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Newborn Photography Bay Area California

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Newborn Photography Bay Area California.

“She compiled them all into a birth announcement video that you simply cannot pass up.” in 4 reviews

Gaby is hands down the best newborn photographer in the area. Her pictures are beautifully lit, well balanced and ethereal. She’s a ton of fun to work with and we laughed and chatted the entire time. Everyone has gushed over how gorgeous our baby looks in Gaby’s pictures. She’s magical! Just look at her pictures – they speak for themselves. You only get one chance at this and I’m thrilled we captured our daughter’s early weeks so beautifully. Gaby’s studio is in the back of her property in a woodsy setting creating an intimate and beautiful backdrop for pictures. After our family group pics, we just sat back and watched Gaby and her assistant work their magic with our baby. The studio is a baby-toasty 90 degrees and she took extended time to make sure she had all of her shots. Be sure to bring milk for 2-3 feedings. Full baby = sleepy, cooperating baby. She was also super accommodating when we needed to push out our scheduled newborn session after our little one ended up back in the hospital. Fantastic experience all around.

I highly recommend working with Gaby. Everyone loved our newborn photos and one of my friend actually said he was the cutest baby she had seen (my son is definitely a cutie and Gaby got the best of him!) Gaby is all about customer experience. She is very responsive and flexible with your special requests. She is also very patient with the baby. It’s definitely not easy working with 2-week old little models, but she really spent the time needed to get a good shot, and was able to make the photos look effortless. We also learned a thing or two from her regarding soothing infants. Now my baby is about a month old, and his look has changed so much from when he was first born. It’s definitely worth the investment to capture this early moment of his life and share it with friends and family.

Gaby shot our newborn photos (baby & family) and they turned out so beautiful! Gaby was great to work with. She made us feel extremely comfortable in her studio and we loved the whole experience! She was very professional and well as patient and friendly with our baby and also our toddler. She took her time to create the perfect images. She was happy to stop for as many feeding breaks as needed and we never felt rushed. She had so many beautiful outfits, accessories and props and used a variety of these in our photos. Gaby is very artistic and talented. She has a passion for what she does which shows in her photos. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for an amazing newborn photographer in the Bay Area.

If you are looking for a newborn photographer – I would highly recommend chosing Gaby Clark. She was absolutely fantastic. She’s very responsive and answered all my questions in a very timely manner. She helped me understand what we would expect on the day and helped us get an idea of what to bring/wear. The day of the session was a breeze. We showed up with our baby and toddler and she was very prepared for us. She helped us feed/diaper the newborn while we got the toddler ready. She was great handling the baby and knew how to calm him down and got him to sleep! The photos turned out incredible. She did a great job at capturing baby’s best. It was so hard to pick a favorite – we wanted all of them. If I had another baby I’d call Gaby in a heartbeat. She made what could be a stressful day very enjoyable. Gaby was friendly, professional, and a pleasure to work with.

I didn’t realize until after we had our son that many baby photographers require that you book your photo session as soon as you have a due date! We were so lucky to have found Gaby.. she was so accommodating – she managed to fit us in the week after contacting her, when our baby was already 3 weeks old. By that point our son was a bit more wiggly and fussy than the normal (younger than) 1 week olds that other baby photographers prefer to work with, but Gaby has a way with babies that makes her job seem effortless. Our son also had a pretty bad case of baby acne so I was worried he wouldn’t look his best during the photoshoot, but Gaby worked her magic and I couldn’t have asked for better photos. In addition, she used all 3 props we brought along with us and captured them beautifully in each shot. Our trek down from Oakland to Los Gatos was absolutely worth it, she is probably one of the best baby photographers in the bay area. From start to finish it was a wonderful experience and I couldn’t recommend her enough.

I would highly recommend using Gaby for your newborn photos. She is very patient and caring when she’s taking your photos and knows how to care for your newborn from the moment you get there until the moment that you leave. She definitely did not rush us and made sure that she got some good photos before we left. She was even able to get my toddler to smile really big for the photos! I wish I had known about Gaby for my first daughter’s newborn photos. BONUS: she has trampolines and slides to keep the older one busy while she’s taking the photos!

