, to my surprise, I was able to do so with success.

To start with newborns need to be feed about every 3 hours and will usually sleep a lot, giving you time to rest and recover. To help your newborn twins feel secure just start by doing everything the same for example (in routine) a cuddle, change diaper, feed, burp then back to bed.

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Continue to challenge yourself. You may not think you can take your twins out alone without another adult to help you. Maybe you don’t think you’re cut out to put two babies to nap multiple times a day. Whatever obstacle you face, meet it head on. You’ll come out of it feeling much more empowered and stronger than you ever thought.

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Nurse both at the same time. Using a nursing pillow for twins (I used the My Brest Friend Twin Deluxe), tandem feeding becomes much easier. First, place both twins on your bed, leaving space for you to sit in between.

Then, attach your nursing pillow to your waist and sit cross-legged in between the babies. Next, place one baby on the pillow football style and latch him on, then do the same for the other baby on the other side.

When your twins need to burp, carry one baby over your shoulder or even sit him on the pillow as he burps. When he’s done, set him down on the bed and do the same with the other baby. Twiniversity Tip: Another option, if you’re having difficulty with tandem feeding, is to breastfeed one baby on a single nursing pillow while bottle feeding the other at the same time.

Then at the next feeding switch who gets to breastfeed. Just make sure you’re alternating boobs for each baby so your breasts don’t become uneven. Bottle-feed both at the same time. My twins were both breastfed and bottle-fed.

During bottle-feeding, I’d put the twins in their infant seats. Then I’d hold the bottles up for them while they drank. As they got older, I encouraged them to hold their own bottles. Put them to sleep at the same time.

Keep your twins’ napping and sleeping schedules the same. Naps can be a juggle, especially when you try to find different ways to put the babies to sleep. Sometimes they’ll sleep together on a blanket on the floor.

Other times, you need to put one in the swing while the other is in the bassinet. Regardless, try your best to keep bedtimes and nap times the same for both babies.

Tips 0-3 Months for Colic Babies Not rated yetThis is what worked for me with one colicky twin. I have twin girls now three months adjusted. The first weeks and months the 5 s’ from the book happiest …

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Of course the first step is to become acquainted with your new baby twins, twenty toes and twenty fingers, check. Two tiny people are now in your care, the feeling is incredible and overwhelming all wrapped up with love for these two little bundles. Now your twin journey begins…

Congratulations! Your newborn twins have come into the world, or maybe you have just found out you are expecting twins ‘Now what do I do, how will I cope?’ is maybe questions you are asking yourself.

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How to cope with baby twins can be a scary thought, especially if you have premature twins which is common with multiples.

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Pushing them in a stroller Wearing one in a baby carrier Putting one in a swing Swaddling them in their cribs Placing them in their bassinets Laying them on a blanket on the floor Using an infant cushion

You’ll use your double stroller for everything. Even getting the twins to the car required a double stroller when I was alone. Not just for a leisurely stroll, your double stroller serves as your extra arms. You’ll need something to carry both babies when needed.

Make a list of all the safe places your twins have fallen asleep for easy reference and when you’re low on ideas.

Some Advice Not rated yetI am a twin. My mother told me, when I was older, that because my twin sister was colic and woke up in the night to eat more often, she would wake me up …

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