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Family Photoshoot Locations Near Me

Family Photoshoot Locations Near Me Family Photoshoot Locations Near Me

Following these five steps has taken us way farther than we ever could have imagined and getting out and exploring is always the first step. Let us know in the comments below what works best for you when you are out looking for a new spot to shoot wherever you are!

These are small steps to prolong the exclusivity of the location, but if it’s a truly magical spot, it won’t remain a secret for long. This is why it’s essential to constantly be scouting for new spots.

These are the foundations I use for finding great spots to shoot, but what about you? 

Give the old thumbs up to any hotspots you like the look of and you’ll help us all.

Sometimes, the best way to find spots for photo shoots is to just get in your car and drive. So go out and take roads that you don’t normally drive on. Get on back roads through the county, or small side streets in the city. These overlooked places can be filled with potential. You might find a hidden place you hadn’t seen before. A run-down barn in the country or a graffiti-covered stairwell in the city could result in some wonderful photos. Getting out of your comfort zone is always a good thing!

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One of the easiest and perhaps most familiar ways is to just use maps. You have probably used Google Maps to find directions at some point. It can also be used to location scouting. Google Earth is the superior choice here, because you can see aerial views in great detail. It also allows you to view a landscape in 3D, so you can get an idea for elevation as well. Using Street View (which you may be familiar with from Maps), you are able to get down at eye level and think about what exact locations you would like to frame your shot from.

This is to be expected, but you don’t have to make it easy for them! I avoid specifying locations on my website, and even when selling mini sessions online, I just give a general description of the location but never include the address. I message it to clients individually.

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A Photography Location Can Differentiate You From The Competition

For more inspiration, check out some of our travel articles:

Fortunately, my little tribe loves to explore, so family outings often double as scouting trips. I admit, looking for photography locations is one of the things I most enjoy about being a professional photographer.

Use that massive search box, or Advanced Search to find good places to take photos.

Another nice one is PhotoSpots, which merges Google Maps with location data from 500px to determine popular photography locations around the world.  Try it out!

Share your happy place with the rest of us and give your photography website a plug in the process.

How to Find Great Photography Locations for Your Photoshoots

Besides using good old fashioned physical location scouting, there are some wonderful new tools available for photographers to use that will help give you a head start and narrow down your search.

One way to do this is by scouting unique, outdoor photography locations that will give your clients images that they can’t get elsewhere – at least, not until other photographers discover your favorite spots. This is why it’s essential to always be scouting for new places to take photos.

Challenge yourself to find new photography locations in your area. No matter where in the world you live, you can use these resources to seek out and discover hidden places or popular favorites. Finding out what others have done, and putting your own twist on it can be not only enjoyable, but also rewarding when you see the photos you’re able to take! If there are other resources you use to find great photographer locations, let us know in the comments!

When I find a place, I’m always very respectful to the owners and offer to pay a fee per day or per session. This makes it more of a collaborative effort, and I truly prefer it when there is something in it for them. If it’s a public spot, like a park or historical site, be sure to find out if the city requires a permit to shoot there.

One of my favorites is ShotHotSpot  – a great search engine that uses location data automatically pulled from images on Flickr and Panoramio to locate favorite photography locations. You just to enter the location you want to search and the website will quickly compile the results.

About Jennifer: I am a North Atlanta photographer living in Roswell, GA with my husband and our three sweet and high-energy boys. My husband and sons are first and foremost the loves of my life and the inspiration for my family and child photography.

Some spots are always great for photography (depending on what you photograph). Look for popular landmarks and public areas in your city or town, and use those for photography spots. Finding parks is as easy as jumping onto Google Maps and looking for splotches of green, and these will usually offer plenty of good spots for nature or landscape shots. Architecture and street art are also great, as most cities will have unique buildings and interesting statues lining the streets. Use your immediate location to your advantage, as there will always be plenty of locations. Even if you happen to be in college and have no transportation, find spots for photo shoots by taking your camera on a walk around campus. You may be surprised at what you find!

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Every photo has a setting. It was taken somewhere. And while a photo shoot can definitely be spontaneous, usually the location is scouted first. If it’s a public place like a park or sidewalk then it’s easy, but if you need to rent studio space or get permission to set up somewhere, that could take a bit more research. For landscape photography, finding the perfect location is key. For modeling shots, you want backdrops and scenery that makes sense for the feel of the shoot. You can always be creative with what you have access to. But finding the perfect location is an essential task of being a photographer.

I try to be somewhat secretive about my favorite locations. In a perfect world, I’m the only photographer shooting there, but even if this is the case at the beginning, it is rarely that way for long. Your clients will share their images online and in social networks, and if other photographers admire what you are doing (which you hope they will!), they may come looking for your location or something similar.

