Newborn With Parents Photography

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Family newborn photography
Newborn With Parents Photography

Must-Knows On Tech and Child Development: Take Fewer Photos!

Talk about a keepsake photo your child will cherish one day! Make sure to document moments between baby and older relatives like Grandpa and Grandma. And then add yourself into the image to make it three generations of love!

If you’re a family of four now, you might be drooling over all of the adorable moments between your first-born and her new baby sibling. Capture those sweet exchanges so they’ll have plenty of #TBT photos to choose from down the road.

It’s hard being a new mom, and there are days when you wish for sleep more than anything else. But baby’s laugh? It can solve, well, anything. Capture that smile!

This might seem like a no-brainer, but make sure to take some photos (that aren’t seflies!) with your baby. You’re always behind the camera snapping away, but let your partner take at least a few great shots of you and your new little love.

You looked through how many baby name books and websites to finally agree on what to call him, so why not document how much you love it?

You spent a lot of time during those nine long months figuring out how you wanted baby’s room to look, and while it might go from pink ballerinas to punk bands over the years, make sure to get a shot of how it started.

What makes a house a home? The three of you, of course! When baby is born, pose for a photo in front of your first family home.

Baby might not always be in love with her lovey, but she is now. Get a photo of the two of ’em together.

Your fave cheeks to kiss? Your babe’s chubby pair, of course. Since she wants kisses all the time now, get it on camera before she claims more independence as a toddler.

What’s even better than snuggling with your partner? A three-way snuggle with your newest, cutest addition.

Before the baby days slip away, make sure to check off these must-take photos you’ll be sure to cherish when your bundle isn’t so little anymore.

Until baby came along, you didn’t think bums were anything to talk about. But now? You’re obsessed with that tiny bottom. Capture the tush while you still can!

Who knows what baby dreams of? It doesn’t matter when you catch him grinning while sleeping. Take a minute from drooling over the simple sweetness and snap a photo before he wakes up for another feeding.

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