Arms reach co sleeper twin cot is a nice alternative to a bassinet or pack n play when you have a set of twins plenty of room for them to sleep together
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Best Bed For Newborn Twins

Best Bed For Newborn Twins Best Bed For Newborn Twins

“If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands?” ~ Milton Berle

1. Twin Cradles: one of the best solutions, especially for newborn twins, is the twin cradle. The twin cradle is pretty similar to a regular cradle but it has a dividing wall. This option, however, is suitable for babies under six months old.

However, it would also be fair to say that this Baby Trend product has the better features. Let’s start with the bassinets themselves.

Material: the crib is made of solid pine wood and comes in 6 brilliant finishes. All products are varnished in child-safe paints.

Compatible crib dividers are abundant on the market but that’s not the only convenient thing about this product. The mini crib is designed to fit in small rooms and measures 56.8x29x41 inches when assembled. It’s slightly larger than the unit above, but it incorporates a convenient changing table with drawers.

Design: ergonomically designed, Aden Convertible is structurally sound and stable. A smaller-than-average frame makes it a good fit in tiny spaces.

The product consists of a spacious playard which includes a full removable bassinet and two removable bassinets, a flip away changing table, plus a large parent organizer. Sure, this twin nursery center won’t accommodate your babies from birth to youth, but it’s an excellent solution to consider in the first months.

Extra storageAbility to grow with your childComes with a bed railSleek minimalist design4 adjustable mattress positions

Another thing we like is the extra-large storage basket under the bassinet. The basket can hold loads of toys and other baby essentials, allowing you to keep all important things at hand.

Dream On Me Karley Bassinet is not designed specifically for twins but is large enough to accommodate your babies for the first months. With a weight capacity of 25lbs, the unit will be of use for a short time, but you can always invest in a second bassinet when the twins exceed the threshold.

I couldn’t sleep with them in a different room so before bed the night they came home my so got the pack n play from the living room and put it in the bedroom. It made me sleep better. At 8 weeks old they were back in their room sharing a crib.

I, like PP, couldn’t sleep without them in our room in the beginning. We had a co-sleeper at the bassinet height until they were 4 months, but I didn’t attach it to our bed I had it about 1 ft away. I liked that the side could go down and I could easily see into the bassinet. At 4 months we moved them into their cribs and set them up longways side by side so they can easily see one another.

Can keep your baby just 12″ awayRemovable & washable linerCan move it between roomsConverts into a Pack ‘n Play

Weight capacity: suitable for newborns, this unit has a total weight capacity of 30lbs. A sturdier solution is required after the first months.

On a positive note, the unit comes with a mattress and the mattress deck is made of heavy-duty steel rather than plywood. Moreover, the non-toxic finish adds convenience to the unit.

Mum to spontaneous identical twin girls born 08/26/2011 @ 37w 6d; Twin A 6lb 7oz, Twin B 6lb, 6oz.

Fitted divider: the zippered divider comes with a fitted sheet that stretches perfectly over the product’s mattress.

Built-in leg extensions: the legs have adjustable heights between 24 and 30 inches, with 2-inch increments. 

One thing you need to look out for is the drawer. When your child gets a bit older they will love climbing in and out of it. Unfortunately, the drawer is just not durable enough for that.

Convenience pack: this nursery center is easy to define as a convenience pack. It comes with a playard, two newborn bassinets and a full-size bassinet, a parent organizer, a tote diaper bag and a flip away changing table.

One criticism the “Plack ‘n Play” often gets is that it’s not actually sturdy enough to hold two babies. Parents report that it bows in the middle after extended use. A well-made alternative is the Joovy Room2. With 10 square feet of room, it’ll hold two babies quite comfortably, and is quite a bit bigger than the Pack n Play.

Overall, the feedback for Graco’s Twin Bassinet has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s generally regarded as “The Best Twin Bassinet On the Market”. It’s not without its critics, though.

360° view: all mesh side panels ensure a great visibility. You’ll be able to check on the babies without lowering the walls.

Choice: the unit comes with or without a mattress. While the included mattress is not the best, it’s nice to know there is this option.

That said, our favorite solution is the Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center. This unit comes with two comfortable bassinets to use during the first months. When the babies outgrow the bassinet stage, you can simply invest in a good mattress and reliable twin divider to use the oversized playground as a crib.

Compactness: easy to tuck under most beds, the unit takes up a little space in the room and is ideal to install next to the master bed.

Model. If possible, we recommend investing in a specific twin bassinet. But since there are really little options, these products are expensive and sometimes not worth it. So, if you decide to invest in a standard bassinet, check its size and weight capacity.

Make sure the combined weight of your twins will not exceed the threshold or the sleeping solution might turn unsafe.

The second thing you need to be aware off is having to nurse every 2 hours or so. Many mothers like to take a nap in the nursery. This saves having to go backward and forward and potentially waking your slumbering partner.

Tested for safety and toxic hazards, the unit also meets or exceeds all governmental, CPSC and ASTM safety standards. The unit is free of BPA, phthalates, latex, and lead.

This could be a cost-effective solution at the beginning, and you can always buy a second crib when the combined weight of the babies exceeds the threshold.

This option comes with pros and cons. On one hand, a traditional bassinet takes up a little space and it fits easily in most interiors. On the other hand, twins will outgrow the bassinet fast, sometimes in less than two months.

Convertibility: when the time is right, this unit converts into a twin-size bed that will provide a cozy sleeping space to your kids. 

They might not be the most economical option, but neither is the solution of buying two cribs. To help you decide if you want to buy a crib for twins or two separate cribs, we made a list of the most common models of cribs for two.

Mini cribs have a lot of advantages for parents of multiples. They’re cheaper, save space and are lighter to move between rooms. The good ones will also convert to twin beds, too.

You also get a free changing table, an organizer for nappies and wipes and two sound machines.

Romp & Roost Oversized Play Yard with Removable Divider boasts a versatile dual-purpose design providing an oversized play or divided sleeping space for twins or infant and toddler. The removable patented divider separates the area without compromising safety.

