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Ideas to display family photos
Family Photo Display Ideas For Wedding

Family Photo Display Ideas For Wedding Family Photo Display Ideas For Wedding

From the albums: A Quirky Vintage Wedding in Unison, VA and A Casual Wedding in Saint Helena, CA

The bride gifted her sister and matron of honor this charm bracelet featuring photos of her wedding day, her kids, and of course photos of the two sisters together. 

A natural place to display photos of you and your groom? On the same table that holds your ceremony programs.

The bride and her mother-in-law arranged photos in hand-painted yellow and gray frames and set out yellow and white flowers in vintage vases to keep with the wedding’s color scheme.

For her own wedding, crafter Kristin St. Clair thanked guests with a handmade booklet of takeaway images that spelled out her sentiments. Learn how to make your own booklet here. 

Your guests will flip for playing cards depicting you and your partner as tykes. Order from Shutterfly, then leave a deck at each table for an icebreaker that will keep everyone entertained. 

This couple hung photos on clothespins on the wall of the barn they used as their reception space. 

Hanging décor is so in. Why not hang photos of you and your groom’s family on a clothesline?

From the albums: A Modern Formal Wedding in Chino, Southern CA and A Fun Country Wedding in Rockton, IL

Photo displays don’t have to be complicated. This couple displayed black-and-white photos taken throughout their relationship among votive candles, small flower arrangements, and oversize letters from the bride and groom’s first names.

This is one of those why-didn’t-I-think-of-that ideas: hang pictures on an old oak tree by the reception area to create a literal family tree.

Cute, custom cutouts made from this couple’s engagement photos topped their six wedding cakes—each one a different flavor.

Add a little nostalgia to your nuptials with these sentimental DIY photo display ideas.

To honor family members who couldn’t be at the wedding, this couple set out photos of their loved ones, adding flags to each noting who was shown in the picture. A custom pennant with the pair’s names on it (made by Melting Plastic) anchored the display (and now hangs over the newlyweds’ bed).

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From the album: A Creative, Movie-Inspired Wedding in Durham, NC

Using an instant photo printer, this couple had guests take photos throughout the ceremony and reception and then clipped them to twine strung around a tree.

This bride when above and beyond in designing her escort cards. She spent weeks digging up old photos of each guest—ideally with either the bride or the groom in the picture. After scanning, the pictures were digitally altered to look like old Polaroids using Poladroid, which runs any picture through a virtual Polaroid camera and “develops” the image to look like an actual Polaroid photo. Printed onto midweight card stock and labeled with table assignments, they were the same size as actual Polaroid prints. Mini hangers with clips from Etsy were used to display the escort cards along a clothesline that ran across the restaurant. 

Sure, it does the job for multiplying memos, but the humble Xerox machine is also capable of producing standout displays—just check out this gallery wall, which makes pictures from different eras look cohesive (and evocative) by rendering them all in black and white. To create it, scan family pictures in a high resolution, scale them to your preferred size, and bring them to a copy center. For that “misty memories” effect, have them printed in black and white on ultrathin plotter paper—normally used for architectural drawings—so that the quality will be a little grainy. Forgo frames and simply secure the images to a wall with metallic tape.

Prior to the big day, this couple asked their parents for old photos of the couples in each family. At the wedding, the pictures were framed and placed onto a bookshelf. “It was important for us to share where we came from and the love that’s existed in our families for generations,” said the bride. “It was also really touching to watch our guests, including our family members, look through them and enjoy the history and memories they brought.”

For their New Year’s Day wedding, this bride decided to put a twist on the traditional photo display, by going online and finding wedding photos of all of the guests in attendance, then displaying them in plexiglass frames.

Photos of the newlyweds throughout the years decorated the area behind the dessert table to ensure everyone would see them.

A combination of Martha’s Vineyard images and snapshots from the bride and groom’s Instagram feeds were printed via Print Studio and hung with clothespins on twine at the reception venue. Later, they doubled as escort cards.

Given variations in developing techniques, pictures snapped in a number of different eras can be jarring to the eye when grouped together. The remedy?’s downloadable photo editor, which lets you apply a colored filter (we used cyanotype) to old images you’ve scanned onto your computer. Print and hang in spray-painted frames, and you’ve got a carefully curated photo wall guaranteed to turn heads.

