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Bella Baby Photography

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Had a session with Laura Lim. She was super sweet and patient. On top of that she took amazing photos of my baby. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience.

My nephew Gavin’s photos came out adorable! I know my brother was very happy with them.

When in the hospital with my newborn I was told by the Bella Baby Photographer that I could wait until we left the hospital for the complimentary photo shoot; however, when I called to schedule it, I was told it was not complimentary and would cost $200. This should have been more clearly explained at the hospital, as I’ve now missed the opportunity to have photos taken of my newborn and can’t afford $200.

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I had my daughter in early January and was offered by bella baby photography to have a few photos taken of her while we were still in the hospital. I figured I probably would not make a purchase but when I saw the pictures I decided to purchase a few. I sat down with the woman, chose the photos and sizes I wanted, and paid the amount. As far as I knew, the photos would be on their way. I received an email later on telling me I needed to final the order online. When I tried to do that, the order could not be finalized due to some unknown circumstance. I emailed the company with this issue and was told it was a glitch that their tech support needed to fix. Finally everything was fixed when I received a call. I was told that to finalize my pictures I owed a balance of $5.45. The day I picked out the pictures, I paid the balance that was quoted to me by their saleswoman immediately. To find out three months after the fact that I now owe another $5 is extremely upsetting. The way they handled this situation is incredibly unprofessional in my book. To be penalized for one of their employees mistakes is wrong. I will not do business with them again.

The first few years with baby can be hectic. With our Milestone Package, you don’t have to worry about capturing first moments. It features four sessions at a discounted rate that can be used within two years of purchase.

Vicky L. said “Viktor was amazing. He undercharged me and I ended up writing him a check for more because his quality of work is really worth much more than he charges. I will absolutely be working with him again and…” read more

Spoke to Danielle and was able to get one of their photographers to come out to our hospital. They were so nice and gentle! I forgot who took our pictures but they came out amazing!!!!! I love the props they bring and how patient they are. Definitely will use them again and recommend them to my friends who are about to deliver next year.

I’m so pleased with my photography session. This company was contracted through my hospital. (Providence St. Joseph Burbank) The photographer was able to capture the sweetest moments of my newborn and she wasn’t cooperating. He knew what was he was doing. I could view the photos online prior to purchase which was great because I didn’t have to buy any photos if I didn’t like them. I ended up getting the downloaded package with CD for close to $200

Sue Y. said “If you’re considering hiring a photographer, you can’t go wrong with James. He took pictures of our family reunion during the holidays, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results. James was very…” read more

Fell In love with some of the photos especially one they took I wanted to blow up on a canvas but couldn’t afford them at the moment because money was tight. They emailed me 7 months later with a deal. I was super excited because I was told the photos were deleted which made me have months of regret but now the photo I was in love with is missing and they only have 20 photos. Super upset by this:(

“Thank you Bella Baby Photography for capturing these moments of Harper at the hospital. Harper was actually super fussy here but you would have no idea!”

We look forward to working with you and to capturing photographs that show the “real” beauty of your family.

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We had Laura Lim as our photographer at Redlands Community Hospital. She was sweet, helpful and artistic with her poses. Her photography is beautiful and gave us moments to cherish forever!

I think this company is amazing. I’ve had two experiences with them and both were absolutely deserving of the 5-stars I’m giving them. They show up at the hospital and offer you a complimentary photo shoot of your newborn (with or without you in them, however you prefer). It takes as little as five minutes in the comfort of your room and that’s it- all done! Within an hour, your photos are up online, password protected for you to share with whomever you choose. The photos are just gorgeous, as though they were taken in some fancy photo studio. My first experience with them was last year when I had my daughter. Literally a five-minute photo shoot. This second time was just a few days ago after my son was born. This time it took about fifteen minutes because there were so many more photo, plus they came out even nicer than my daughter’s. Both shoots were done by the same person (for the life of me, I can’t remember her name but she was so sweet and awesome). Are they pricey? Uh, yeah, of course they are. You can’t expect them not to be. For what they’re offering (beautiful portraits of your newborn), it’s going to be a little expensive because they know they have you by your heart strings and they’re going to take advantage of that. That doesn’t make them a bad company; it makes them a brilliant one. I bought the same thing this time around, which is the archive CD containing all the photos you see online in your account with full printing rights. I made several photo books with my daughter’s pictures and will be doing the same thing with my son’s and perhaps some birth announcement cards as well. The archive CD cost me $135.00 ($143.00 after tax and shipping). Last year it came in the mail pretty quickly. We’ll see about this time. I’ve read many good and bad reviews about Bella Baby in other states where people complained that they never got what they ordered, dealt with terrible customer service, etc. I feel bad for those people because this is such a special occasion being documented and to have to deal with poor turnaround and lousy customer service is just not acceptable. So I’m glad that my experience has been so great thus far. If the hospital at which you are planning to deliver is not contracted with Bella Baby, you can contact them and set up a shoot ahead of time, even up to a day or two after the baby’s born. I was telling the photographer how one of my best friends recently delivered at Kaiser and some other photo company contracted with Kaiser took her daughter’s photos. I said, “They were AWFUL. I can’t remember the name of the company, but they were expensive AND she was limited to eight poses! Who does that?” Our photographer responded that the hospital she delivered at had a contract with Our365, described the process and how bad her baby’s photos were; she was so disappointed (this was before she herself became a photographer for Bella Baby). I exclaimed, “Oh, Our365! That was it! That’s the one who took my girlfriend’s photos! Omigoodness, they were so bad!” Honest to God, the photos looked like she went to Sears or JC Penny and got some generic photo session done. I was really disappointed for her when I saw the end-results of that shoot. I would say find out ahead of time who your hospital is contracted with and if it isn’t Bella Baby, then make an appointment with them. The shoots are complimentary, so you don’t lose out on anything if you get sessions with two different companies. After viewing the products online with both companies, you can decide which one you like better. My GF ended up paying $119.00 for her archive CD that contained 8 pictures and a print of one of those photos. I got 27 photos with my CD and they were absolutely stunning. I’m extremely satisfied with what I paid for.

