Geelong newborn photographer kristy notting photography
Geelong newborn photographer photography
Baby kyla torquay and geelong newborn photographer
Geelong newborn photographer kristy notting photography
The pure newborn
Geelong newborn photographer kristy notting photography specializes in newborn baby maternity and child photography in geelong victoria and surrounding

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Newborn Photos Geelong.

Cute photographs for toddler photography. Although the photo of the infant was carried by a woman or man. toddler photography boy may still look good if the equipment, photographer and settings are balanced.

Newborn photography prices. infant portrait photography costs between $170 and $210 per session on ordinary nationwide. This typically includes the photographer’s fourth dimension for a pre- pip consultation, the seance itself, editing the final exam photographs, and the price of the photographer’s equipment, supplies, and change of location expenses.

infant photography poses. There is a certain joy in baby photography that is unlike any other. it`s the baby`s first professional photograph , the expressions are uncontrolled, and the cheerfulness of the picture comes just from capturing the innocence and cuteness of a toddler . there are some poses in newborn photography, here are some of the greatest poses in baby photography : baby frog pose,tushy up pose,wrapped pose,newborn props,taco pose,side pose (laying & curl),chin on hands pose,parents & siblings.

Newborn photography setup. This should be tutorial for baby photography, first of all, you desire something to put the toddler on. If you are working on posing the infant (versus lifestyle photography which requires no posing) , you need something that is slightly malleable. most professional photographers buy expensive beanbags, but you don’t desire that.

Newborn photography beliefs tips. Photos help to jog these priceless memories so that the little details will never be forgotten. design your baby photos when your baby is between single and six weeks. When having a photo, attempt to acquire one particular with a medium sized range then view a single much closer.

Unlike adults, babies apparently don’t follow instructions and handling small and delicate babies require utmost care and experience. Here toddler photography tips for beginners : keep them safe and comfortable,use safe lighting,pick the greatest timeframe for the shoot,plan your poses,create an attractive setup,move in closer,involve the relatives and be flexible and patient.

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Geelong newborn photographer kristy notting photography specializes in newborn baby maternity and child photography in geelong victoria and surrounding
Newborn baby girl photography geelong melbourne natural unposed macro tiny beautiful details photo of gorgeous little
Geelong newborn photographer kristy notting photography
Newborn baby girl photography geelong melbourne natural unposed macro tiny beautiful details photo of gorgeous little
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Newborn studio photography geelong
The pure newborn
The pure newborn
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In addition to our newborn services, we also offer maternity, baby and family sessions, both in the studio and on location. For recent sessions, please keep scrolling below or for more information, visit the links above.

When Florence came in for her Little Sitter Session the first thing I noticed was her stunning blue eyes and those squishy little thighs – I just wanted to squeeze her!

With limited time until darkness descended, this was where we headed.  Whilst Emme explored, I did a quick recon of the area, hastily photographed my very patient 9 year old, then headed home to see how the location showed up in camera.

A little place called Phoenix Reserve which resides alongside the Barwon River.  It doesn’t look like much does it?  The area itself isn’t particularly large but it’s quiet, fairly centrally located and easily reached on foot.

I have to admit, I really love the ruggedness of the area and I love the end result.  There’s a raw beauty that’s interesting but doesn’t detract from the subject.  I think I’m definitely going to add this little spot into the rotation for winter sessions.

Often when I ask a client if they have a particular location in mind for their session, they’ll hesitantly answer, ‘Um…the beach?’

How cute is this little family!  I loved it when Tiera pulled out some gorgeous timber blocks with the letters of Jory’s name.  It’s such a nice idea to personalise a session with something that your little one will hold as a keepsake forever.


Welcome to Three Wishes Photography. The Three Wishes Photography Studio is based in Torquay, Victoria. We provide newborn photography either in my Torquay Studio or on location. Child photography, family photography and wedding photography are on location.

Whilst based in Torquay, Three Wishes Photography services Geelong, the Surfcoast and the Bellarine Peninsular. Please contact if you have requests for Three Wishes Photography to see you in other locations.

Whether it is newborn photography, family photography, child photography, maternity photography or wedding photography, to me, it is all about the moments.


The 8-10mth stage is hands down my favourite, well, second only to the newborn stage.  I love when they’re on the cusp of crawling but are not yet too mobile; when they’re full of smiles and express delight and wonder in pretty much everything.  And I can’t forget to mention the cuddles.  Every beautiful, squishy one of them.

Today, we continue to create the precious, natural newborn images our studio has become synonymous with.

At a time when the idea of newborn photography as an independent genre was still in its infancy, Baby Buddha Photography grew to accrue a loyal clientele and a steadfast reputation for dedication and professionalism within the industry.

When I first heard of this little guy’s impending arrival, I was super curious to learn what his middle name would be.  That probably seems a strange and unusual thing to be thinking about – but with his big brother’s middle name being ‘Wild’, I couldn’t wait to learn the moniker his parents would gift his baby sibling.  I knew it would be something a little different and I wondered what they would come up with for their gorgeous second child.

Founded in 2010, Baby Buddha Photography was one of the very first dedicated newborn studios established in the Greater Geelong region.

It’s been ages since I went location scouting so last week I convinced a reluctant Emme to leave our gloriously warm and cosy home and keep me company in the frigid cold whilst I attempted to find somewhere new to shoot.  With the sky turning a stormy grey and rain threatening to fall, we had just 20 minutes before the light of the day would completely disappear.

Leo in his gorgeous bow tie and divine little Jax – so much cuteness.   It was such a joy spending time with this beautiful family.

This seems to be the fallback choice of the masses, the place people suggest when they can think of no other.  While beach shoots can be fabulous, especially during golden hour, there are so many other options out there and they don’t necessarily need to be pretty or picturesque in order for you to get some great shots.

Earlier in the week, I’d noticed this spot on the side of the road and taken a couple of iPhone pics so I’d have a visual reference for later.  But a little more on that at the end of the post…

I’m fondest of the random places, the ones that people generally wouldn’t think to pick.  Think laneways with peeling, painted garage doors or barren fields of long, dry grass.  One particular location I used to use and was often asked about, was literally a clump of bushes on the side of the road.

I am a natural light photographer servicing Geelong, Torquay, the Bellarine Peninsular and the Surfcoast.  

They didn’t disappoint.  Darling Judd Brave was as divine as I imagined – in name and in nature.

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