This option works well provided you have space in your room. It’s also great for nursing and if you’ve had a c-section. Of course, your partner needs to be onboard and it won’t suit some couples. For twin bassinets, the Graco Pack and Play is a very popular choice. You can read our review here. We’ve found that some parents preferred the Joovy Room2 as it’s sturdier.

In conclusion, this Dream On Me crib is very reasonably priced and it will grow with your little one through toddlerhood.

Easy to move: this system has two built-in wheels and it is extremely easy to fold. These two features make it easy to move around the house.

Dream On Me Violet 7 in 1 is another traditional crib that offers a versatile twin sleeping space in the first months. This unit converts into a daybed, toddler bed, and full-size bed with the right accessories which are sold separately.

Another option some parents prefer is putting one either side of the bed. Of course, this will all depend on how much space you have, whether the little ones like it and how willing your partner is to move around during the night.

Need to buy special mattress for the sizeDoes not come with side rails

Easy to assemble and fold, the playard is ideal to take with you during travels. Mesh side walls allow you to keep the twins under control and ensure sufficient ventilation.

Warranty: the product is backed up by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and comes with a GreenGuard Gold Certificate.

Choice: Gelato baby crib comes in two finishes. The natural finish blends in a Scandinavian décor while the white finish works wonders in all contexts.

Choice: the unit is available in seven styles and finishes. While white is our favorite, the other options are equally beautiful and gender-neutral.

Another thing we like is the 4-position mattress support system that keeps the baby at a safe height and provides an ergonomic reach for the parents.

Easy to clean: the product needs little maintenance and occasional vacuuming is enough if babies don’t suffer from asthma or allergies.

DaVinci Emily offers a versatile and budget-friendly solution for twin parents. The unit accommodates two newborn twins but doesn’t expect the unit to grow with the babies. This tiny crib offers a double sleeping solution for only a few months.

Convertibility. A mini crib can grow with your babies and transform into a toddler and even full-size twin bed. Investing in a convertible product might be more expensive at first, but it will save you loads in the long run.

A divider is essential, as it minimizes SIDS risks. But in this case too, your choices are limited. There are only a few models on the market but fortunately, you have alternatives too. But before looking into the models, here are a few things to consider.

Crib specs. Double cribs can usually withstand low weight loads. In most cases, their weight capacity is lower than 65lbs combined, and this means an alternative solution could be a better choice in the long run.

Sleeper also keeps lightweight sheets and blankets firmly in the crib, ensuring a safe use of bedding from an early age.

We used the bassinet part of our Pack n Play next to our bed for 4 weeks, then transitioned to a single crib in their room (with a video monitor- they are fab!), then finally to 2 cribs in their room at about 3.

5 months when they started climbing all over each other 🙂

Having one kid is hard. Having two it’s exhausting. That’s why Baby Trend thought about convenience and designed this amazing Twin Nursery Center. Coming with two removable bassinets that convert to stand-alone rockers, this unit bursts functionality.

Versatility: undoubtedly, this is one of the most versatile cribs on the market. It grows with the kids and converts into functional furniture.

Rock-a-bye bassinets: the unit comes with two rock-a-bye bassinets which convert to stand-alone rockers. Each bassinet comes with two hanging toys and independent music controls.

Childcraft London is a great, albeit expensive, convertible mini crib ideal for your twins in the first stage of their lives. Made of solid wood, the unit converts into a twin bed when the time is right. However, due to the tiny dimensions, you’ll probably have to invest in two full-size cribs sooner or later.

While a shared sleeping solution can work at first, as soon as the babies start to move and turn in the crib, you should either move them to separate cribs or invest in a twin crib divider. The latter mounts in the middle of the crib to prevent the babies from rolling one over the other.

4. Convertible Cribs: these are probably the most cost-effective solutions. These cribs typically transform into toddler beds, but there are many models that can transform into multiple pieces of furniture once the babies are grown.

Let’s be honest. If you’ve decided to take the twin bassinet option, the product that many parents of multiples prefer is the Graco Pack and Play (reviewed below).

Graco is a manufacturer renowned for its innovative spirit, and this product fully complies with the philosophy of the brand. Provided with an innovative squeeze latch system, the playard is easy to fold when not in use. A convenient carry bag also ensures fuss-free travels.

Another advantage of the Grace Twin Bassinet is its height. After carrying twins (and perhaps a c-section) the last thing you need is lifting not one but two babies from close to the floor. A lot of crib designs don’t take our poor backs into account!

We also like the low profile design and the two adjustable mattress positions. Although less versatile than other cribs out there, DaVinci’s Emily comes with a 1-inch waterproof pad that adds further cushioning on the mattress. However, the mattress is not included in the purchase.

A small bed (such as a futon) is a great way to solve this particular problem. Some mothers also use a nursery recliner, which can be used for both nursing and napping.

Model. Since there are only a few crib dividers available on the market, any substitute should be fit to purpose. Your best bet is investing in twin bed rails that you can either cut to dimension or buy in a size that fits the crib.

At this stage, the unit converts into a sturdy playard ideal for toddlers shorter than 35 inches. The removable bassinets are perfect for napping and ideal to use in indoor or outdoor spaces.

The structure is fixed with hinged bolts, in which little fingers can easily get pinched.

Style. Between bunk bed and side-by-side cribs, we prefer the latter. A side-by-side solution offers a similar sleeping experience and easy access to both occupants. In a tiered configuration, the lower crib could be hard to access, and that’s a drawback if a baby sleeps in the upper crib.

However, tiered cribs are space-saving and ideal for small nurseries.

Mesh walls: all side panels are made of mesh net and ensure proper ventilation. This helps babies regulate their temperature.

JOOVY Room2 Twin Nursery Center provides another versatile double solution for your newborn twins. Accommodating babies up to 15lbs each, the nursery center boasts a sturdy design, it comes with a removable center divider and is compatible with JOOVY Room2 playard.