Pros: + One of the best baby photographers in the area. + She books 1 client per day, to provide ample time. + Studio location ideal for indoor/outdoor shots. + Gaby is also good with babies (no surprise there!). + Gaby is professional and punctual during the photoshoot and in all following communications. Cons: – Not cheap (the baby photography industry in general can be expensive) – We felt rushed towards the end, despite being only client. EDIT: + After reading this review, Gaby personally reached out to us in order to address any issues. We’re again impressed by her dedication to her work and our satisfaction. Review: From our research into Gaby and having spoken with her, we’ve found out that she’s a leader in the space and was amongst the first professional photographers to focus on newborn (NB) photography. It shows in her work, as you can see from the photos section and her website. She’s pricey (the NB photography space seems pricey in general), but you get what you pay for, so no complaints there. For us it’s worth it as an irreplaceable memory, and we are very picky when it comes to photography. She shoots out of her studio and has hundreds of props to set up a multitude of photos and poses. Nestled on a hill, her studio is set up for good outdoor shots as well. One client per day, and was flexible about going over the allotted time. Although we did appreciate her going significantly beyond the time window, the last shot was rushed and thus we felt the quality of that photo was significantly less than the others (i.e. we saw several other photos of other babies in the same pose that turned out much better). **EDIT: after reading this, she reached out to personally address any issues, which we greatly appreciated.** PROTIP: although Gaby has a good eye for fabrics and color mixing/matching, don’t be afraid to make tweaks and suggestions. She’s very open to it. One extremely important aspect of any professional photography service is communication and professionalism. Gaby is on top of it. Fast, clear, and punctual communication and follow through. She routinely followed up with us to make sure we did our part to finish the project on time. As for her, she hasn’t been late on a deadline or action item yet. Summary: We recommend her to all friends and family, and we hope to become repeat customers someday.

“She has everything you need to capture the first precious moments of your baby’s life.” in 5 reviews

Prior to Gaby photography, I can honestly say I had also checked out other new born photographers in the bay area, but through our conversation over the phone and via email. She replied back quick and in a professional manner in regards of her profession, her availability and her experiences as a newborn photographer. I am pleased to say I am glad that I have chosen Gaby Clark as our newborn photographer, Hence we had to traveled an hour away to meet her. During the photo session I was very happy how knowledgeable she was with our newborn and also with her equipment. Great control with lighting and to also giving the time to be patience with our baby when he was being a bit fussy. Using white noise to calm our baby down and patting/calming him down shows how much she’s prepared for the occasion. Overall, with the photo coming out in great lighting and bright colors, just how we wanted it to be, with my wife being very happy with the turn out. “I” as a husband I couldn’t ask for anything else but for both parties to be genuine happy with the results. Thank you Gaby

Gaby is a very talented new born photographer. Any one who has seen her work will surely agree. She is very organized in the way she carries out the whole process right from confirming the appointment until the very end when she hands over the finished product. The exact process of how things are conducted have already been called out in other reviews. I am just going to focus on what stood out for me. -She is absolutely great with the baby. My baby was colic and i was very nervous about the whole experience. But she assured me that she will take care of everything and that i will have amazing pictures at the end of the session. And that is exactly what happened. She handled my son so well that the whole session went very smooth. She taught me some techniques of handling the baby. -On the day of the session we thought it will be good if the grandparents of the baby also could be part of the session. I was hesitant to ask because most of the other photographers charge extra for the session for such a request. But she was happy to accommodate my request which made us very happy. -I had lot of questions about what the family should wear.She sent me some sample pictures of what colors will complement each other for the colors i chose. I also had lot of questions about the session and she had the patience to respond to all my questions. I spent close to a week in researching about new born photographers and decided to go with her. And she did not let me down in any way in terms of the pictures or the way the whole process was handled. My husband was against spending so much on new born photography from the very beginning. But at the end even he was convinced to spend because of gaby’s great work. So if you chose gaby to be your photographer, rest assured you will get great pictures with hassle free experience.One suggestion i have is to go through her work on facebook and yelp and see what you like because she is got some amazing pictures out there. And then you can request her to have her take similar pictures for your little one.

As a new mom, it’s hard to think about all the things you need to do for your newborn. Gaby and her assistant Anne made newborn photoshoot process so easy. Here are some of the things I appreciated from the photoshoot session: 1) prompt response from Gaby when I communicated with her via Yelp and email 2) her detailed instructions on what to wear and how to prepare the baby for the photo session, sent prior to the day of the photoshoot 3) she kept the studio warm enough so baby would feel comfortable even with little clothes on 4) her natural and experienced way in helping the baby pose 5) Gaby helped us feed the baby while we were busy changing or cleaning up dirty diaper, making our session as stress-free as possible 6) Gaby’s assistant was very friendly and helpful. She knew exactly what Gaby needed for each setup, so each scene was a smooth and quick transition. 7) Gaby took the time to take pictures of our newborn in various outfits, using different backgrounds and props. She really took her time with each setup and paid attention to details. She only takes 1 appointment per day I believe, so her clients wouldn’t feel rushed. Overall, our experience with our newborn photoshoot was unforgettable. The results of our pictures were amazing. All of our friends and families were in awe with our pictures. If I have another baby, I would definitely have Gaby take our baby photos again.

