Sometimes there are no words to express what you feel as a newborn photographer when you are surrounded by moments of such love and such beauty
New beginning kuala lumpur malaysia newborn photographer
Newborn photography malaysia
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Sometimes there are no words to express what you feel as a newborn photographer when you are surrounded by moments of such love and such beauty
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Newborn Photoshoot Malaysia.

Unlike adults, babies obviously don’t follow instructions and handling tiny and delicate babies require utmost care and experience. Here newborn photography tips for beginners : keep them safe and comfortable,use safe lighting,pick the most excellent timeframe for the shoot,plan your poses,create an appealing setup,move in closer,involve the kindred and be bendable and patient.

Newborn photography apprehensions tips. Photos help to jog these priceless memories so that the little details will never be forgotten. design your toddler photos when your newborn is between one and six weeks. When having a photo, attempt to acquire one particular with a medium sized range then look on a one much closer.

Newborn photography prices. toddler portrait photography costs between $170 and $210 per session on average nationwide. This characteristically includes the photographer’s fourth dimension for a pre- pip consultation, the academic term itself, redaction the net photographs, and the monetary value of the photographer’s equipment, supplies, and change of location expenses.

infant photography poses. There is a certain joy in infant photography that is unlike any other. it`s the baby`s first professional picture , the expressions are uncontrolled, and the cheerfulness of the picture comes merely from capturing the innocence and loveliness of a newborn . there are some poses in infant photography, here are some of the unsurpassed poses in toddler photography : infant frog pose,tushy up pose,wrapped pose,newborn props,taco pose,side pose (laying & curl),chin on hands pose,parents & siblings.

Newborn photography setup. This may be tutorial for baby photography, first of all, you need something to put the baby on. If you are working on posing the infant (versus lifestyle photography which requires no posing) , you desire something that is slightly malleable. most professional photographers buy expensive beanbags, but you don’t desire that.

Cute photographs for toddler photography. Although the photo of the newborn was carried by a woman or man. newborn photography boy should still look great if the equipment, photographer and settings are balanced.

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Newborn photography
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Sometimes there are no words to express what you feel as a newborn photographer when you are surrounded by moments of such love and such beauty
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Newborn photography malaysiaImage may contain 1 person sitting and babyMalaysia newborn photographer twins photography newborn twins photographyNewborn baby photography malaysia irene chen 2 jpgAt azmirkhalid studio portraits we schedule 1 2 hours or more for newborn portrait sessions it is important to schedule more than enough time for the shootKuala lumpur malaysia newborn photographer photo 30 jpg

We will contact you soon for another round of photography session again!

Thank you so much for helping us capture underwater photos for my then 10-month old son. As I soon found out, underwater photography for baby below one year old is no easy task for the parents as well as the photographer, but you are able to instantly identify with my baby characteristics on what makes him laugh, what makes him feel more relax, and this made the whole photography session an enjoyable one for both us as parents and our baby.

Want a stress-free newborn photography session? Asther is the photographer to go to… In my line of work, I have worked with many different photographers & what sets Asther apart is her patience and personal touch to her work.

My 3-week old baby and I had the most pleasant newborn photography session with Asther. Asther watches & listens to baby’s cues for breatfeeding and even helped changed her diaper! We couldn’t be more pleased with the photos and they shall be our precious keepsakes for many more years to come.

Our baby is growing up too fast, so we wanted to capture her nice photographs for our memory. We were googling online for classic timeless photography for our baby. Checking out FB and Instagram, we ..

.came accross lovely babies’ photos captured by O-Peekaboo and signed up for their service. We have made the right choice. O-Peekaboo delivers their excellent service and results. All thanks to our photographer Wan Ching and her team from O-Peekaboo.

She is a very focus, passionate and professional photographer. Being a mom herself, she is an expert on how to nicely capture baby photographs. Despite our baby was very sleepy and not that type who easily smile, during the photograph session Ching manage to distract our ‘cool’ baby and capture her cute heartmelting expression.

Baby costumes, backgrounds and shooting ideas were also smartly recommended. Ching delivers her work on time too and of couse we are very pleased with the outcomes. We personally love the classic shots, our baby’s expression was clearly and beautifully captured.

