Newborn Posing Guide Review

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Printed posing guide vol 2 2018 edition
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Newborn Posing Guide Review

And finally if all this isn’t enough,  you also get a  bonus pack which includes three different sessions set out with images from each showing how the session flowed, a questionnaire for parents to complete which helps you to write a blog about the session and finally a blog template where you literally fill in the gaps to create a blog post.

This was awesome information! Kelly you are such a good teacher!! I learned so much more about PS editing and I felt I had a pretty good handle on it. This is going to change my workflow! Thank You!!!

Wonderful teacher! Very informative… I learned so much! Thanks Kelly.

I purchased this award winning edit video a month before entering my first competition. I already had the images I was going to enter and while I was happy with them I knew I needed to improve them somewhat. Kelly’s videos are amazing. I watched these videos then applied Kelly’s advice on how she edited her award winning images to my own images and it changed my outcome completely! My images went from great to outstanding and every image I entered into my local competition won including ‘best in show’ I can’t thank Kelly and her team enough for the education you provide. Thank you

Wendy goes on to provide a really handy sheet of tips that she gives to clients to help her sessions run smoothly.  It includes prep for the parents in terms of what they need to do before the session and a  little of what happens during the session.  Bear in mind this is an American guide which uses terms like ‘pacifier’ and ‘diapers’ so if you were going to use this as a starting point to prepare your own guide for parent, you would definitely need to rewrite this for your own market.

The guide to maternity posing is 56 pages long and I feel offers a little more than the newborn guide.  Kimberly shows us how to pose mum naturally outdoors and indoors and I particularly like the section where she has included dad.  There are some poses here which are a little different and would definitely help in getting a really varied gallery from a maternity session.

The final posing section covers twins.  In four years shooting newborns I’ve only ever had 2 sets of twins but this would have been really handy to have had before those sessions!

This guide is written by Wendy of Five Eleven Photography. And includes a short bio and introduction to newborn photography.  Wendy begins by going through the essential kit for a newborn photographer and some of the basics that are great purchases for those just starting out.

This printable pdf is life changing!!! It allowed me to take a deep look into who I am and where I really want to take my business, which is a completely new direction and I am so excited beyond words, I feel like I have a new lease on life. Thank you so much for this gift Kelly Brown x

These guides are written by Kimberly Reed and the bundle includes guides for maternity, newborns, family and older boys.  They are currently on sale for $20 for the bundle !

Wendy then goes step by step through her whole session and flow posing.  It’s nice to see that the images that should be composites are described as such – she goes into detail on how to achieve each pose in the flow as well as images showing the pose.

We all know parents love an awake shot (it’s definitely a best seller for me) and there is a section dedicated to getting beautiful images from awake babies.

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Kelly Brown is amazing and I learned so much from these lessons on editing! I can’t wait to try some of these newly learned techniques on my own images.

In summary, I’d say this bundle is amazing value – especially with the discount – and that the maternity and family posing guides are particularly useful.  Some of the editing, I found to be slightly dated, but I can overlook that with the wealth of information contained on actual posing.

Wendy then moves on to editing and shows some nice before and after images.  However, her editing workflow is mainly the use of actions and portraiture so if you are looking for tips on hand editing, this section will not be relevant to you.

Fabulous Workshop! But to no surprise. The Newborn Posing workshop is Ultimate along with the many other Kelly Brown videos I have purchased on Creative Live. Thanks again Kelly. I will have to buy your other workflow, etc videos. And Sue your workshops too. My next purchase will be the collaborative Baby video Kelly and Sue did.

In summary, I’d say this guide is PERFECT for you if you are fairly new to newborn photography or have not attended a training course yet and need a well rounded guide to set you on your way.  It certainly doesn’t replace a hands on training course but has it’s place.

The next section explains how to edit composite images.  2 or 3 images are shown along with the final image and instruction on how to achieve this in Photoshop.  The final section is really useful and is pages of FAQs which reveal some very useful hints and tips.

Wendy then shares details of her set up using natural light – as well as written instruction there are images of her studio set up.  This section also covers heating, white noise and organisation.

Love these videos! Kelly explains everything very thoroughly. When you’re done you will have four beautiful poses to confidently offer your clients! The only thing I would love to see are the final images from these sessions. It helps me to see the final product along with the instructional video. Thank you Kelly for creating these!

An eye opener. Kelly explains in a very nice and calm way how she edits her pictures.

If you are looking for a great beginners guide to newborn posing you might also want to look at this guide we recently reviewed.