Like most Dream On Me products, Violet doesn’t come with a bed frame or mattress. However, the standard dimension makes it easy to find products that fit. The unit measures 58x29x39 inches and has a weight capacity of 50lbs.

Color option: the crib is available in white or espresso shade. Both hues are gender neutral and adapt well to all environments.

The Babyletto Mercer also converts to a toddler bed with a bed rail. You may still want to transition into a twin bed still later on. It has 4 adjustable positions for the mattress making it easier and safer for you to have access to your baby.

We did a crib right away. They were in the same one for the first couple of months.

Last but not least, another mini crib for twins to consider is DaVinci’s Annabelle 2-in-1. Impressing with a beautiful design, the unit accommodates two newborn twins and fits in most spaces. With two adjustable mattress positions, the unit is ergonomic and comfortable to use.

Comfort: the twin bassinets provide enough space for each twin and two separate canopies ensure shade and privacy to the sleeping infants. A light shield on the playard’s upper edge adds further comfort.

When babies no longer fit comfortably in the crib, two Emily cribs will save up space in the nursery while addressing the needs of your growing bundles of joy. The crib converts to a twin size bed when the time is right, and the unit comes in several color options.

The unit doesn’t come with a mattress. This could be inconvenient because the crib has non-standard dimensions.

Three height settings: designed to accommodate the needs of growing babies, the unit comes with a 3-position adjustable mattress support frame. 

2-in-1: this unit has a dual purpose and acts as an oversized twin playard or divided double crib.

This cosleeper is great if you like the idea of having your twins close enough so you can hear them breathe and move. This means you can feed them when you first notice the cues and there’s less chance of waking your partner.

A thing we like is the double canopy that closes completely, keeping the youngsters protected from bugs. Airy mesh provides sufficient ventilation at all times, while with a suitable bassinet divider the product can be used even when the babies start to move.

Canopy: the adjustable full canopy boasts a zipper closure and provides full protection against bugs.

When used as a bumper, the product is easy to fix in place under fitted sheets, and this solution could work in the crib too. However, since this isn’t a product fit for its purpose, it could turn unsafe.

Need to purchase extra mattressBabyletto Mercer 3-in-1 Convertible Crib ReviewA Great Crib with Extra Storage

Our Boy/Girl twins are 4 weeks old and we have had them sleep every night in their Fisher Price Rock and Play Sleepers. Best new baby item EVER! They position them at a 45 degree angle, great for acid reflux. One twin goes by my husband, one by me. We switch them out at the breast all night long and then back into their sleepers. Love these things!

Size: the standard crib size makes it easy to find a suitable baby mattress. You’ll also be able to choose the right mattress for your growing twins. 

The unit delivers comfort to both mom and babies, providing the benefits of bed sharing without the associated risks. The baby sleep area measures approximately 35×35 inches and the bassinet rotates to 360° for easy access.

Available in dark wood, white, and slate, this mini crib is perfect for condos and apartments, for the grandma’s house or to install in your vacation house.

When it comes to styles, you’ll be able to choose between side-by-side or bulk bed cribs. The latter option offers a better floor space management in a small nursery, but the baby sleeping in the lower crib could not like this style.

For co-sleeping, the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper is the go-to choice for parents of multiples. There are two issues to be made aware of.

I couldn’t start them in the crib in their bedroom because I had to watch them breathe at night… Being a first time mom and all… But they slept 12 hrs thru the night at 10 weeks and are still doing it at 4 yrs old- so I guess it didn’t hurt them 🙂

Side lower walls are also designed for a comfortable reach. The walls are easy to lock in position when desired or allow an easy tending of the babies.

I put mine in cribs right away.  It was nice not having to deal with the whole transition later I slept really well too.  Well between feedings. =)  DH loved it because then he could sleep and if I needed him I would just holler in the monitor.  Originally I was going to put them in bassinets in our room but they take up a ton of stinking space so we ditched that the first night. Everyone has different thoughts and ideas about what’s best.  You just have to figure out what works for you and your family.

Boasting a natural wood finish, the product is free of hazardous materials and is GreenGuard certified. The maple wood construction is sturdy and resistant, and newborns can even share the bottom crib in their first months.

Lovely design: Graco Pack ‘n Play Playard with Twins Bassinet boasts a contemporary design, being probably one of the most stylish solutions for twins available on the market.

Safe for the babies, the product is made of solid wood and it comes varnished in a phthalate, BPA, latex, and lead-free paint. Available in 6 brilliant finishes and boasting a sleek design, this convertible crib blends well in any nursery décor.

Versatility. Some mini cribs come with integrated changing tables or chest of drawers. These models are a perfect fit in a master bedroom and save space in the nursery.

Ideal for families expecting twins, HALO Double Bassinet is one of the few twin-specific bassinets on the market. The unit provides an exceptional stability, it fits well in all sleeping areas and is perfect for babies up to five months old.

Portability: easy to transport or move from one room to another, the unit comes with large wheels and with a carrying bag. 

This isn’t a crib divider. If not fitted well, it can jeopardize the safety of your twins.

Yet, this is still an excellent solution to consider to welcome home your bundles of joy. Check out what things to consider before buying.

Another thing we like is the included waterproof pad that provides additional cushioning when placed over the mattress. A fitted mattress is also available separately, although its quality is not exceptional.

Some parents might prefer bassinets before moving twins to their own cribs.

A mattress is included, but it’s flimsy and not solid. You will need to purchase a custom mattress to make sure it fits correctly in the Mini Crib. You can also check out our page on crib mattresses for more ideas

A double crib for twins offers a practical alternative to two separate cribs. Available in numerous configurations, these cribs usually take up less space than the separate sleeping options, and in many cases, they are even a more economical alternative.

Convertibility: Aden Convertible turns from a mini crib to a twin-size bed or daybed. Accessories are sold separately.

We did cribs right away. Won’t have the fight later on of them transitioning. Which I know a lot of babies struggle with. I bf too. It wasn’t that hard to get up and walk to the next room and feed them in the rocker. We have a good monitor that I can hear them really well.