Sure this kind of photograph is timeless, the one that our baby will look back one day and say how lovely she was as a baby. Double thumbs up for O-Peekaboo, Wan Ching and her team. Lihat Selengkapnya

WC was prompt in responding to all of my queries and we were able to have the session over a Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately baby didn’t sleep much n was cranky n not so easy to shoot the photographs..

.. WC was patient, continued to be cheerful n kept encouraging baby. The photos turned out great, we’re having challenge to choose the best pic cos all of them were nicely shot. I’m glad WC captured the moments of our son’s babyhood � Lihat Selengkapnya

Wan Ching was so accommodating with our preferred dates and responsive to my queries although she was on vacation. That itself assured us we made the right decision to invest in Wan Ching’s skills for.

.. our dearest newborn. The whole photoshoot was another amazing experience. Wan Ching has the hands of an experienced mother and she was gentle and patient throughout the shoot in handling our baby. Even though we had a little bit of a mishap during the shoot while our baby was naked (poop and pee) on the props, Wan Ching was so kind and sweet to deal with it nicely.

We’re still sorry about that Wan Ching! ��The photos are amazing and truly captured the essence of our pride and joy!!! Thank you again for a wonderful once in a lifetime experience and we will look you up for our 2nd one in the future � Lihat Selengkapnya

Wan Ching was very friendly and helpful. She listened to what we were had in mind for the photos and did her best to accommodate our requests. Most importantly, she’s experienced enough to know the pa.

..ce at which she needs to work in order to make the child feel at ease as well as produce the shots required. Thank you for the great photos! Lihat Selengkapnya

Wan Ching, we would like to show our appreciation to you by writing this testimonial . Many thx to u and we are really appreciate for helping us to capture the precious moment of our 2 weeks old son. .

..As I soon found out, the shooting for 2 weeks old baby is not an easy task for the photographer as well as the parents. And yet, you are able to instantly identify my baby characteristic on what and how to make him to be more relax and we as a parents enjoy the whole photography session.

The moment we received the photos, really touched us!!! Can’t wait for the next shooting session with u Lihat Selengkapnya

My wife and I were looking high and low for a reliable photographer who could understand our needs and deliver as promised. As I am based in Melbourne, I could only do online search followed by online.

.. communications. As I was chatting with a few photographers, within a few messages I knew that O-Peekaboo is what I want. We were communicating even before the photo shoot to make sure everything was in plan.

Without fail Wan Ching will immediately reply to our queries and make us feel comfortable. On the day of the shoot, Wan Ching took a lot of photos and I was surprised that my daughter had a smiley face on all of it although she was crying half the time �I will and already have recommended O-Peekaboo photography to everyone who have Sled me for recommendation.

I will never look for another for all my daughters important functions going forward � Thanks again Wan Ching! Shun (Baby Amaya) Lihat Selengkapnya

Wan Ching was very approachable and helpful when I first enquired about her photography services. She answered all my questions patiently, and managed to arrange a photoshoot for my baby within an ext.

..reme short notice. During the photoshoot, she was very good with the baby, able to soothe my baby and put her into sleep almost instantly. It wasn’t difficult for her to put baby into nice squishy newborn positions.

The photos turned out very nice and I can’t wait to receive my photo album! If you like simple and clean photography style, and enjoy working with a friendly and patient photographer – she’s the one you’re looking for! 🙂 Lihat Selengkapnya

I have to say peekaboo always did their best for customer. This Jan rush the soft copy photo for my baby girl full moon, i have been no reply them for the photo selection until recently my baby girl 1.

.. year old birthday. They did their best to rush out the canvas and photo album for me. I really appreciate their help and will give a strong recommendation to those who want to find photographer of new born baby.

Lihat Selengkapnya

A big thank you to Wan Ching! It’s not easy to get good pictures that can satisfy my need for perfection, what more when photographing an infant! Ching has been a wonderful photographer throughtout th.

..e entire shoot. She is like a natural when handling infant as mine is a light sleeper and cranky. I never thought that the shoot would be so easy as she was acoomodative to all my requests. She’s friendly, talented and ever so professional.

