Caring For Twin Newborns

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4 essential tips on how to care for newborn twins
Caring For Twin Newborns

Your chances of having twins or more, possible complications, information about unusual scenarios involving multiples, and more

Our parenting expert on how to successfully get twin siblings to use the potty.

Learn how to master the art of bottle-feeding twin newborns with these tips.

This is the moment Nicole McDonald had dreamed of for 13 long months.

We are excited to bring you an update on Jadon and Anias McDonald!

The twins, who share a heart and liver, were delivered via C-section and are currently listed in critical condition.

You may also be surprised to learn that when you’re pregnant with twins or more, your employer isn’t obligated by law to allow you any more time off than if you were having one baby. Many mothers of multiples, however, find getting back into the swing of things more difficult.

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Finally, swap stories and advice about twins and multiples and being pregnant with multiples with others in the BabyCenter Community

Read the story of a mom whose fragile twins required round-the-clock care, leaving her utterly overwhelmed and desperate –…

Your concern is perfectly understandable. After all, caring for one child is daunting enough for many new parents, and the prospect of having two (or more) at the same time can be a real jolt. Remember that no parents get all the support they need – every new parent could use more time, help, training, money, and emotional backing.

Watch the moment these 2-year-old twins saw each other for the first time after being separated.

On the other hand, with no strict guidelines imposed by law, you may be able to work out your own informal arrangement. “The plus side for those people working for smaller employers is that there may be more room to negotiate,” says Jennifer Kosko, who took 10 weeks’ maternity leave from her job as vice president of meetings and trade shows for an association. She then worked full-time until her twins were 3 years old and now does part-time consulting.

Of course! In terms of supply, feeding two is no harder than feeding one because increased demand increases milk production. But finding a method that works will take practice and patience. The trick is to find a comfortable position that works for you.

Expecting–and registering for–two little bundles of joy? Don’t worry; you don’t need two of everything. Our go-to baby registry list for twins will make shopping for two almost as much fun as eating for two.

The mother of boy-and-girl twins, and author of Twinspiration: Real-Life Advice from Pregnancy through the First Year, answers questions about her twins’ personalities and behaviors.

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Bulk shopping for one baby is a good idea, but for twins it’s a necessity!

7-Week-Old Conjoined Twins Successfully Separated in Louisville Hospital

Find the best gear for your baby. See the 2018 Moms’ Picks winners.

The short answer is as much as you can. But the deciding factors will still come down to what works best for you and your family, your babies’ health, how you feel physically and emotionally, your financial circumstances, and your workplace environment.

If you’re pregnant with twins or more, you have unique nutrition and fitness needs. Find out how to eat well and exercise for a…

Update: Conjoined Twins Are Making Incredible Progress Just 9 Weeks Post-Separation

But for Teresa Edgington of Cincinnati, things weren’t so simple. In the beginning, she tried nursing both twins, but her boy, Christian, didn’t nurse well and required lots of bottles, so Edgington switched her strategy. “It became easier to nurse one and bottle-feed the other,” she says. “Emi is predominantly breastfed, and Christian nurses for comfort.”

Parents of multiples will empathize with your situation like no one else can. Kosko, the part-time consultant, began attending Multiples of America club meetings when she was pregnant. “There are a lot of things that can make your life easier, and it’s worth investigating, even if you’re not a joiner,” she says.

Formerly Conjoined Twins Reunited After 17-hour Surgery to Separate Them

More than one teeny heartbeat on your ultrasound? Welcome to the very excited, very overwhelmed club! Take a big breath, Mama. You. Can. Do. This.

Life with newborn twins can be less chaotic when you use these tried-and-true tips from moms like you.

Twins Conjoined at the Head Successfully Separated After Marathon Surgery

Advice, information, and tips for parents of twins, higher multiples, adopted children, and children with special needs

With twins, these needs double, and more. You’ll require much more support than just your partner can give, so to avoid blaming each other – or yourself – when stress starts to build, plan ahead and line up additional help for after the birth. Find out whether your insurance plan will pay for a home visit from a nurse, or consider hiring a doula to help during the first days or weeks at home. (Doulas are best known as labor and delivery help, but many are willing to work as nurses – even night nurses! – for newborns.)

“My local twins club morning coffee has been fantastic for establishing contact with other mothers of multiples,” says Emma. “I started going when I was pregnant to get a feel for it – a bit scary at first, but it is better than being thrown in the deep end,” she says.