I’m a newbie to Ps and this workshop was exceptional! The challenge for me in learning to navigate the behemoth that is Ps has been in not knowing what I need to know. Watching your step-by-step workflow, which you explained in detail so clearly, has clarified for me what I need to think about when looking at my sooc images (and even some things to think about when shooting), the various Ps editing tools and how to use them to do exactly what I as a newborn photographer need them to do. This workshop was absolutely packed with information that I can watch as many times as I need to to get comfortable with Ps and lock down my post processing workflow. Thank you so much for unraveling all of those mysteries for me!!

Sorry, but I can only give this 5 stars because there is no option for a 10. 🙂 I learned new wrapping methods and some tips from one of the best newborn photographer; worth the $29 price. Hope you can conduct a workshop here in the Philippines. Ian

Being able to go back and watch all the amazing details will be so wonderful. Well done Kelly. I appreciate you so very much. I am learning by leaps and bounds and I have a friend who is just now learning from both you and Sue! I am excited to share you with my dear friend. Thank you kindly for all you do Kelly. Beautifully done and well explained.

Wendy does cover every pose for baby on their own in detail using lovely images to demonstrate them before moving onto setting up parent and sibling poses.  I found this part of the guide really useful as it gives lots of hint and tips on overcoming some of the very common issues you find with bringing in parents and siblings.  Getting two year olds to co-operate or mums who don’t feel (understandably!) at their very best.

The Family posing guide is a colourful 55 page guide which only covers location sessions.  That said, location shoots in my opinion, are my favourite for family sessions – I find it difficult to capture a family’s personality in a studio.  I really like how Kimberly has mixed it up with some rural and urban locations.  In fact, the urban shots in the guide are my favourites.  The guide covers large and older families as well as young children which is great because I think larger families often pose the biggest problem for photographers.

Brilliant I’ve learnt some great new tips .I like the pace ,it’s easy to follow and explained perfectly .I now have the confidence to speed up my work flow ! my daughter will also be using these lessons to join me in my business.

Kelly Brown, from the first Creative Live Class I purchased from you to this one has made such a difference in not only my work, but in my passion for Newborn Photography. You honor each baby and family in a way that warms my heart. I am still learning, but try to think back and hear your voice as I work on the session. You are the best.

The next section of the guide is dedicated to achieving beautiful prop poses and again, Wendy covers how to do this safely.  My only reservation here is it would be nice to see some ‘Behind the Scenes’ images where a spotter is actually touching baby.  She does talk about having a spotter close by but my personal preference is for my spotter to be touching the baby.

The newborn guide is 49 pages long and covers a natural light studio set up and preparing for the session.  The poses covered are all of the poses I would expect to see a newborn photographer offer.  There are some behind the scenes images showing how baby is kept safe but there is not a lot of detail in how to composite poses like froggy.  Some of the posing shown could maybe do with further detail on refinements like having baby’s fingers stretched out rather than curled up.   There is also a section on including parents in images but nothing on including sibling poses.  You are then taken through Kimberly’s workflow including detailing the actions she uses.  There are images to demonstrate how she does this though I feel some of the editing is just a little dated now.  A handy set of 25 posing cards are also included which you can print out or display on your phone or tablet.

Kelly, I cannot say enough great things about watching you edit. I love watching this live and then being able to go back to my photos and work through parts of each photo along with you step by step with the recording. Every time I see you I gain an amazing amount of new knowlege! Thanks candy

Wonderful class and great opportunity to learn the basic steps and foundation of working on newborn image editing. If you are only using actions, this truly is a great class to watch and explorer to understand what is going on within those actions. I have been editing many years by hand as well as using actions. I learned new tips and ways that will speed up my workflow. Kelly explains very simple, so even if you are new to photoshop, you will learn. Well DONE!

I loved this bundle! The Pricing for Profit video gave me an amazing kick starter to work out my goals to achieve the income I wanted to earn for the year. It really makes you step back and take a look at your where your business is at and where you want to take it. It encouraged me to brave enough to not only set realistic goals but dream goals also. The Marketing your Business video not only has endless list of marketing ideas like no other but I loved how it makes you think about who your clients really are and the value you place on them. So much valuable information here, many thanks Kelly Brown x

These videos have been invaluable to my business. I am not a business person by nature but these videos really spoke to me and made me evaluate my business, what I’m missing and what I need to improve on. Kelly’s helpful and informative nature really comes through here. I can’t thank you for enough sharing your knowledge with us Kelly.

As alway, Kelly has broken down editing in steps in very simple easy to follow steps. She will not disappoint!! Thank you Kelly for sharing your gift with us!

I was thrilled when Kelly launched this tutorial as I was lost about how to edit to get a fine art look in my projects. This workshop helped me so much in giving me an understanding of how competitions work. Can’t wait to apply the techniques. Watching her was amazing as always. Thank you so much for sharing your soul once again!

