Ms Brown’s stunning – and adorable – photography has been noticed and praised by thousands – her beautiful baby and family portraiture resulting in her being named as one of four ‘Canon Masters’ in Australia.

‘It’s like photographing my own children’: Ms Brown says it’s rewarding to see parents come back with their second and third babies and seeing the families grow

‘For me working with newborn babies would have to be the most rewarding genre I have worked in,’ Ms Brown, from Queensland, said.

More than posing: Ms Brown says the shoots require knowledge of basic photography like lighting, composition and lens choices 

‘Nothing can ever prepare you for how much you’re going to love your baby. So this is what I aim to capture – their indefinable love,’ she said. 

‘To be recognised for your work by Canon really has been the most amazing dream come true.’

Having photographed over 140 babies and held numerous newborn posing classes in 12 countries, it was only a matter of time before the passionate award-winning photographer was recognised on a larger scale.

‘For me, this shot was about showing the size of the newborn to document how small his was because he will grow so quickly!’ Ms Brown said.

Many of Ms Brown’s newborn images involve the parents and family members – something Ms Brown says is ‘unlike any other session’ due to the intimacy. 

‘When they have other children it can get pretty busy in the studio but it’s always filled with so much joy and excitement.’ 

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All about the details: Ms Brown’s unique images and themed shots are crafted well before they are taken, with Ms Brown sometimes using a fake baby to make sure the set-up is perfect

‘Showing the skin-to-skin connection is really important. I love the way the father’s tattoos frame the baby and let his little baby stand out. I also like the position of the baby in his hands as there is a gentleness during the shoot that I wanted to capture.’

‘I love to capture all the details…I use colours, tones and textures that don’t distract from the baby,’ Ms Brown said 

‘It’s not just about how to pose a baby, it’s understanding the basics of photography – like lighting, composition, focus and learning about which lens is best for what situation,’ she said.

‘Understanding the environment they come from helps with creating this,’ she said, ‘it needs to be warm, have background noise and be very calm.’

5. If you’re going to attend a workshop or mentoring session, do your research so you’re learning from someone experienced in the right areas.

‘I love to capture all the details and make it all about the baby,’ Ms Brown said, ‘I use colours, tones and textures that don’t distract from the baby.’

Ms Brown’s unique images and themed shots are crafted well before they are taken, with Ms Brown sometimes using a fake baby to make sure the set-up is perfect. 

All about the environment: Ms Brown says the shoots need to be ‘warm, have background noise and be very calm’

‘I also like to involve the parents into the styling of their session to create images that will suit their décor and encourage them to bring something with special meaning along to their session.’

‘It needs to be warm, with background noise and very calm – like the womb’: Baby photographer reveals her top tips for capturing those precious newborn portraits Kelly Brown is an Australian Canon Master and has specialised in newborn portraiture for seven yearsShe says newborn and baby photography is the ‘most rewarding genre’ she has ever worked inMs Brown says it’s all about creating the perfect ‘warm’ environment for them with lots of background noiseShe also says it’s rewarding seeing the babies grow up in follow-up shoots and seeing the families grow Ms Brown says the shoots are always filled with ‘joy and excitement’, especially when it’s busy 

‘What I love the most is the parent interaction, seeing their response to a set up during the shoot and then handing over the final product with the images of their baby printed beautifully.’ 

‘Organic, pure and simple’: Ms Brown likes to keep her styling and themes simple and recently created a large white flower using large sheets of foam core (pictured)

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‘Creating the right environment for the babies is probably one of the most important aspects of the session. Ensuring their comfort helps keep them nice and relaxed and calm.’ 

‘[One of the things I love most is] when they come back with their second and third babies, seeing their families grow and being a part of it by having the privilege of documenting it,’ Ms Brown said. 

For Ms Brown, a successful shoot is all about creating the perfect environment. 

Over the past 11 years, Kelly Brown has photographed a bit of everything – from nature-inspired snaps to family portraits.

When it comes to themes and styling, Ms Brown likes to keep it ‘organic, pure and simple.’

‘Showing the skin-to-skin connection is really important.’: Ms Brown says she loves shooting ‘parent interaction’ and often holds newborn posing classes (pictured is a first-time father modelling at a posing class with his eight-day-old son, Kingston)

‘This is the phone call every photographer dreams of,’ Ms Brown, owner of Little Pieces Photography, told Daily Mail Australia. 

Special moments: Professional photographer and Canon Master, Kelly Brown, has specialised in newborn and baby portraiture for the past seven years

Elite professional: Ms Brown has photographed over 140 babies and held numerous newborn posing classes in 12 countries

1. Working with every baby individually; what they’re comfortable with. The aim is to get the baby to look relaxed and comfortable in every photograph.

When it comes to baby portraiture, Ms Brown says one of the most rewarding aspects is seeing the child grow over time. 

4. Don’t risk the safety of a baby for the sake of getting a shot. And always use a spotter!

Published: 04:33 BST, 30 November 2015 | Updated: 04:44 BST, 30 November 2015

‘Don’t risk the safety of a baby for the sake of getting a shot’: Ms Brown says newborn photographers should always have a spotter 

But her love for capturing intimate family moments saw her transition into newborn photography – a speciality that has been her focus for the past seven years.

3. Stop looking at what other photographers are doing and comparing yourself; follow your heart and what you love.

Ms Brown recently shot a first-time father and his eight-day-old son as part of her newborn posing classes – an image that has been popular on social media.  

‘When I photograph newborns, I’m always thinking about how I can involve the parents as for many, this is the first family portrait since the arrival of the new baby.’

Not just babies: Ms Brown often shoots babies alongside their parents and siblings – parents often return when they have a new baby

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