The key to designing a nursery for two babies is to focus on efficiency and storage.

If no club is near you, another option is communicating via email or Facebook group – especially when you have a question in the middle of the night. “It’s fantastic to have contact with other parents of multiples, as some baby advice doesn’t always prove useful when you are coping with more than one,” Emma says. “It’s nice to know that someone out there has been through it all, too.”

How do moms with multiples do it? Follow this family on an outing to see what it’s like to breastfeed twins while chasing a toddler. See all videos

“Make sure you have family or friends on call if you need them,” advises Emma of New Zealand, the mother of identical girls, Charlotte and Alaina. “You have to let people know exactly what you want. Tell them politely to go away if you don’t want them there, but don’t be too proud to ask for help if you need it.”

As for maternity leave, the 1993 Family and Medical Leave Act provides up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave after you give birth. Companies with fewer than 50 employees – the vast majority – are exempt, although they may have their own policies. If you work in a three-person office and you’re indispensable, you may find it tough to take time off.

Case in point: Many mothers of twins find the gawking and comments that people can make insensitive and inappropriate. “With multiples, you feel you’re on display, and it’s nice to come home to this group and not feel that way,” says Kosko. “Here, when you’ve got one baby on one knee and you’re burping the other, nobody bats an eye.”

The TwinGo baby carrier’s waist buckle may fail and cause babies to fall. Here’s what you need to know about this recall.

Giving two babies a bath can be quite a challenge, but these tips can make bathing twins easier.

What should we do if one of our twins cries while the other is sleeping?

Attention, Moms of Multiples! TwinGo Carriers Are Being Recalled

Dad gets his turn to shine in this new video that shows what it’s like getting three babies and a toddler ready for bed at the same time.

If you are (or are about to be!) a parent of twins, find out what baby gear you need to make your life a little easier–and what you need to double up on.

You’ve seen the headlines. Now hear what the family has to say about their miracle twins.

Find out why certified pediatric nurse practitioner Dr. Maureen Keefe says not to worry about it.

Photos Capture Precious Time Family Had With Twin Who Passed Away Just Days After Birth

How can I make caring for twins easier? Can I still breastfeed with twins? How long a maternity leave should I plan on taking? How can I find other parents of multiples to talk to?

Life with newborn twins can be overwhelming, but these tips will help you bond with each of your babies.

After an eight-hour surgery involving 45 medical professionals, these baby girls have a good shot at survival.

While planning is key, experienced moms of twins and multiples know to be prepared for the unexpected. Here are a few traveling…

Emma says she coped by relaxing her standards. “You have to come to terms with the fact that there are not enough hours in the day to keep the house spanking clean,” she says. “And if you just concentrate on the babies for at least the first three months, you will be a lot less stressed about everything.” She was lucky enough to have a mother who dropped in every day for weeks and did the dishes – then disappeared. “That type of help you really need.”

Welcome to the world of caring for twins. It’s awesome and exhausting at the same time.Here you’ll learn how to feed, bathe, synch your twins’ schedule, and much more.

Mom of Separated Conjoined Twins Finally Holds One for the First Time

If you feel you need more time off, consider discussing the matter with your company’s human resources department, or talk to your boss about taking an extended leave or making part-time or work-from-home arrangements. If you can afford it, you may also decide to take a break from your career. Remember, whatever you decide will work for you is the right answer to this question.

If you’re blessed with twins, establishing a routine will help you meet both babies’ needs.

Mothers in her group share tips on how to deal with well-meaning relatives and friends, shop for the right baby products and equipment, save money, and stay sane while juggling two or more infants – information you’re not going to get from ordinary parenting classes.

Why dwell on the negatives of a twin pregnancy when you can enjoy the many positives of this wonderful time?

Geri Martin Wilson of Palo Alto, California, breastfed her twins until they were 2 years old. She used a twin nursing pillow with each twin’s head cradled in a hand. If you can make it work, simultaneous nursing saves time and has other benefits as well. “Nursing at the same time helped put them on the same nap schedule,” says Martin Wilson. “If one woke up at night, 95 percent of the time we woke the other up and I nursed him or her, too.”

These are the images one family will cherish forever of their beautiful baby boy with his twin sister.

Believe it or not, having twins doesn’t mean you’ll never sleep again! These tips, including how to establish a schedule and create bedtime routines, can ensure a good night of shut-eye for everyone.

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