This is not only a very thorough wrapping video, but ALSO a posing (wrapped)and lighting video as well! Kelly is so awesome and very detailed in her explanation, right down to what she looks for or the best way to stack feet/toes/etc for the best wrap. I’ve never watched a more detailed video! I’ve watched many other instructors and always have a hesitation to buy, since I’ve been burned before purchasing videos from others that turn out to be a fluke…not with Kelly!!! I will be referencing this video before each newborn session…in fact I might be doing some model calls just to use all these cool wrapping techniques!! Thanks again Kelly, you are amazing and I love your accent. 🙂

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Incredible live workshop ! This is the beginning om my new editing workflow !!! Thank you soooooo much Kelly Xx Cynthia @ Rocyka Fotografie Netherlands

As someone who watched your CL and has purchased actions of your, the newborn posing series, this is the final piece I needed to get to the next level. I know a lot in PS but it is always great learning to use some tools in a different way shown on a newborn image to make it stick. I have seen them on normal portraits but seeing how to utilize these tools for newborn photography >>mind blown

I love this video thanks for sharing it’s really helpful From Sydney

This was amazing! I’m not really new at Photoshop but not amazing and I improved A LOT. This is both for really newbies and more advance people. AMAZING AND WORTH!!!

It allows me to understand how mask and layer works with newborns. Many thanks!

Thank you so much for sharing your skill with us! I appreciate your love and talent for photography with newborns. I lived in Australia for four years and miss it terribly. Just listening to your beautiful voice and seeing all the indigenous flora made me want to go home again. Worth every penny and will look for more videos in the future! God Bless. Lori Lee Staton— Tennessee, USA

I think I would find this guide invaluable as a starting point if I were asked to shoot an older teen boy either on his own or as part of a family sesssion.  As with the other guides there is a workflow section with before and after images and a FAQ section which covers session prep and clothing advice.  Again as with all of the other guides there is a set of posing cards (29 this time) to keep your session on track.

I love This video! its help me alot . very helpful for begining new Born photography!!! Thank you so much.

We love BP4U products at BANPAS.  The fact we use their products ourselves means becoming affiliates for them was a small leap to take.  They offer a variety of guides, templates and actions for photographers and have a large library of resources for newborn and baby photographers.   You can always find useful freebies and regular huge discounts too!  We decided to take a closer look at ‘ A Guide To Natural Light Newborn Sessions’ and let you know what we think.

In addition to this guide you also get a brilliant set of Posing cards to download.  You can either print these or have them displayed digitally but they serve as brilliant reminders of your flow posing as you move through a session

Finally, the bundle includes a senior boys guide.  Admittedly this is an area where I have the least experience and it’s one where I would struggle!  The guide is 41 pages long and actually makes a pretty good job of showing you how to create masculine portraits.  Hand placement is always a struggle for me in guys portraits and Kimberly shows lots of ways to pose them naturally.

The section on adding in siblings and shooting lifestyle images is lovely.  I think it’s very difficult to sell maternity images of mum on her own so I think this section is a winner in terms of monetizing your maternity sessions well.  Kimberly again shares her workflow and use of actions showing some before and afters as an example.  She also shows some lovely black and white conversions.  The FAQ section at the back is full of useful information such as when is best for sessions to take place and tips on helping mum to feel comfortable in front of the camera.  This guide also comes with 38 posing cards for you to print or display digitally which serve as a great prompt during sessions.  In all a really useful guide, particularly if maternity sessions have you stumped for posing ideas.

Love this Kelly! Incredibly well thought out, beautiful easy to follow techniques and also so much more… You talk through angles and lighting, fabulous tutorials…. But I do wish for longer legs now haha #shortphotographerproblems

One of the best editing workshop I have ever participated. Thank you Kelly!

LOVE THIS!!! Thanks Kelly for the wonderful step by step to editing! Learned so many new tips and shortcuts. xoxo

 There are some very natural captures as well as how to pose more ‘formally’ and the guide includes tips to include family members who are not so keen to be in front of the camera.  There is a slo a charming section on posing children on their own.  This will definitely help to give your gallery variety and increase sales!  Kimberly shares her workflow and actions again with some great before and after examples.  The FAQ sections is full of tips and tricks on clothing, scheduling and basically controlling the session.  Again a set of handy posing cards are included.

I absolutely LOVE these textures. They make it so easy to add that extra flair and fine art feel to my portraits and my clients just love the finished product! Thank you Kelly for providing us with great tools to make being creative so much more fun!

As affiliates for BP4U we like to test and review their amazing value products (if you have a product our readers might be interested in, we’d also love too hear from you!) and this week we’re taking a look at this bundle of posing guides.

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