There are also parents who choose to skip the crib and buy a twin bassinet. If you decided to use the bassinet, you should know that this solution can work well in the first months after birth, but the babies will eventually outgrow the bassinet stage, and sooner or later you will still have to face the question of how many cribs are needed for twins.

Lifetime warranty: the product is easy to assemble, it comes with a lifetime warranty and it measures 46x27x58 inches.

Only converts to a day bedDrawer is lightweightDaVinci Emily Mini 2-in-1 Convertible Crib ReviewA Durable, Long-lasting Convertible Crib

Portable bottom crib: the bottom crib comes with wheels and is easy to move around the house. Newborns can share it in the first months.

Mesh walls: this playard has an airy mesh on all sides, a feature you will appreciate once the babies outgrow the bassinet stage. 

When the babies are too big to share a crib anymore, two mini cribs might fit better in the nursery too. And most models even convert to a toddler or full-size bed, providing years of convenient use. But for this, the unit has to be of a high quality. Here’s what you should consider.

Babyletto Gelato 2-in-1 Mini Crib is one of the most popular mini cribs on the market – and we were really impressed by its specs. The unit is made from sustainable New Zealand pine wood and boasts a sleek natural design that blends wonderfully in a small nursery or bedroom .

Designed in a trendy European style, London crib features smooth lines and soft arched details. Complying with all safety standards, the unit is great for the babies and fits well in tiny spaces. Overall, the crib measures 28.5×41.4×34.6 inches.

Not twin specific but roomy enough to fit two, Arm’s Reach Concepts Clear-Vue is another great bassinet to consider for the first stage of your twins. The unit measures 34x20x31 inches and is designed to fit all co-sleeping needs.

Versatility: this nursery center bassinet is ideal for twins and comes with a removable changing table. Playard is sold separately.

The crib also converts into a daybed or twin size bed with or without a footboard. All tools needed for assembly come with the initial crib kit, but twin size rail and conversion accessories are sold separately.

Easy to use: the bumper simply fits under a fitted sheet that should keep it in place.

Now that you know what crib options are out there for your twins, you should focus on the safety features of the crib. Regardless which option you choose, follow this guide to make sure you choose the safest model.

Soothing center: the unit comes with two-level nightlights, two levels of vibration, three lullabies and three soothing sounds.

What you do need to worry about is getting good movement sensors and dual video monitors if the cribs can’t fit in your room. And for most families they can’t!

A mattress is not included and finding one that fits isn’t easy.

Another drawback of the Davinci Emily is that though it is sturdy and will last a long time, it does scratch easily. This is important to keep in mind before those teething stages begin.

Space is likely to be at a premium now you have twins. With mini cribs, you can usually fit both of them top-to-tail against a single wall. If this is not possible you can dovetail your babies so they’re still in close proximity to each other. In any event, you’ll have an easier time fitting them into a room as opposed to two standard cribs. An advantage many parents overlook is that mini-cribs are lighter and narrower. This means that you can move them from room to room easier. They’ll fit through doorways and some even have wheels.

It also scratches easily so make sure that you get those rail protectors on as soon as possible before your little ones start teething.

Another thing we like is the large storage basket under the bassinet. Ideal for toys, diapers and baby essentials.

Like many bassinets, the downside if the limited use you’ll get out of it. The weight limit is 30lbs – combined. This means that when your twins hit 15lbs it’ll be time to move them. This is usually around 4 – 6 months.

How do you choose the best crib for twins? Do you even need a twin crib to begin with? To help, we’ll discuss some options you have for newborn twins and beyond.

The Graco Pack ‘n Play is America’s best-selling Playard, and their twin bassinet has been a bit hit with parents of multiples.

by Sandy · Published February 25, 2017 · Updated February 25, 2018

The main downside of this solution is stability. The product has a flat base and a round top, but rolling babies can easily push it over the other twin. For this reason, it’s essential to find a way to fix it across the crib.

Material: this beautiful crib is made of solid wood and is made to last throughout the years.

The bassinet is spacious enough to accommodate two occupants and it comes with a convenient changing table that holds up to 25lbs. Removable and water resistant, the changing table flips over when not in use.

Safababy Sleeper is a great crib divider that promotes feet-to-feet sleeping. With an expandable design, the unit fits cribs and playards with a width up to 75 cm, or about 29 inches. This size comprises most standard bassinets and cribs.

Side-by-side versions are usually designed to accommodate infants up to 9 months old. However, transitioning to toddler beds is required as soon as the babies outgrow the recommended weight or height. Here are some features to consider when choosing a double crib.

This crib can also convert to a twin bed but you must purchase the conversion equipment separately. While you can install bed rails to the twin bed, those too must be purchased separately.

Here are some of the best mini cribs with links to our reviews.

Side-by-side sleeperConverts to a playardSmall and space savingEasy to lift twins in and outGreat Price

Cribs are probably on the top of the most expensive things you will have to buy for your babies. For this reason, many parents consider that twins can share a single crib, at least in their first months of life.

First, your twins might not take to well to being cooped up in super-close proximity. The second is (like bassinets) you can’t use a co-sleeper for that long. It won’t be that long until your babies outgrow it, though some parents have reported their twins fitted until 6 months so it seems to be a “per case” basis.

Semicircle design: designed to keep babies inside the bed, the semicircle design also helps to keep twins on their side of the crib. 

Mattress support: made of heavy-duty steel, the mattress support adjusts to two different heights. 

The second option seems to be the most popular for many mothers. For the first 6 months or so, a bassinet or co-sleeper is used and then the twins are moved. This could be directly into their own cribs or into a single crib first, and then their own.

We have our twins in the fisherprice rock and play sleeper also. Theyre so easy and portable and don’t take up too much space in our room. The girls sleep really well in them too!

Another thing we like is the gender-neutral style of this product. Grey side panels match beautifully with the chevron pattern on the upper side of the playard in a stylish finish.