Do you have any questions, comments, or other tips for Finding Great Photography Locations? Leave me a comment below – I would love to hear from you! And please share this post using the social sharing buttons (we really appreciate it)!

Another favorite of mine is a local greenhouse specializing in orchids. This provides the perfect setting for my styled child photography (another way I differentiate myself). The orchid location is not immediately obvious as a photography location, and yet, there is something truly magical in the images I’ve been able to capture there. The greenhouse itself is filled with gorgeous orchids, but there is also a barn onsite which provides a totally different look – all at one easy location.

Instagram presents a unique way to find spots for photo shoots. It is a bit better for research once you’ve nailed down an area, but you can certainly discover spots with it. Being a social media platform, Instagram is guaranteed to give you extremely up-to-date information about the locations you’re looking for. Users likely will post their pictures soon after they’re taken, meaning that you can see exactly what the weather conditions are for the location, as well as other inconveniences like construction, special events, or other factors that could put a crimp in your photo shoot. If you intend on photographing something common like a landmark, you will also be able to see what angles other amateur and professional photographers have used. This will give you the chance to try an angle different than what everyone else is doing.

There are plenty of aspects of professional photography that non-photographers take for granted. Whether it’s the extensive post-shoot editing, the time it takes the frame the perfect shot, or the sheer amount of equipment it can take to highlight a model, there is always something that viewers of your photography might not be thinking about. One of those things is the location, and today we’re going to be talking about the best ways to find spots for photo shoots.

There are plenty of photography websites out there in the world. And they can all help you find spots for photo shoots. 500px’s maps let you look at an area and see what else people are shooting there. Try exploring around where you live to see what others are doing with scenery that you may view as mundane by now. Seeing what others have captured also gives you the ability to set up a fresh composition. Flickr is another good website for finding locations, and many photos will have location tags. You will find a Flickr photo map as well, meaning both of these sites will work well for seeing what others are taking photos of. ShotHotspot is actually designed specifically to find spots for photo shoots, and it imports images from several sites. You can use this to narrow down popular locations with less worrying about missing something.

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With that in mind, I tend to avoid heavily wooded areas and those that sit down in a valley – they are less likely to have the lighting I’m looking for. Areas with a treeline that also sit up on a hill are usually ideal for both image composition and lighting. I also target areas that have a lot of foliage – wildflowers, wheat, even weeds. And then, I’m always looking for something unique about the location – an old barn, a pond or creek, or a specific flower or tree that you don’t see that often.

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One of the best niche features of Google Earth is definitely the slider that lets you adjust the time of day. This lets you approximate sunrise, sunset, and lighting throughout the day. While you should always considering the position of the sun when going for an outdoor shoot, this takes some of the extra thinking out of that process. Googling sunset time doesn’t do you any good if your spot is surrounded by mountains that might block the sun at a specific point! With that knowledge, you can plan exactly what time you should be shooting at different locations.

You can create lists of photo hotspots, and even allow other members add hotspots to it.

I use one farm location that has a gorgeous old truck, painted teal blue, onsite. It’s not an obvious backdrop for professional photography, but it’s a favorite among my clients. I also love shooting at farms with animals onsite. Whether it’s a horse in the background or a child holding a bunny, photography with animals is something that can be a strong differentiator.

Welcome to ShotHotspot We’ll help you find great places to take photos, anywhere in the world.

For me, as a natural light photographer, the lighting at a location is the thing I look for first. I try to find and visit potential spots during the golden hour, when the light is the most magical. I usually have my favorite subjects in tow (my three boys), so I can take a few test shots and experiment with different settings. Some locations may be beautiful, but they just don’t get very much magical light, and I have to pass. For me, the light is the #1 most important factor.

Finding great photography locations near to you will take some investigative work on your part, but along with that you can also use some new tools that I will discuss a bit further on in this post. But first let’s go over why using a great photography location is important, and later I will go over the attributes that I feel make a photography location great!

Some days it feels like everyone with a fancy camera is hanging up a shingle and trying to start a professional photography business. So, how do you differentiate yourself from the competition? Especially if that competition is priced significantly lower? Your talent and experience are worth more of course, but let’s face it, for families just looking for a cute Christmas card photo, the lower price point is likely to win every time — unless you can offer them something truly different.

We use sites like Flickr and Panoramio to build up an idea of which areas of the world are the best for photography. Use us to scout locations for photo shoots, abandoned places, landscapes, holiday snaps, selfies, and more!

When you can’t compete on price point (and I really urge you not to try), you need to find something else that distinguishes you from the rest. Something that makes potential clients say, “Yes, I have to use her (or him) as my photographer.”

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