After a few years of working as a photographer i began specializing in newborn photography in 2012 at that time i committed to constantly learning about
After a few years of working as a photographer i began specializing in newborn photography in 2012 at that time i committed to constantly learning about
Temperature For Newborn Photography

Temperature For Newborn Photography Temperature For Newborn Photography

How warm should the baby posing area be? As a rule we have the temperature set so that the baby’s body temperature won’t drop at all when all the clothes are removed (around 98 degrees Fahrenheit). Keeping the newborn warm is one of the greatest keys to keeping the newborn happy and sleeping.

Newborns are inundated with noise during their nine months in gestation. Not only do they hear their mother’s heartbeat, they tune into her blood flow, digestive system and her voice. While you don’t want to play loud music, you might try plugging in a white-noise machine (you can download white-noise apps on iTunes) or a heartbeat monitor to recreate the baby’s time in the womb.

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Never leave a baby unattended in a prop, on your posing bag or with a young sibling. Always have a spotter or parent next to your baby when using props. Use a support hand or finger when posing the baby, and clone it out later in Photoshop.

Don’t force a baby into any pose. Instead, adjust her to where she is comfortable. Have your camera strap around your neck when shooting above the baby. Never stand on anything above the baby. Never put a baby inside or on an object that could break or fall.

Never use glass props.

I’m a big believer in “prevention is always better then the cure.” Use common sense. If the baby is showing signs of discomfort, do not force her.

Keep in mind that newborn babies have spent the last nine months in the womb. The more you can do to recreate this environment, the happier your little subject will be. With that in mind, you can follow these simple steps to keeping newborn babies comfortable and at ease.

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If a baby isn’t going into a position easily or is showing signs of discomfort by waking or wriggling, it’s time to move on or finish the session.

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If you’re planning to shoot nude newborn photos, then you’ll want to make sure the newborn has a sponge or cloth bath to clean up the baby’s dry and loose skin. Remember, newborns cannot be submerged under water before their umbilical cord has fallen off, which is why we recommend the simple sponge or cloth bath. Whatever flakey skin can be cleaned up by a simple sponge or wash cloth will save a tremendous amount of time in Photoshop later on.

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The more comfortable you make the baby, the more content she will be. If she is continually moved and disturbed during the shoot, she will become overstimulated and unsettled. Gentle, small movements that transition babies into different poses will keep your babies nice and calm and ensure a smoother session. We have to have patience.

One way we check to make sure the newborn is fast asleep is by using “Noodle Arm” test. To do this you simply lift the arm and if no muscles are pushing or pulling, and the arm acts sort of like a wet noodle, then the baby is fast asleep. The noodle test also works incredibly well with spaghetti, simply throw the noodle against the wall, and if it sticks, your spaghetti is done!! Sorry, that was just a side note as I am quite hungry… please don’t throw your newborns people.


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The womb is about 100 degrees Fahrenheit, so babies tend to be at their most relaxed in a warm room. I set my studio’s heater to about 80 degrees, which seems to be the most comfortable temperature for newborns. Plus, this temp will keep their skin nice and peachy, while they could get blotchy patches if they’re too cold.

Understanding babies and being familiar with what makes them comfortable is paramount during a newborn photography session. By creating a baby-friendly environment in your studio, you’ll not only cut down on the amount of time it takes to shoot, but you’ll be able to pose and photograph the baby in his or her most calm state.

Every baby is different and will not go into every pose. They each have their own comfy spot, and at absolutely no point should they be forced into any position. When a baby becomes unsettled, her parents become unsettled, so make sure that the parents and family members are enjoying the session. Gain parents’ confidence by showing them that the safety of their baby is the most important aspect of your session. We must remember that it is a privilege to be asked to photograph these little bundles.

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Keeping your newborn warm, fed, and burped are the three biggest tricks to having a happy and productive shoot.

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You want to have mom or dad remove the newborn’s clothing and loosen the diaper at least 1 hour prior to the shoot. Clothing and a tightly worn diaper are going to cause lines to appear on the newborn’s skin. Of course, these lines are removable in Photoshop, but it will save you a lot of time and effort if you can capture the newborn without them. So have mom or dad remove the clothing, loosen the diaper, and swaddle the baby to keep the newborn warm 1 hour prior to shooting.

The Keys to Running a Successful Newborn Photography Business Babies / Recently On Behind the Shutter

With every session, I believe it’s equally important to not only create beautiful images, but to provide that exceptional experience. Instead of only trying to get the next great shot, we need to focus on the comfort and safety of the baby and creating the perfect environment. When the baby is comfortable and safe, the flow of your sessions will become easier.

The Keys to Running a Successful Newborn Photography Business

Listening to our clients’ wants and needs is the key to exceeding their expectations, and when we do, it is the best possible way to advertise our business because they will in turn tell all their friends and family about the incredible experience you have created for them. And pregnant women know pregnant women, so it will be your best form of advertising.

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The challenges of photographing newborns are what make it so rewarding. Working with these little wonders isn’t easy. You have to know how to take a technically good photograph but you also have to know how to handle babies with loving c

Photographing newborns doesn’t have to be complicated. The simplest of images are often the most beautiful and treasured.

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If you pause to feed, make sure you give mom enough time to feed and burp the baby. We recommend allowing a 10-15 minute burping break, otherwise there’s a good chance the newborn will spit up the milk.

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Chances are your clients are extremely tired from lack of sleep—not to mention the stress that can come with a new addition to the family. Newborns pick up on their parents’ stress levels, so the more relaxed and comfortable you keep mom and dad, the better. Make parents feel welcome, offer them some water and try to connect with them on a personal level. The calmer the parents are, the calmer the baby will be.

One of the tricks to keep babies in such cute poses is to keep them comfortable. Temperature is essential to a newborn’s comfort and you want to make sure that the area you’re posing them in is warm, but not too warm because babies can overheat easily. We recommend having a space heater on your shoot because it’s much easier to warm up the area the baby is being posed in than it is raising the temperature of an entire room. When setting up the space heater make sure you test out the temperature to make sure the baby isn’t going to be too warm. Newborns can quickly develop a fever if they get too hot.


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Shooting newborns can be a daunting task, especially when it’s your first time. We have 5 pre-shoot newborn photography tips designed to help you have a happy and productive shoot, and also save you time during your post processing.

Another way to keep the newborn comfortable and sleeping is to make sure they’re nice and full, and happily burped. If you or the mother are getting a sense that the baby is getting hungry, then pause the shoot and have mom feed the baby. There’s really no point in continuing the shoot if the baby is hungry or unhappy, because the baby won’t hold a pose and you won’t get any good shots.

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