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Mybecca Bed Rail Bumper is, as its name suggests, a bed rail bumper. But it can double as a crib divider provided you’re skilled enough to make this stay still in the crib. Measuring 9×4.5×18 inches, the bumper can fit in mini cribs and bassinets.

Size: the unit is compact enough to fit in tiny spaces. The overall measures are 42.1x27x38 inches.

Measuring only 56.75x29x41 inches, this mini crib converts into a daybed or twin size bed with or without a footboard. The changing table also converts into a standalone unit. All conversion kits are sold separately.

Safety. The best twin crib dividers are made of fabric or mesh. A sturdy base ensures stability and buckles or straps allow you to fix the unit to the crib’s walls. Avoid all dividers that come with loose straps or attachments that could be detached by the babies.

Style: the European style of the London crib boasts sleek clean lines and soft arched details. The unit comes in three colors.

Another advantage to the Room2 is there is not a weight limit for using it. Joovy say you can keep on using it until your children are 35″ tall – just under 3 feet tall. So you’ll be able to use it for longer than the Pack ‘n Play as well.

Soft: foam material is soft but firm, eliminating the risk of injuries. The product is also lightweight and easy to carry.

The Aden also converts from a crib to a day bed and then to a twin bed. While this model is great at growing with your little one, you will need to get a side rail for it. Especially if your baby is a big mover when sleeping, so you can ensure that they won’t fall out. This will have to be purchased separately and DIY install.

Finding a crib designed specifically for twins can be difficult, but Graco knows how to address this issue in a versatile way. The Pack ‘n Play Playard with Twins Bassinet accommodates two babies in a convenient solution until they reach 15lbs.

A few parents report that it sags in the middle, which is concerning. Other say it doesn’t! Other negative comments include the colors are drab and the crib sheet is hard to take off.

This mini crib is made of 100% sustainable New Zealand pine wood. It’s CARB II compliant and it meets all ASTM and CPSC safety standards. Standing for the quality of its products, the manufacturer even backs this unit up with a 1-year limited warranty.

Safety: the unit has been tested for safety and toxic hazards. It meets or exceeds all federal safety standards and is free of harmful chemicals.

What works for some parents may not for others.  Only you will know what’s best for your babies. Some questions to ask yourself are:

This sleek, minimalist designed crib will fit with any nursery room style. The great thing about this crib is that it has drawers underneath that you can use for extra storage.

The bassinets are also “officially” good for up to 4-months, or 15lbs (whatever comes first). A lot of parents will transition them directly into a crib after a couple of months, or use the playard.

You do need to know that there isn’t a mattress or bassinet sheet with the Nursery Center. There is a padded and firm mat instead.

We also like that both cribs come with mattresses. These three-inches thick vinyl covered foam mattresses are comfortable for the youngsters and water repellent.

The obvious advantage with the twin bassinet is it saves a lot of space. This means you can have your little ones close to you in your bedroom.

Ideal to use for about two months with two babies or five months with a single occupant, the bassinet is sturdy and durable. Deep enough to ensure a safe sleeping area, the unit also boasts mesh side panels that allow a proper ventilation.

This is great if you are looking to save some space. You can quickly grab the things you need immediately such as burp cloths or change of onesies. With twins, this is really helpful.

Design: sleek design blends well in all interiors, complementing either a traditional or a modern style nursery.

We like the versatile tiered construction. The upper crib is fixed in position and has a folding front rail design that ensures easy access to the baby. The bottom crib is fixed on wheels and is easy to move from room to room if necessary.

The dimensions are great for two newborns. Overall, this bassinet measures 35.5×18.3×47 inches. The sleeping area is comfortable and the product comes with a 1-inch thick mattress pad that complies with all ASTM and CPSC standards.

Choosing the best crib for twins is tricky, mostly because many products are not specific. Although there are many alternatives to using, and even if experts say it’s safe to let twins share a standard crib, we feel that separate sleeping solutions just keep both babies safer.

Surprisingly, Dream On Me 4 in 1 Aden Convertible Mini Crib is considered by many parents the best crib for twins despite being a traditional baby crib. A compact design makes this product fit in small nurseries or master bedrooms, and the unit converts from a crib to a toddler twin bed or daybed.

That being said, let’s see what choices you actually have when it comes to choosing a crib for twins. We reviewed five popular cribs and decided which is the best crib for twins available on the market. Here is our top five.

When you’re expecting twins, all the organization doubles, and you will find yourself standing in a maze of questions about what to buy, how to organize the nursery and how to reduce the double costs.

The Davinci Emily crib is great for twins as it saves space as well as grows with your child. It is promoted as being long lasting and claims to be sturdy enough to use well into your child’s teenage years. So you are definitely getting your money’s worth. It has 4 mattress adjustment levels and comes with a waterproof pad – very useful for those fun potty training years.

Looking after newborn twins is more exhausting than you could imagine. That’s why most twin parents prefer to keep the newborns close in the first months. When space is an issue, a mini crib could accommodate your babies while fitting in your space.

For this reasons, the best solution is to buy separate cribs for your babies. However, if you don’t have enough space for two cribs, or if you just like the idea of having only one crib, know that on the market, there are available a few cribs designed especially for twins.

When you’re expecting a baby, after the first moments of ecstasy, arrives a moment when you start to think about more material stuff, such as the items you need to buy for your future baby.

The mattress support boasts three position adjustments that provide an ergonomic management of the baby weight. At the same time, adjustable mattress height allows you to keep the babies safe as they grow.

Coming in two finishes, the unit integrates seamlessly in all interior designs.

GreenGurad certified: manufactured in the USA from maple wood, the product is baby and environmentally friendly. 

It is also recommended that you purchase teething crib rail covers as soon as possible.  This will help prevent your little one from making big teeth indents into the wood.

In our opinion, the best solution is to invest in twin bassinets then invest in a separate mini crib for each twin, or in a product designed specifically for twin use.

Choice: the unit is available in multiple colors and styles which are either gender-specific or gender-neutral. 

With the Baby Trend, you get two “Rock-a-bye” bassinets with handles. That allows you to lift them out of the playard and take them with you around the house.