In the months before the wedding, the bride gathered photos of all of her and her now-husband’s relatives on their wedding day and created a huge banner to hang near the bar at the reception. A small box on the corner of each image indicated the relation to the couple (such as cousins, parents, etc.) and was color-coded to note if they were on the bride’s side or the groom’s. Below the pictures, the wedding date and year were listed.

For her bridal shower, the bride’s sisters gathered a collection of photos of the bride and groom that were displayed for the day on a rented window frame.

These unique escort cards were printed by Moo (a company that specializes in business cards). Since you can customize them by varying one side of each card and keeping the other constant, this couple opted to use photos taken on a visit to the wedding venue the previous year (some of the same pics were used on their wedding website, too). They were held upright with little wood stands made by slicing into pieces of downed branches, and displayed in a vintage silver-plated platter.

Displaying photos at your wedding is not only a fun way to honor the past while celebrating your future, but it’s also an easy and affordable wedding décor. The best part? More often than not, you can display your favorite family photos all on your own with a handy DIY project.

Photos from past family weddings were displayed during the cocktail hour at this beach wedding.

A photo display of the newlyweds’ parents’ and grandparents’ weddings, and snaps of themselves in their younger years, complete with captions, were hung from twine using binder clips at this beach wedding in the Maldives.

The bride hung family photos in vintage frames she had collected from thrift stores and yard sales on the wall of their reception space.

Your wedding day is the perfect time to break out and showcase the old family photos. Think about it: When you get married, you’re essentially creating a new family. It couldn’t be more appropriate! The best part is that family photos are not only meaningful, they make for great wedding decor too. Use them for sentimental pops during your ceremony or reception to instantly add warmth to any venue. Whether you’re paying tribute to deceased loved ones or showing off your dad’s ridiculous ’70s mustache, get inspired by these wedding photo displays and ideas.

For a mod twist on a classic family photo wall, create a vibrant oversize frame to display black-and-white prints. Use clear tape to arrange images on 
a sheet of colored acrylic (the brighter, the better), then top it with a clear sheet, clamping them together with an aluminum C-channel (cut to the length of your frame). Lean the frame against a wall—no mounting required. 

When displaying wedding photographs, both at the venue and in your home after, think outside the frame. Many companies will print images on stretched canvases (these are from Duggal) rather than photo paper. Mix posed and candid shots in various sizes and arrange on the wall for a modern vignette.

At the end of the day, a photos series tells the story of your relationship and paints your guests a clearer picture of how you met, fell in love, and got engaged. Add to that legacy by displaying photos of your parents’ wedding, or even your grand parents’. The further back you go, the more you and your guests will feel embedded into your family history. To inspire your own display, we’ve rounded up several options that are easy enough to copy or make your own. Whether you want to bring family photographs to the forefront of your fête or showcase a selection of snapshots of you and your soon-to-be spouse, friends, or even pets, these ideas are sure to help make your wedding one for the future scrapbook.

The Details: Pink Fluorescent Acrylic Sheet, 1/4″, 48″ by 96″, $228; and Colorless Acrylic Thin Sheet, 1/8″, 48″ by 96″, $75, Everbilt Aluminum C-Channels, 3/8″ by 1⁄2″ by 96″, $9 each, 

A welcome station reinforced this couple’s train station theme with a ledger-style guest book, a set of clocks showing the time in the three cities they’ve both inhabited (Colombia, Savannah, and Brooklyn—all EST, but a cute touch nonetheless), and family photos on a wire postcard holder. Later at the reception, the couple displayed even more family captures, with sepia and black-and-white filters, on a wire rack. 

There are so many ways to personalize a photo display. Take the rustic route and pin pictures up on a string of twine. Throwing a vintage-inspired affair? Try framing multiple generations of family black-and-white family wedding photos. Or opt for something totally off the beaten path. Wear photos around your neck inside of a precious locket or pocket watch or top your cake with photo cutouts. Wedding photos can work as favors, too. Send guests home with a sweet photo booklet commemorating the big day.

Honor or pay respect to family members by donning their photographs in a vintage locket or pocket watch on the big day. Wear the photos out and proud, as the groom (pictured here) and bride both did at their wedding, or showcase them more subtly, like wrapping the locket around your bouquet. 

This couple used an open dresser to show off family wedding portraits. The frames were found at a local flea market and in the bride’s grandparents’ attic.  

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