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Family Photojournalism

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Family Photojournalism.

Many photographers when labeling their approach as “photojournalistic” also describe their approach as a “fly on the wall.”  This could not be further from the truth when it comes to photojournalism and documentary photography.  What makes this genre so special is that many times the photographer submerses themselves within the life of the subjects in order to gain trust which ultimately leads to access. 

family photojournalism — also referred to as visual storytelling or documentary photography — has much less to do with coordinating clothing and sitting for a portrait… and much more to do with celebrating and capturing what is beautiful in your ordinary life. i come into a family’s (messy and gloriously imperfect!) home for 1 or more hours while you are doing all your normal stuff together. no one is asked to stop and look at the camera or even to smile. instead, as you play and work together i’m there silently creating a series of images that tell a story about this particular season in your family’s life together. this can be done to mark a transition, to document a life season that is fleeting, or just because.

You then need to explore and study the art of composition and how each small adjustment can change the story of a photograph.  You need to learn to really see light — good light — in any situation.  Then, you need to learn how to do all of these things at the same time.  You also need to acknowledge that you will always have something new to learn, new to practice, new to challenge yourself with.  Finally, once you feel like you have a grasp on the technical aspects of this genre, you then have to learn who you are. 

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Self discovery and love is the hardest part of it all, but once you can become friends with yourself, recognize what makes you . . . you, then you can begin having a point of view.  However, once things come into place the end result is truly a gift that you can give your clients that no one else can.

but these are the sorts of images that begin to really express something of the quirky wonder that is your particular family. these are the images that get more precious with time. you’ll be able to sit down and look at them in 5+ years and remember the texture of your son’s hair when he was an infant, and that particular facial expression your daughter made when she was in the first grade, the way that your house was decorated when you had only lived in it for a year, and the fashion choices you made then that have changed so much since. these are the sorts of images that when your kids will look back on them as adults, they’ll be plunged into a sea of remembrance, researching their personal histories in the myriad details of the each photograph. through the eyes of my camera, i hope you’ll be able to see with fresh perspective the incredible life you’ve been given to live and the beauty of the people with whom you’re sharing it.

While candid moments are more like snapshots, pictures taken of the subject, documentary photography is allowing the photographer to take complete control of their choices in which to tell the story while giving up complete control of the environment in which to do so.

This happens when you have a strong portfolio where the pictures speak for themselves.

a picture is worth a thousand words. you can see several such sessions of this type by scrolling to the bottom of this page and clicking on the latest blog entries of this type. you can also look at my portfolio. 

For example, preparing for birth has been a hot topic for me and my team of doctors.  I want to try to have a completely natural birth, without drugs, with a doula and my midwife.  Granted, things could totally change and at the end of the day I just want a healthy baby, however not a single person has convinced me to automatically sign up for an epidural.  I have heard from dozens of friends and family, “You definitely want the drugs, you have no idea how painful childbirth is.”  Well, that is correct.  I have not had a baby before so I honestly don’t know how my body is going to handle it.  So I am committed to trying without medical intervention.

This, in my opinion, is the hardest type of photography.  It can also be the most rewarding for the clients as well as the photographer.  But it takes time.  And patience.  I have been a professional photographer for 18 years now.  I have been focusing on documentary family photography, solely, for the last 8 years.  It was just a few years ago that I truly felt comfortable and confident with the work I was producing.  You need to allow time for your brain to automate to making several decisions at once while in the field. 

“Oh my gracious. BROOKE. These are absurdly beautiful. Beyond belief perfect. They capture the craziness, the silliness, the sweetness, the hilarity, the mess and beauty and perfection that God has given us in every day life! Incredible!!!!!!!!!!!! None of these words are sufficient for how amazing these are to me! Precious in EVERY WAY.

” — AG

For those who want to stay committed to the art of photojournalism, photographers may not physically change or influence the scene in any way.  This includes changing or altering the light source, moving objects to clean up the scene or even asking the subjects to “redo” a moment or move where the moment is happening.  Once you begin altering the scene, you are now approaching the work as a lifestyle photographer rather than a documentary one.


The same is true for trying to convince a family to go in a completely different direction with their photographic investment.  And why would you want to?  The last thing you want is for the end result to be that of disappointment for your clients because what they really wanted was just a group picture with everyone looking perfect in their matching white and khakis.  Your clients will be ones that see your work, fall in love with it and have to have you photograph them.

digital download of ALL images with complete copyright permissions — $200 (regular session) or $100 (short story) or $300 (extended)a la cart prints — starting at $2.38 additional hour of shooting — $100upgrade to a 8.