Dream on Me 3 in 1 Aden Convertible Mini Crib is another great crib space-saver. It only takes up 2’ x 3’ of floor space which makes it pretty easy to fit two cribs together if your space is small.With a solid pine finish making, it’ll look sleek and beautiful in any room.

Changing table: a flip away changing table adds versatility in the first months, while the deluxe parent organizer can hold a plentiful of diapers and baby lotions.

Locking mechanism: the playard is easy to install while the one-hand locking mechanism keeps it secure during use. 

Removable divider: if your twins have outgrown the bassinet stage and you’re pregnant with their sibling, just remove the divider to accommodate one baby. 

The bassinet’s height is also ideal. Adjustable from 24 to 34 inches high, the unit adapts to the height of your bed. Easy to overlap with your sleeping area, this product maximizes closeness and convenience minimizing the space required between bed and wall to only 32 inches.

If you’re short on space with twins, the Baby Trend Nursery Center is ideal.

Both bassinets and changing table have a weight capacity up to 15lbs or can accommodate kids up to 25 inches tall, whichever comes first. The playard is safe to use from birth until the babies reach 30lbs each, or until they can climb out.

I’m 31 weeks, expecting B/G twins and trying to decide what is best for them to sleep in? Co-sleeper, crib(s), bassinet(s)? What did your newborn twins sleep in? What would you recommend?

Don’t let questions and doubts torment you! It’s hard to figure out everything on your own and that’s why we’ve put together this awesome guide. We’ve searched the market and found the best rated and most popular cribs for twins out there.

Each bassinet has a weight capacity of 15lbs, and both come with hanging toys and independent entertainment options. The bassinets turn into stand-alone rockers and a flip away changing table and parent organizer add versatility.

Easy to use and budget-friendly, this twin divider works perfectly with most of the cribs we mentioned above, making a perfect combo with your preferred sleeping solution.

With a one-hand locking mechanism and large wheels with sturdy brakes, the playard is easy to move from room to room. Bassinets convert into stand-alone rockers, and each of them comes with two toys. With independent electronic music centers, nightlight and vibrations, these twin bassinets will surely comfort your newborns in the first four months.

Safety is always a big issue with baby products and the Joovy Room2 is very sturdy (so pets won’t be able to knock it over) and there’s great visibility with no blind spots.

What we don’t like is that the unit comes without the playard. This means you’ll have to purchase another item separately, which just adds up to the costs.

Whether you’re looking for a double crib for twins, a twin bassinet, a crib divider or a compact solution for a small nursery, we’ve got you covered! And we’ve even put up a top 5 of the best-rated products.

Although mini, the crib is a pain to put together and it’s more of a two men’s job.

Sturdiness: a sturdy 4-point base is perfectly balanced to provide maximum stability. The unit is ideal for babies up to 20lbs each. 

This advantageous design gives new parents peace of mind. The changing table comes with a changing pad and restraining strap with quick release buckle that keeps the baby safe. A conversion kit to detach the table from the crib is sold separately.

If fixed properly, the bumper is lightweight and child-friendly. The innovative design minimizes the risk of entrapment. The semicircle design keeps each twin on his side of the crib and the bumper is even easy to take with you on your travels.

Padding: the unit comes with a 1-inch thick mattress pad that increases comfort and complies with all safety standards.

The removable center provides separate napping areas and the bassinet is safe to use until the babies are strong enough to lift themselves up. We also like that the surface is removable and machine washable.

Mobility: fixed on wheels, the product is easy to move around the house. It’s hard to transport though.

Mini crib takes up less floor space4 mattress adjustment levelsIncludes waterproof padConverts to twin bedCan install rails

Size: due to a compact dimension, the crib is easy to fit in a small nursery. Still, the unit is spacious enough to fit two newborn twins. 

Convertibility: turning from a mini crib to a twin size bed when the time’s right, the unit is sturdy and resistant. The conversion kit is sold separately.

While many parents choose to buy a single crib for their twins, this might not be the best solution according to specialists.

We had ours in the bassinet in the pack n play for the first couple months. It was nice cause we had them at the foot of our bed do we didn’t have even have to get out of bed for middle of the night nursings. After a couple months we separated them into cribs (still in our room).

So, if you’re in a hurry, just click on the links below to check the specs and details of this year’s best cribs for twins!

Versatility: this mini crib for twins comes with a changing table and storage space. It fits in small bedrooms and saves space in the nursery.

Material: this convertible crib is made of solid pine wood. It has a weight capacity of 50lbs and withstands heavy-duty use.

Quality: all materials involved are of a high quality, resisting to years of wear and tear. The airy mesh on side panels provides maximum ventilation.

​Accessibility. If you’re needing a twin bassinet for co-sleeping, consider accessibility. You should be able to comfort the babies without getting out of the bed. You should also be able to take the babies out of the bassinet easily when you have to nurse them.

Crib divider: this product is designed specifically to divide the crib, promoting a feet-to-feet sleeping position. It’s great for twins.

Materials. A mini crib can only grow with the twins if it’s made of quality materials. The product should also be safe for the babies. Wooden mini cribs for twins are the most popular because they are made of a natural material and because of their sturdiness.

I really like the fact Joovy have stood behind their product with a 2 – year warranty. I had a cheap playard that broke after only a few times of folding it up and it was out of warranty.

Converts to a day bedConverts to a twinSmall and space saving3 mattress positionGreat Price

Size: perfect to accommodate two newborn babies, this bassinet measures 34x20x31 inches and fits in tiny spaces.

Material: this crib is made from 100% sustainable New Zealand pine wood. It’s free of harmful chemicals including phthalates and lead. 

Boasting a GreenGuard Gold Certification, the product is screened for 360 volatile organic compounds and over ten thousand chemicals. The unit is safe to use by the baby, while the lack of paints ensures that the product is lead and phthalate free.

In comparison, the Graco Bassinets are only removed when your twins outgrow them. As a result, the fabric is not as thick.