During the photoshoot, she took her time to let my kids express naturally and captured the great moments and expressions that I usually miss. It didn’t feel like a photoshoot at all, no fake smiles or forced poses.

She knows her stuff, like how to create a focus around the baby bump while including the entire body in the picture and also to cover up the baby’s private part as requested. One of the most encouraging photographer I’ve met who is always encouraging and has great suggestions for poses.

I highly recommend Ching for infant or baby shoots! Lihat Selengkapnya

Was decided to take baby photography in very last minute. I’ve been looking for several through Internet and I found O-Peekaboo. Wan Ching is very responsive to all my questions. Too bad I didn’t get . meet her in person this time as she was away for conference. So she assigned Jessy as our photographer. Jessy is a friendly and easy going person. Although many difficult in handling my baby during the photoshoot, she still giving patience to finish it.

The outcome was great! We like it very much! Highly recommend ��� Lihat Selengkapnya

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On that day of photo shoot for our little princess, the weather was not ideal as it was raining heavily. My Wife (Siew Ping) called Wan Ching and she proposed that we postpone to another date. But due.

.. to our tight schedule, we decided to go ahead and hopefully, the rain will stop. At that moment, we did not expect much from this photo shoot. After the photo shoot and looking at the photos sent to us, those photos are amazing! Many thanks to Wan Ching and her team for the great photos.

Highly recommended! Lihat Selengkapnya

To be completely candid, I actually know Wan Ching with Peekaboo Baby Photography through random Google search & the reviews given in facebook page and so I knew that she was going to be great. That b.

..eing said, I just have to praise the way she went above and beyond to capture our Lil Princess.Wan Ching made it her mission to full-fill all of my requests. For example my schedule date which I constantly kept changed due to my work schedule and she patiently have given me the right slot and the best photography.

I also am amazed how she captured the best shots of my Lil Princess even though my daughter were having a bad ‘mood’ day. My favorite pictures are her candids that capture all of the emotions of the day.

I also have to say Wan Ching is very kind, personable and professional. She will make you feel comfortable during the photo sessions. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to have Baby’s photos that you love.

We had so much fun getting our Princess pictures taken by Wan Ching with Peek A Boo Photography. She is professional, creative, talented, very reasonable, and so easy to work with. The pictures were sent to us almost immediately after the photo shoot.

They all turned out beautifully! Each picture perfectly captured the emotion of my Baby Girl ! You will absolutely love your experience with Peekaboo! Hi Wan Ching @ Peekaboo , I just can’t get over how amazing the photos turned out.

My entire family is just in awe of your talent! You captured every pictures in such a beautiful, natural manner. Looking at the photos makes me feel like Thank you, thank you, thank you!!She is super fun to work with and helps you relax for the camera.

She also really knows what she is doing and takes awesome pictures. The photos were so good & We could not have been happier with our experience. Lihat Selengkapnya

Tq soooo much for spending ur precious time with us going up and down with all ir things to snap my princess pics.. trust me, v luv it alot…. n d way u handle my baby was too good… even when i fel.

..t its enough, u were still snapping more pics.. n all d pics was super duper great.. u did take the shots as i wished too… tq.. v enjoyed alot.. tq 4 helping us to treasure the memory of our baby growing up.

. Lihat Selengkapnya

I have been searching high and low for a children photographer ever since my daughter was born, but I couldn’t find anything I really like until I came across Asther’s work through my daughter’s friend.

It’s a love at first sight when I saw Asther’s work. I love how the beautiful moments were captured with her camera. I engaged Asther for my daughter’s 5 years old portrait session and she’s just as good as I had expected.

She’s very good with my daughter and managed to make her feel comfortable in front of the camera almost instantly. I am very happy with all the beautiful pictures that Asther has captured and I am already planning to engage her service again.