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We came to know about Gaby Photography through Yelp. Going through the reviews and the images, We were impressed by her work. Gaby is passionate about her work. We loved the place where the photo session was done. It’s very calm and quite place and she has everything in her studio required for the session. I would highly recommend Gaby for newborn photography. We loved the photos we received from her.

Absolutely LOVED Gaby! She went above and beyond our expectations with our photoshoot. We were so impressed with every little detail she did. It was amazing seeing her with our son. She new exactly how to calm our boy to get the perfect shot. We are extremely happy with how our photos turned out!! Thank you Gaby!! We will cherish these photos forever!

Gaby is a thorough professional when it comes newborn photography. In my initial conversation, she mentioned that when we take the baby to her studio, the baby would be her responsibility. And sure enough, that was the first day I got a break as a new mom :). She carried the baby to the studio from the car, fed the baby, burped, and also took take of his diapers. She waited for the perfect moment for each photo and did not rush us. In the end, we have the most amazing photos of our baby. She also did sibling photography with my toddler and she had the patience to deal with toddler tantrums and those photos came out great as well. We are glad we found Gaby, and had the photo-shoot done by her. P.S. My Toddler also enjoyed playing, and exploring the backyard outside her studio.

Look no further! Just make an appointment right away before your baby grows up too fast! Lol. With Gaby your baby and family is in good hands! She definitely knows what she is doing especially when handling our 1st baby which was only 3 weeks old at the time of the Photo Shoot. I don’t know about you guys but just like when going to party and you see that there is DJ, its best to let the DJ do his or her job. The DJ always do a better job at making the crowd enjoy the party and making them feeling happy by letting him or her be in charge of the turntables. Sure you can keep requesting your favorite songs here and there but make sure to let the DJ lead and decide what is best mixes to play to keep the crowd dancing in the floor. In short, Gaby is the DJ here! Only she is the best Baby and Family photographer in the Bay Area! Let her do her job and don’t worry about how she handles your baby. She is a Mom as well so keep calm and just go with the flow! You’ll thank me later! My wife and I are truly grateful to have met Gaby to be as our 1st baby Professional Photographer. We will cherish all the awesome baby photos forever! Thank you so much again Gaby! AKA Mafia Photographer! She takes headshot like no other! Lol. Peace out and Good luck to all Parents! 😉

I highly recommend Gaby Photography for your newborn photo session. My husband and I were very impressed with her skills and how well she handled our daughter during the session. When we first arrived at the location Gaby and her assistant greeted us. Gaby helped carried all our belongings up the stairs to her cute little studio. She took our daughter and immediately started getting her ready for the session. She let me choose which colors I wanted for the newborn wraps and headbands. She definitely had an assortment of newborn clothing for the session. As I watched her work during the session I was amazed at how well she handled our daughter and posed her during various outfits and backgrounds. Gaby and her assistant were very professional and when our daughter had an accident they cleaned her up, no questions asked. Just watching Gaby in action you knew right away she has a ton of experience with newborn sessions. She also has a variety of dresses for the mother to wear during the session. Overall I was very happy I chose Gaby Photography for my newborn session even though it was a little pricy. I did research several other newborn photographers, but something stood out with Gaby’s work and to be honest after receiving the final product, I was amazed at how well they turned out and extremely satisfied with our photos. I definitely think it’s worth spending the extra bucks on your first newborn so you have memories to cherish for a lifetime since they grow up very fast.

Amazing work! My husband and I took our newborn photos with Gaby including our two puppies and she provided us the best photos/video after a 3hour session. She’s worth every penny, highly recommend Gaby! Professional, personable and so thoughtful!! We look forward to working with Gaby again in the future!

