Couple Levitation Photography

newborn photography Couple Levitation Photography

newborn photography Couple Levitation Photography

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People say that floating in the air or straightforward levitation is impossible. Everything is possible if you can use Photoshop! Of course, you can jump in the air and stay there until that pesky, old gravity tells you otherwise, but it’s not the way to impress your viewers.

If you try to take a shot of a jumping person, it will probably result in a smeared, blurry photo. Even if it does not, the person’s face would definitely be distorted because I believe it’s impossible to jump as high as you can and keep a nice, happy smile on your face at the same time. So there is a special trick you should know to get a wonderful levitation photo.

I’m sorry if your finger is tired from all that scrolling down, but hopefully this huge showcase gives you a few, fresh ideas for a future photo shoot. Which levitation photos do you like best and why? Share you thoughts, tips and ideas in the comments field below. Stay tuned! More amazing posts are on the way! Also, check out my previous collection of smashing light painting photography.

37. Walk Off The Earth | Promo / Press Band Photo by Shawn Van Daele

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If you think that you need some advanced Photoshop skills or Hollywood magic to achieve this photo effect, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to create a similar image. You should take two shots: a shot of the surroundings and another where you’re standing or lying on the chair. Then combine these two pictures in Photoshop, and remove the chair! Voila!

32. The Weightlessness of an Artist’s Soul by Omalix Martinez

My explanation is concise and short, but there are tons of tutorials and video guides on levitation photography all around the web, so it will be extremely easy to master these skills. Today, I’d like to bring you some inspiration and share 100 truly magical examples of levitation photography that seem to break the laws of physics!

Couple Levitation Photography