But a mini crib for twins is more versatile than you might think. Sooner or later, the infants will need separate sleeping solutions. And when that time comes, you’ll be able to just buy a second crib or bed instead of two.

Pad and sheets: designed for convenience, this unit comes with two waterproof mattress pads, two polyester fitted sheets and two cotton fitted sheets.

2. Twin Privacy Cribs: this type of cribs for twins provide a more independent sleep solution since the two sleeping areas are divided by a panel. Besides, these cribs can also be divided, so you can use them as a single twin crib or as two separate cribs.

A thing we like is the product’s weight capacity. Withstanding up to 110lbs, the unit grows with the kids and transforms into a twin bed. The conversion kit is sold separately. Regarding size, this unit measures 39.8 x 37 x 19.2 inches.

Made of New Zealand pine wood, this mini crib is also sustainable and resistant. The robust structure withstands weights up to 135lbs.

Safety: designed with safety in mind, this unit meets or exceeds all ASTM and CPSC safety standards.

It also has wheels, so you can move it from room to room easily. An important point to note is you can not use the playard and the twin bassinet at the same time. You have to actually remove a few screws so you can’t have the best of both worlds.

We put a pack and play in our bedroom but ended up not using it. We have them sharing a crib in their room which is right next to ours. It’s nice because we won’t have to transition later, and our little girl “talks” all night long and would have kept us up. Plus… DH (dear husband) and I have split the night shift so having them in a different room has meant that we can actually get a good amount of sleep. I think sleep is the key to us successfully making it through the first week without any major breakdowns!

Convertibility: this unit converts from a traditional crib to a daybed, toddler bed, and twin bed. The toddler and twin beds have two configurations each.

Adjustability: the product fits cribs up to 29 inches wide, which comprises almost all standard cribs on the market.

Colorful feet: the unit comes with stock white feet but if you want to enhance the look of this unit, mint, navy, yellow, grey, and black feet are sold separately.

A twin bassinet is a great solution for twin parents who’re considering co-sleeping. When it comes to choices, there are few specific models to consider. That’s why many parents consider investing in a large traditional bassinet that can accommodate two newborns.

Designed with comfort in mind, the oversized unit comes with a fitted mattress and a soft, waterproof sheet with zipped in the divider. Airy mesh on the lateral panels ensures sufficient ventilation to the sleeping babies, regulating temperature.

Bassinets have a low weight capacity and can only be used for a short time.

Ideal for newborns: the unit is recommended for babies between 0 and 7 months old.

Like the Graco, you can wheel the bassinets from room to room and there is a brake, too. Also similar to the Graco, you can fold up the playard fairly easily and put it into the included travel bag.

The size of your room / nurseryWanting to help your partner sleep / an unwilling partner!If your twins stayed separately in ICUIf you’ve had a c-sectionThe nursery is on a different floor

If you’re searching for specially-designed cribs for twins they do exist – but they’re expensive and gimmicky.  So what to do? Well, most parents of twins usually choose one of the two following options:

3. Two Level Cribs: These are actually two cribs in a single solution and are ideal especially if the nursery is small. In these models, the cribs are actually built one on top of the other, similar to the bunk beds.

Dream On Me impresses with its Jayden 4-in-1 mini convertible crib too. Again, this isn’t a specific twin product, but it’s a great choice for the newborns. The unit has a weight capacity of 50lbs and the babies can sleep together for up to six months.

Versatility. Some twin bassinets come with playards while others turn into rockers when babies are awake. Music and nightlights are other desired add-ons to consider.

Some parents will put their twins in their own crib (or a single crib to start off with) immediately after returning home from the hospital.

Purpose. Most twin parents prefer to offer separate permanent sleeping solutions to their babies and only use a double crib on vacation or at the grandparents. If that’s the case, consider the product’s versatility.

Invest in a portable double crib or padded playard with crib divider. If you want to let the newborns sleep in the master bedroom in the first months, a traditional crib used with a divider could be a more appropriate and budget-friendly solution.

Another great crib newborns twins can share is the Dream On Me Casco. This 3-in-1 mini crib fits seamlessly in tiny spaces and comes in various styles and colors. The convenient changing table with drawers provides sufficient storage space for diapers and baby essentials.

Keeps bedding in place: skip sleeping bags when using this divider, as its innovative design keeps bedding in place. 

Another thing we like is the bottom of the playard which comes with a quilted mattress. This converts the unit into a comfortable nap space that twins can share during family trips or visits.

Stability: before buying any crib, make sure to check the stability of the crib. A good crib shouldn’t shake and must be sturdy.Frame size: to make your life easier, choose a crib that can accommodate standard sized crib mattresses.

However, make sure there is no space left between the mattress and the frame, as this represents a real danger for your babies.Mattress: the most popular mattresses for cribs are the traditional innerspring mattresses and the foam mattresses.

The choice will entirely depend on your preferences, however, many parents opt for the modern mattresses in memory foam. If you decide to choose a foam mattress, check its density. The higher the better.

Adjustable mattress height: this is an important feature to look for in a crib. You will need to lower the mattress when the babies are old enough to sit up, as active babies can easily fall out of the crib.

Safety features: almost all the new cribs on the market comply with all the safety standards. However, you should stay away from the cribs that have drop sides. This feature can pose a serious hazard for babies, as the drop side can come loose and the babies can be entrapped in the space between the crib mattress and the drop side.

In the worst case scenario, the babies can strangle or suffocate. Also, avoid attaching any type of cushioned padding inside the crib. These paddings are very popular among parents, but they also can pose serious hazards for babies.

Bassinets are sturdy in the playardBassinets can be taken out & put back inCan wipe down & hand washHas wheels and a breakOne hand locking mechanismIncludes Changing table, organizer & two sound machinesConsUsually more expensive than Graco’s twin playardGraco Pack ‘n Play Playard Twin Bassinet ReviewBest Twin Bassinet For The Money

Fit. A crib divider should fit perfectly in the crib. This will improve the product’s stability if the babies bump into it while sleeping.