We love love love O-Peekaboo! Friendly, easy to communicate, able to cope with anything you able to come up with! Very easy to work with! Professional at handling all the babies! Definitely recommend . friends and family! Looking forward to work together again in the future! Once again thank you Wan Qing and the team!!P/s: congratulations on your newborn baby girl! � Lihat Selengkapnya

I’m very happy with their photography, professional level surely. My partner and I super impress with the outdoor shots taken by Jessy, I have chosen them 3 times already for my family events and also.

.. studio shots. Wan Ching also did a very good job ,keep up the good work � Lihat Selengkapnya

The photos are amazing. Services are the best in town. Thank you so much..

She’s magic with babies & children every album captures the peak and best-est moments of our lives.

#newbornbabyphotographer #newbornphotographer #newbornphotography #posingpods #likeaboss #opeekaboo

Asther is more than a professional – she has become a dear friend, and it’s now almost a yearly ritual (it’s been 6 years!) we turn to her to keep our story alive.

“a picture is worth a 1000 words” and that is what Asther Lau Photography is all about. We initially engaged Asther services for a pregnancy photo shooting, but with her distinct, unique and gorgeous photography style we didn’t hesitate to contact her again for the subsequent shootings: my babys first month, 6 months of age and the cake smash for his 1st birthday portraits.

She captured the best memorable moments in our life! For our photography sessions we used both outdoor & indoor sceneries and Asther basically could take any location and turn it into a masterpiece, and when we used her cosy, beautiful studio she managed with confidence to get the perfect set of photos for my toddler and my baby to interact together.

All our photos are simply magical! We cannot stop looking at them!. She’s been absolutely wonderful to work with and we look forward to returning for more photos in the future!

We have engaged Asther for 3 photoshoots now and are always delighted with the end results. Asther takes the time to understand what we want to get out of the shoot, and about each of us personally so that she can capture us in the best possible way.

Asther is very good with children & knows how to engage them to get that perfect shot. Furthermore after 3 years of working with her, Asther is now as family friend whom we look forward to our meeting annually!

Her photos remind me how much we have grown as a family and I will cherish them memories so dearly.

Thanks Opeekaboo, Wan Ching and the team for the professional works and lovely pictures �. We have our family photo shoot at home with our 10months old son. Before the photo shoot take place, Wan Chin.

..g is patiently listened and accomodated to what we want. She is good in handle baby too. I was worried at the beginning, however the entire photoshoot turns out fun and smooth�. Thanks again Wan Ching and your husband for the hardwork that day.

Keep it up, Opeekaboo�� Lihat Selengkapnya

I was browsing through the internet for studios that take picture not just for newborns, but also for toddlers. As my baby is already a year plus, it was kinda hard to control him to take a good shot . he is easily distracted and only understands certain instructions. But when I saw O-Peekaboo, and saw how Wan Ching put those words on her photos just made me feel good. And she is indeed a very good photographer who is good with kids too! I would definitely engage her for my coming newborn photos again as I love her shots! � Lihat Selengkapnya

Studio Address (By Appointment Only) One Soho Subang, SS19, Jalan Kemajuan Subang, Kampung Subang, 47500 Selangor, Malaysia

Fill in our “Contact Me” form or Email us: [email protected]

Asther is truly an amazing photographer. She has the ability to capture the best moments of me & my family naturally. The entire family, especially my children enjoyed the photo sessions with her. I already had 3 sessions with Asther & all the picture are truly amazing.

I am looking forward to my fourth photo session with her. Definitely will recommend her to anyone.

I was so glad to know O-Peekaboo Photography thru my friend as I wanted to give my first baby girl a photography. To be honest, there’s no regret having Wan Ching’s team great skill to capture such be.

..autiful picture of my new born baby girl. It wasn’t easy to have good photograph of a new born baby but Wan Ching & his team was way beyond my expectations. They were so patient in every second to get every shot done.

Had total 2 sessions photography & results was very much satisfying & amazing! I definitely highly recommend to all parents that want to get good photograph memory of their new born Baby. I must say, thank you very much to Wan Ching’s team for all the hard work.

� Lihat Selengkapnya

Our son’s 1st year birthday was a remarkable one through the lovely photography session with Peekaboo. Each photos resembles uniqueness with super natural expressions. Thanks for the great job and we love it!!!!!

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