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Photo baby in fathers hands on black background

Newborn Photography Black Background

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Newborn Photography Black Background.

A lot of my friends had asked me on how I did this photograph, actually it was pretty simply, you don’t need expensive studio lighting, you don’t even need a flash because I’m using a natural late afternoon light here. But off-course you need some other materials other than your DLSR and I believe those of you who have visited my blog frequently have a camera because this is a photography blog anyway.

© 2013 Wazari Wazir | RAW File After Converted to Jpeg | Step One

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© 2013 Wazari Wazir | My Daughter Arianna | 50 mm | ISO 200 | 1/80 | F/2.8

Second thing is that, you need to have your spouse, in this case my wife to wear a dark clothing, long sleeve black T-Shirt work great, we don’t have dark long sleeve T-Shirt but in this photo my wife wore a deep blue T-Shirt, almost look like black. The most important is to have a dark clothing. Why? Simply because we don’t want other bright colors material screaming for our attention, we need the viewers to have an undivided attention to the subject, which in this case is my baby, so keep it simple.

© 2013 Wazari Wazir | Newborn Black and White Photography Post Processing

From the photograph above you can see, how I position my baby, it sit on my wife lap, and my wife wore a deep blue T-Shirt, it is not a pitch black, you still can see a separation between my wife T-Shirt and the black background there, some people like this look but for this tutorial, I will share with you on how to get the black to be solid black.

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Actually if you are happy with the color version, all you need to do is to flatten the image and save it, you might wanted to reduce the saturation a bit if you think that your baby skin looking too red to your eyes. If yu wanted to turn it into Black and White Photography, follow the next step.

This is among my favourite pose for my little baby, I’ve done similar pose for my my sons HaiQal and Raphael when they were few weeks old and this time it’s for my daughter Arianna.

Now after that all you have to do is to create another adjustment layer, this time we want to turn it into Black and White. Just go to “Create New Fill Or Adjustment Layer” and choose Black and White. The location for the Create New Fill or Adjustment Layer is in the middle of the lower tab, on the left side of the “Folder Icon”. Once you found it, choose Black and White.

Once you click the Black and White Adjustment Layer, you will get something like the figure above. You can fin tune the the contrast of your black and white by adjusting the variety of colour slider there, but actually there is not much colours to tweak, if you wanted a bit more black, you can drag the RED slider to the left a bit. If you wanted to brighten the face a bit, you can drag the YELLOW slider to the right, you can see the result in real time, so you can make an adjustment as you wish.

So if you are satisfied with your Artwork then all you need is to flatted the layer. Go to MENU > LAYER > FLATTEN IMAGE, save it and you are done. On how to make it into square and how to add title, it is a matter of personal preferences, it is a matter of visual presentation the hard work is done. Actually this type of a photograph will only look great if it was printed big, print it on canvas 20 x 20 inch looks great on your wall.

The next step is very simple, to get a solid black, all you need to do is to make a simple classic “S Curves” in Photoshop to boost some contrast and make the outline of the blue T-Shirt invisible and blend with the black velvet. Just go to the Adjustment Layer and select Curves. Make a simple S curves like the figure above but you need to pull the lower curves a bit more than the upper curves.

So what are the things that you might need, the essential item, off-curse you need a camera, then you need a dark or black background, for this purpose I bought a new Black Velvet, 4 meter long, actually 2 meter long black velvet is good enough but 3 meter is better. Why black velvet? Because black velvet or that velvet absorb light better, so you can get a nice solid black depending on where you hung up the velvet.

Now the top secret is out, what are you waiting for, happy shooting and editing…

*One last thing, if you wanted to learn more about  Black and White Editing, don’t forget to hit the banner below…

About the exposure, exposure, you can visit my previous article Black Against Black Photography . Now lets us move on to post processing a bit.

Newborn photography might be exceptionally challenging , not only because the fashions can are usually a little bit uncooperative, but additionally due to the truth they spend lots of time sleeping and very little time smiling. This text has a couple of hints and tips that should hopefully show you the way to photograph newborn babies and make sure that you end up with a shot that the household will wish to treasure forever.

The lighting of your shot will be particularly important. You don`t want to go exposing newborn eyes to shiny flash bulbs, so attempt to take pictures in circumstances which are naturally bright when photographing newborns. Enhance the ISO and publicity compensation in your digicam in low mild levels , however examine to ensure that the image would not turn into too grainy as a result.

Remember to take into account the angles at which you`re taking your shots. It can be very straightforward to fall into the habit of at all times taking pictures from above, so before long you`ve an album full of pictures trying down at the child. Try getting down on the identical level because the newborn, and permit them to fill the full frame of your photo.

Concentrate on among the smaller features of their face, or on a single hand or foot to get some actually fascinating macro shots. It is often an concept to keep your digital camera on a steady capturing mode, as a baby `s expression can change incredibly quickly. Take a number of photographs for every setup, and hopefully you will be left with one excellent one. Digital photography allows you delete any unwanted shots.

Keep in mind that these photographs are being taken to seize the moment and to look back on in years to come. Think of what images and reminiscences you want to preserve. If there may be any item or toy that performs an important half in their early days, seize it. The family shot is always a favorite ; so ensure you get one among each mum and dad with the baby. Another classic shots to think about are ones with the infant `s hand or foot in its mother `s hand to emphasize the distinction in measurement , or shots of the mother nursing seize the intimacy of the relationship.

By following these newborn photography ideas it is possible for you to to enhance your photography skills and end up with pictures worth wanting again on many years from now.

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