The unit is sturdy and safe. It attaches with a strap below the mattress, while side attachments fix the product between the crib’s bar. Ideal to use from birth up to about 7 months old, this crib divider will give you the desired peace of mind when babies start to roll over.

Double-decker model: designed to fit in small spaces, this double crib accommodates kids up to 30 months old in a space-saving solution.

Designed for small nurseries, Whitney Brothers Space Saver Two Level Crib offers a versatile and easy-access solution to twin parents. The crib accommodates two babies aged between 6 and 30 months, it is made in the USA and complies with all safety regulations.

Waterproof pad: the waterproof pad is designed to protect the mattress from accidental leaks but also provides additional cushioning.

Versatility: the unit is lightweight and versatile. Coming with a quick-fold mechanism, storing and transporting is a breeze.

This product has some flaws too. But it brings enough versatility to be considered the best crib for twins on the market.

Very Large – 10 square feet of roomWell Made – Heavy & sturdyGreat visibilityNo Weight Limit – Use up to 35″ / just under 3′2 Year Warranty – Longer than the “Pack and Play”

Have to purchase the conversion kit separatelyScratches easilyDream on Me 3 in 1 Aden Convertible Mini Crib ReviewSpace-Saving Crib at a Budget Price

360° view of baby requires no additional leg extensions thanks to the built-in leg adjustability. The height adjusts between 24 and 30 inches, fitting all standard bed heights.

Finding out you’re pregnant with twins feels like you’ve won the lottery. But when the excitement dies down a bit that’s when the nervousness begins to creep in.

Solid pine wood: the crib is made of sustainable solid pine wood and it’s available in five color options.

Style: with a retro-inspired design, this mini crib is stylish. It comes in a storm grey finish that blends wonderfully in any décor. 

What this does mean is that once the twins become too big for their bassinets (3 – 6 months) you will still be able to use the playard. So you’ll still get some use out of it down the road.

Available in five color options, the unit is made of solid wood. All materials involved are tested for lead and other toxic elements, meeting or exceeding all governmental, ASTM, and CPSC safety standards.

Weight limit: used in crib mode, the unit has a weight limit of 50lbs. The minimum weight of each occupant should be at least 5lbs. This product can accommodate twins from 0 to about 6 months.

The Arms Reach Cosleeper is popular among parents of multiples. It’s large enough (providing you get the model pictured and not the “mini”) to place both babies inside.

Spit Ups can be dealt with by wiping down the fabric, or hand-washing. Some parents do use a machine’s “Hand Wash” setting, but it isn’t officially recommended!

Another advantage with this kind of cosleeper is it can be moved from room to room. So you can take it into the living room for a nap whenever you want.

Easy to erect and easy to collapse, the unit is lightweight and portable. The bassinets come with hanging toys and separate music and nightlight options. Undoubtedly, a great unit to consider for your twin newborns.

We like the functionality of this unit that comes with two removable bassinets, flip away changing table, parent organizer, and more. Finding a fitted playard divider when the babies outgrow the bassinet stage is easy. Combined with a fitted mattress, you’ll have a versatile sleeping solution for the upcoming months.

Th only downside to this product is really the price! The Grace Pack and Play for twins is usually available for cheaper. If the added freebies and being able to carry the bassinets appeal to you, it’s probably worth the premium.

This seems to fit well with who multiples who spent time in the ICU. They are used to sleeping alone so you don’t need to worry about that.

One of the main questions that arise is where should the babies sleep? Should you buy two cribs, or is one enough? We’re going to answer that question. In addition, we’re going to give you some tips about choosing a crib for twins and we’re also going to tell which is the best crib for twins available on the market.

Option 1:  Separate cribs from birth. Option 2: Start with bassinets and then transfer to cribs

For the price, I think the Graco Twin Bassinet is the best twin bassinet for the money. The fact that it turns into a playpen means it will certainly get used one way or another.

On the plus side, the cosleeper can be used as a playard as well. There is a removable and washable liner which really helps keep it looking as good as new. This will help with the resell value of the cosleeper if you want to sell it afterward.

A downside to this playard is you need to purchase a mattress. It does come with a fitted sheet but it is not as “Baby Ready” as the Pack ‘n Play.

The sound machines are really the best part of the deal. I say this because they have a night light and a vibrational setting, too. The rocking action of the bassinets is perhaps not that impressive (though with newborn infants that’s probably a good thing!) but the vibrational setting is great for soothing and getting them off to sleep.

Portable design adds convenience to this product. Easy to move from one room to another, and event easy to travel with, this great playard comes with large wheels and a carrying bag.

Choosing the best crib for twins is a hard job. But in our opinion, Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center is the best. Considering that most cribs suitable for twins will only fit two kids for a limited time, investing in a unit that turns into a toddler playard is convenient in the long run.

In fact, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, there is a higher risk for babies to harm themselves in a shared crib. In addition, the babies might not sleep efficiently in a single crib. Once they are old enough to start moving around, they might disturb each other’s sleep.

Adjustable mattress: three mattress height positions allow you to keep the babies safe and help you manage baby weight better. 

Perhaps it’s clear by now that parents of twins don’t have plenty of options when it comes to choosing specific twin cribs. Yet, most parents feel that it’s better for their babies to sleep together at least in the first months.

Non-toxic finish means your twins will be able to chew on the wood freely. Since almost all babies chew on their cribs, it’s great to know that you don’t have to worry about it.

Be sure to check out our other great articles, including buying strollers for twins, baby monitors for twins and how to save money when expecting multiples.

Convertibility: growing with the babies, the crib converts to a twin size bed when the time is right. The conversion kit is sold separately.

A crib is essential baby gear your bundle of joy needs. But if finding a standard crib is confusing, how on earth can you find the best crib for twins when there are two babies in the oven?

Compatible with an array of crib dividers, this exceptional unit measures only 39x23x36 inches and it has a weight capacity of 40lbs. Like the nursery center above, this crib won’t grow with your kids, but it provides a convenient solution for the newborns.

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