I discovered Gaby Photography through google. I clicked on it and saw that there’s a lot of reviews and 5stars. When I saw her work I didn’t even bother reading the reviews because for me the photos she took says it all. I was sold by her images. It was very professional and high class. Gaby is awesome! She is very detailed, passionate and gives 110% to her work. She puts her heart in every images she takes. She also takes care of your baby, gave some advices to us since we’re newly parents. Gaby handled my baby smoothly (my baby was not in a mood for a photoshoot). She’s really nice. During the photoshoot, it was like hanging out with an old friend that you haven’t talked to for while. Location: I’m in love with the place. It’s quiet, calm and private. She has everything in her studio. You’ll be relax while watching your baby doing a photoshoot. If I’m going to have my second baby, I would definitely go back and do another photoshoot with her. PS. Me and my husband was so excited to do the shoot we skipped breakfast and its our fault that we were very hungry after the shoot. Gaby got snacks and water but trust me once the photoshoot starts you’ll forget to even have a snack or drink water because its such a pleasure to see how Gaby work her magic and you don’t want to miss a thing.

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“Honey, can we have another baby so that I can work with Gaby again?!?” Hubby says,”NO!!!” Bummer! I did a lot of research wanting to find the right person to do our newborn photos. All I have to say is look no further because Gaby is that right person! She is truly passionate about what she does and it shows through the stunning results of her work. She is very particular about the details which I highly admire. She fixes that strand of hair that is out of place, make sure the arms, hands and fingers are placed in the right position to create the best picture possible. She takes the stress off of you. In her highly detailed e-mails, she says park at her studio which is located in the beautiful Los Gatos Hills and leave the baby in the car seat and I will take it from there. No need to figure out if you can fit into your pre or post-maternity clothes because she has a slew of dresses for you to choose from. I highly recommend Gaby. Not only is she amazing at what she does but she truly is a down to earth person that you can easily relate to.

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“You pretty much show up as you are the day off to her wonderful serene studio and sit back and relax as she and her assistant Ann do all the work.” in 4 reviews

We worked with Gaby for our newborn photos of our son, who was seven weeks old at the time. We could not be happier with the photos and with Gaby. She and her assistant were wonderful to work with. She was amazing with our baby and worked with him one on one during feedings, diaper changing, dressing..the one nine yards! She is not only a great photographer but also great with babies. If you’re looking for someone to shoot your newborn photos, I recommend her without hesitation!

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I was hesitant to drive an hour each way with a two week old, but decided Gaby’s photos were so amazing, it was worth a try. That was one of the best decisions I have ever made! The photos are so fantastic I can hardly believe it. Not only are the photos of my baby and husband amazing, she even made me look good two weeks postpartum (and I really didn’t think that was possible). Another perk was all of Gaby’s great baby advice. She is such a nice human being, we enjoyed the time with her in the studio. She did a great job of preparing us ahead of time on what to expect too. She is the best, I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Newborn photography will be exceptionally difficult , not solely as a result of the fashions can are usually slightly uncooperative, but also as a result of fact they spend quite a lot of time sleeping and little or no time smiling. This article has a few hints and ideas that should hopefully present you easy methods to photograph newborn infants and ensure that you find yourself with a shot that the household will wish to treasure forever.

The lighting of your shot will likely be especially important. You don`t want to go exposing newborn eyes to shiny flash bulbs, so try to take images in conditions which might be naturally shiny when photographing newborns. Increase the ISO and exposure compensation on your digital camera in low light ranges , however examine to make it possible for the image doesn`t develop into too grainy as a result.

You should definitely think about the angles at which you are taking your shots. It can be very straightforward to fall into the behavior of always shooting from above, so earlier than long you`ve an album filled with pictures looking down at the child. Attempt getting down on the same stage as the newborn, and allow them to fill the total frame of your photo.

Focus on among the smaller aspects of their face, or on a single hand or foot to get some actually fascinating macro shots. It`s normally an idea to keep your camera on a continuous capturing mode, as a baby `s expression can change incredibly quickly. Take various photographs for every setup, and hopefully you will be left with one good one. Digital photography permits you delete any undesirable shots.

Keep in mind that these photos are being taken to seize the second and to look back on in years to come. Think of what photographs and reminiscences you wish to preserve. If there may be any item or toy that plays an necessary part in their early days, seize it. The family shot is always a favourite ; so make sure you get considered one of both mum and pa with the baby. Some other classic photographs to consider are ones with the baby `s hand or foot in its mom `s hand to emphasise the difference in measurement , or shots of the mom nursing seize the intimacy of the relationship.

By following these newborn photography tips it is possible for you to to improve your photography expertise and find yourself with pictures worth wanting again on a few years from now.

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