Newborn Photoshoot Mothercare

September 6, 2018 12:50 am by crzybulkreviews
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Newborn Photoshoot Mothercare

This issue was really hammered home to me after a newborn shoot when some lovely clients of mine revealed that they had attended a newborn session with Pixifoto in Mothercare as part of a Bump to Baby package they had booked whilst she was pregnant. During their session with Pixifoto they had requested an image of their daughter resting her head in her hands. This is an excerpt from an interview for the media in which my client details what happened next;

Newborn Photography is stunning and I am thrilled that subsequently it is becoming an ever more popular genre of photography.

If you have any questions about safety within the area of Newborn Photography please don’t hesitate to ask.

Emma Canham, co-owner of BANPAS often receives messages from concerned members of the public and photographers, with links to images of newborn babies in what appear to be worrying and/or unsafe poses.

“Being in Mothercare – and with a seemingly professional photographer who had a growing queue of babies behind her – we stupidly agreed,” said Hayley. 

“Grace’s head did bang down and the photographer said she hadn’t got the shot and could we do it again.  I was mortified and immediately said no. I told her I couldn’t believe we had just done that!  We knew instantly this was wrong and a week after the shoot we complained to the area manager.” 

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“We are determined to raise the profile of this issue and educate the public and the photographic community – working with, photographing and posing newborn babies requires skill, patience and safety awareness, which are the core values of our organisation.”

“Looking back all I can think about is how wrong it could have gone if Grace had hurt her head or her little neck.  I felt dreadful as a mother and I’m very angry with Pixifoto and Mothercare – they shouldn’t be allowed to treat babies and parents this way.”

However. It must be done safely. Each and every newborn session should prioritise the safety of those scrumptious little people above all else.

“The photographer said ‘oh yes of course I did one yesterday, this is how you do it’ and told me to put the baby in position then ‘let go’ while she tried to catch the shot. She told me her head would bang down but said it would be fine.  She told me ‘that’s how it’s done’.

The core values as outlined by Emma are what I believe all Newborn Photographers have a duty of care to uphold.  As Helen says, newborn images such as the head resting on hands shot are created safely through the use of Composite images (which is simply two or more merged images) so that the baby is safely supported and ‘spotted’ at all times.  The below images show the safe way of achieving a shot with the babies head resting on her hands.

I would urge all parents to check out the BANPAS website and book a photographer who is either a member with them or someone who they have spoken with and satisfied themselves that they are aware of how newborn photographs are safely achieved.

Newborn photography is perfectly safe, provided it’s done correctly and as an industry we have a duty to promote safe practices amongst photographers and the parents who place such a trust in us when they allow us to photograph their babies.  Here’s the thing. Too long the methods behind those beautiful ‘How do they do that’ poses have been the proverbial man behind the curtain and it’s time for that to change.

Toko perlengkapan Bayi Mothercare memiliki pengalaman lebih dari 50 tahun untuk produk bayi, mulai dari Kereta Dorong, Pakaian Hamil, Pakaian Bayi, Pakaian Anak Laki-laki, Pakaian Anak Perempuan, Alat makan dan botol bayi hingga ke mainan edukatif. Berbekal pengalaman ini, kami sangat senang sekali untuk berbagi seluruh informasi mengenai Tips Mengasuh Anak ataupun Tips Kehamilan kepada Anda. Dan tentunya ketika Anda membutuhkan bantuan sewaktu memilih Perlengkapan dan peralatan Bayi ataupun mencari Kursi Mobil yang tepat, Anda bisa mempercayakannya kepada Mothercare. Kami berharap Anda senantiasa menemukan seluruh kebutuhan Anda dan mendapatkan pengalaman berbelanja terbaik hanya di

I am a member of the Baby and Newborn Photography Association (BANPAS) which seeks to promote safety in the area of Newborn Photography, Helen McGlynn, co-owner of the organisation said the stories illustrate not only the bad practises of some photographers, but a major lack of awareness amongst parents about how these photographs are created when done properly.

BANPAS members must provide evidence of business insurance and demonstrate that they are working safely by providing composite images showing their work. There is a directory available on the BANPAS website of BANPAS approved members.

Mothercare merupakan Toko Perlengkapan bayi terlengkap yang mengutamakan kualitas dan pelayanan terbaik. Berbagai keperluan perlengkapan bayi mulai dari kereta dorong bayi, pakaian bayi, baju hamil, mainan anak semua bisa di peroleh di toko online mothercare.

Toko perlengkapan bayi mothercare juga memberikan diskon dan Gratis biaya kirim untuk setiap pembelanjaan yang di lakukan secara online. syarat dan ketentuan berlaku

That is utterly beyond ‘not okay’.  It takes time, skill and patience in studio and in editing to achieve these shots. If a photographer doesn’t have these they shouldn’t be attempting these poses.

“The problem is parents see these photos and ask for them, not knowing how they’ve been created. At that point mums and dads, who are usually exhausted with a very young baby, are totally relying on the photographer to know what they are doing and to have had the right training.  Sadly that is often not the case.”

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