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4-5 hours of documentary-style shooting covering a chunk of a day in your ordinary family life + 1 or 2 playfully posed family portraitson location in your home and/or other favorite frequented place(s)200+ beautifully edited images in an online gallery10 high-res digital files of your choice, with print release (the rest may be purchased – see below)60-page, 8.

5×8.5-inch (big!) storybook album of select images

because those portraits you had taken a few years ago in the coordinating clothing at magic hour at a park… those are pretty, but they don’t tell anyone much about the people that you are. it’s a bit like you were put inside of a ready-made template, golden and groomed, but not so much different than the next family. 

It is imperative that in documentary family photography, that the photographer talk to their subjects throughout most of the shoot so that they can make photographs that truly represent each of their personalities, quirks and relationships to one another.  Even photojournalists that work within the newspaper field whose job is to come back to the office with just one picture that encompasses an entire event have to become a part of the scene in order to do so.

5 Heartfelt Lessons From Kirsten Lewis: Diving Into Documentary Family Photojournalism February 12, 2018

1 hour of documentary-style shooting centered around one or two brief family rituals/activitieson location in your home and/or other favorite frequented place(s)40+ beautifully edited images in an online gallery1 high-res digital file of your choice, with print release (the rest may be purchased – see below)no album included with this package (a 40-page 5.

5×5.5″ storybook album can be added on for $60)

2-2.5 hours of documentary-style shooting around an afternoon, morning, or evening of family rituals/activities + 1  playfully posed family portraiton location in your home and/or other favorite frequented place(s)100+ beautifully edited images in an online gallery3 high-res digital files of your choice, with print release (the rest may be purchased – see below)40-45-page, 5.

5×5.5-inch storybook album of select images

In many ways, I am extremely jealous of all the photographers that are embracing documentary family photojournalism these days because there is a lot more information out there now than there way seven years ago when I began making the transition.  I had years filled with mistake after mistake before I began to understand the genre both photographically and in regards to the business end of it.  Now that I am working closely with photographers on a regular basis there are some reoccurring mistakes that are made regularly, fortunately once they are addressed they are easy to avoid in the future. 

Many photographers assume that as long as the subject(s) is not looking at the camera, that they have produced a documentary picture.  While we do not want the subjects to be camera aware 99% of the time, it’s not that simple.

Documentary photography is really an art, it is a type of photojournalism where the photographer is aiming to create a series of pictures that will tell a complete story.  The photographer is making pictures that make the viewer feel something towards the subjects by carefully choosing light, composition and moment.  These pictures are deliberate in nature, they are thought out and executed with the photographers perspective at the heart of it. 

This is something I hear on a daily basis, “I am having a hard time convincing clients to do a documentary session over a portrait one.”  Of course you are, because you cannot convince someone to want the opposite of what they already have in their plan. 

New child photography will be exceptionally difficult , not only because the fashions can are usually a bit of uncooperative, but additionally because of the truth they spend numerous time sleeping and very little time smiling. This text has a few hints and suggestions that ought to hopefully present you how you can photograph newborn babies and ensure that you end up with a shot that the family will wish to treasure forever.

The lighting of your shot might be particularly important. You do not want to go exposing newborn eyes to shiny flash bulbs, so attempt to take images in conditions that are naturally vivid when photographing newborns. Increase the ISO and publicity compensation on your digital camera in low mild levels , however test to make sure that the image would not turn out to be too grainy as a result.

Make sure you consider the angles at which you take your shots. It may be very easy to fall into the habit of all the time taking pictures from above, so before long you`ve got an album stuffed with shots wanting down at the child. Attempt getting down on the identical degree because the newborn, and permit them to fill the total frame of your photo.

Concentrate on among the smaller facets of their face, or on a single hand or foot to get some really interesting macro shots. It`s often an idea to maintain your digital camera on a steady taking pictures mode, as a child `s expression can change incredibly quickly. Take various shots for each setup, and hopefully you may be left with one perfect one. Digital photography allows you delete any undesirable shots.

Keep in mind that these images are being taken to seize the moment and to look again on in years to come. Consider what pictures and memories you are looking to preserve. If there may be any item or toy that plays an necessary part in their early days, capture it. The household shot is at all times a favorite ; so be sure to get one in every of both mum and dad with the baby. Another traditional photographs to think about are ones with the child `s hand or foot in its mother `s hand to emphasise the difference in size , or pictures of the mother nursing capture the intimacy of the relationship.

By following these newborn photography tips it is possible for you to to improve your photography abilities and find yourself with images worth wanting again on a few years from now.

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