Child Photography At Home

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Child Photography At Home

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Credit: Alison BernierChildren are moody little creatures. If they’re sleepy, hungry or hyped up on sugar, the most angelic kids are liable to become nightmare photography subjects. Do your best to control for these factors when planning a shoot. If you know something that consistently brings a smile to your child’s face, be it playing in the yard or eating chocolate ice cream, use it to your advantage.

Credit: Jenna AshmanEverything from a staged tea party to a Yankees baseball theme could be a cute concept for a do-it-yourself photo session. This photographer dressed her twins in matching tutus and scattered heart candies over a white blanket to create a simple, yet undeniably cute, Valentine’s Day photo.

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Credit: Alison BernierIf you’re busy being a parent, it’s hard to make time to photograph everyday life. Don’t forget to document things you’ll want to remember down the road, like nightly bedtime stories, bath time or dolls at the breakfast table. Kids don’t always have to be perfectly dressed or looking at the camera in order for you to take a great picture.

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Credit: Alison BernierBabies and toddlers don’t stay small for long. Be sure to capture those tiny toes and button noses before the cuteness disappears. For super-close detail shots, we recommend shooting while your subject is sleeping (preferably near a window, for the best light).

So if you’re ready to meet the family and start learning, let’s get started.

Credit: Alison Bernier When you need to take pictures inside, try shooting near a large window. The diffused natural light will minimize harsh shadows and create a more flattering image (as long as the sun isn’t shining directly in). Remember to turn off any indoor lights, which can make your subject look yellow. Shooting in a white room or using a white reflector will help bounce light into the shadows and give your lighting a more even appearance.

Credit: Jamie AshmanIt’s hard to convince a toddler to smile when you have a camera blocking your face. Try recruiting a friend to stand behind you and amuse your subjects by making noises or waving toys — or whatever happens to work. In this shot, the photographer’s wife got the kids to smile by jumping around the bathroom.

Credit: Dan EmersonKids are often at their cutest when they don’t realize they’re being photographed. Instead of orchestrating a picture, keep your camera handy and start shooting when the moment is right. It’s worth investing in a good zoom lens, so you can easily capture the action from afar.

Simple Tips to Photograph Children Get outside Use window light Make them look at the camera Use a high shutter speed Use a low f-stop Get help from a friend Capture the moment Anticipate their mood Shoot your everyday life Focus on the details Choose a theme Create a home studio

Credit: Alison BernierOnce kids start walking, it can be hard to slow them down. If you find yourself taking pictures of a child on the move, be sure to use a shutter speed of at least 1/250 to avoid blurry photos. If you’re shooting with a smart phone, download an app that lets you manually adjust your shutter speed.

Credit: Dan EmersonBetween cranky babies and restless toddlers, photographing kids can be a daunting task. Before you —or they— get overwhelmed, try these simple tips that are used by the pros.

Learn techniques for taking intimate, natural portraits of kids in their own homes. Family photographer Lauren Enright shows how to plan, scout, shoot, and edit great candid photos of kids and their parents.

Find out how to find interesting backgrounds inside and outside the home, use natural light and supplement with softboxes, and enhance the final images with Lightroom and Photoshop.

Page 1:Simple Tips to Photograph Children Page 2:Get outside Page 3:Use window light Page 4:Make them look at the camera Page 5:Use a high shutter speed Page 6:Use a low f-stop Page 7:Get help from a friend Page 8:Capture the moment Page 9:Anticipate their mood Page 10:Shoot your everyday life Page 11:Focus on the details Page 12:Choose a theme Page 13:Create a home studio

Credit: Lacey JohnsonYou don’t need tons of professional gear to create a makeshift photography studio in your home. In most cases, arranging a backdrop of sheets near a bright window will do just fine. In this image, the parents orchestrated a “cake smash” photo to celebrate their son’s first birthday.

Credit: Lacey JohnsonShooting portraits of babies and toddlers can be frustrating, because they don’t know to look at the camera. Luckily, there are a few tricks you can use to grab their attention. If you have a camera with a hot shoe (the silver piece where the flash attaches), you can easily attach a colorful Pez dispenser by trimming the base with a pair of scissors. Another option is to tape a squeaky toy to your camera and squeeze it with your free hand. Any tricks you try will lose their power fast, so use them sparingly and only right before clicking the shutter.

Topics include: Meeting clients and subjects Scouting a location Bringing the right gear Photographing infants and preschool-age children Editing portraits in Lightroom and Photoshop

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Credit: Dan EmersonUnless you have access to a beautiful, light-filled room, the easiest place to photograph kids will be outside. Try shooting on an overcast day or when the sun is low in the sky to avoid harsh shadows. If that’s not an option, seek out a shady spot.

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Credit: Dan EmersonWhen shooting portraits, it’s good practice to use a low f-stop and avoid wide-angle lenses. (We recommend a 35mm lens or higher.) This will help blur the background and make your subject pop. If you don’t have a DSLR, you can get a similar effect using Portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus, which uses two lenses to create a blurred background. In this image, the photographer used a 50mm lens and set his f-stop to 1.4.

(light acoustic music) – [Voiceover] I’m Lauren Enright, a professional photographer, and I’m excited to share this course with you on family photography. In this course we’ll photograph a family in their home. We will scout the location, check out lighting and photograph them both interacting inside and outside of their home. We really wanna capture the lifestyle of their family. Once we wrap up our shoot, I’m going to show you my post production workflow, from importing to editing tips to Lightroom and Photoshop, you’ll be ready to share your images with others whether you’re a professional or not.

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