Newborns aren’t the only subject we love to photograph… we love to capture all of the milestones of family life. Using a photojournalistic style approach to photography, we capture your baby learning to stand, your 5-year old riding his bike with no training wheels, and your teenager’s last photograph before she becomes an adult. Go to our Bella Life section to view samples of these important family moments.

Is your kid about to become a big sister/brother? Love Taza has some advice for you!

Love my pictures! Laura was patient, kind, flexible and overall a joy to work with!!! Thank you so much for the beautiful photographs of my daughter

Our photographer was OK. I felt she was rushed short on time but wanted to photograph our Son so the company can just make $. The photos came out just OK, nothing I was “wowed” about. The prices are ridiculously over priced for the quality. However, I purchased them all because this is our 1st child and wanted every picture even though I wasn’t satisfied with them. I called them to ask a few more questions before I made my purchase online and even the customer service was horrible. I won’t do business with them again.

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“Bella Baby captured one of the most pivotal moments of my life, my family’s life. We will never have those moments again, and I couldn’t be more grateful that Bella Baby was an option for us to capture the memories!” Read about Suzlyfe’s newborn photo experience:…/

The photos went taken in the hospital. The photographer had me hold her which I specifically Told him I didn’t want to be in the pictures . He stated I wouldn’t but part of my hair or face manage to make it in the shot. In turn ruining the pictures I only liked two pictures. When delivered I never got them so they had to send them again

We welcomed our newest family member, Harper Danielle Regan! Harper was born April 26th. 2018 at 1:12pm. Weighing 6 lbs 3 oz (so tiny!) and 19″ long. Her big sisters, Taylor and Kinzie, are SO …

Bella Baby is the face of hospital baby portraiture. We bring experienced, professional photographers into the hospitals to capture your baby’s first photograph with a natural, artistic style. We believe that babies look the most beautiful when being held in their parents’ arms or cuddled in one of their own baby blankets. Bella Baby captures this beauty by using only “real things”…natural window light, professional photographers and professional grade SLR digital cameras.

Araceli C. said “My son was only about 3 weeks old when we took him to get photographed. Truthfully, I was scared and nervous as he was still so little but upon arrival we were sat down and Joanna and Bao explained to us…” read more

It’s Rough Being an Infant: How to Cope with 5 Normal Issues – Bella Baby Photography Blog

“Laura was patient, kind, flexible and overall a joy to work with!!!” in 2 reviews

Aw! Even though your baby can’t talk to you yet, he or she can tell you how loved they know they are.

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Your newborn photos are just the beginning. We’re there for all of life’s treasured moments.

I loved my experience with their photographer Nikki. I delivered at UCLA Westwood, I had no idea they had this program. She was sooo patient with my baby it was incredible. My daughter cried most of the session and she still managed to get great pictures!! I didn’t want to take any pictures but she convinced me to take a least a couple. And let’s just say I love the pictures… I can’t decide which ones to choose from. And Nikki is open to suggesting which ones are best… thank you again !!!!

perks of being a sibling, and prepping a child to become one! – Love Taza

“We delivered at Little Company of Mary and Bella Baby does on-site photography there.” in 2 reviews

Each month, we hold a contest for our talented photographers. We love to show off their work. How amazing are these winning photos from last month?! Contact us to get your own Bella Life or Bella Baby photos:

Da B. said “Sam and Yin are great !very professional and patient! We had that 3 location package ,but for some reason we can only finish 2 locations in one day,so Sam and Yin make accommodation to our situation ,so we…” read more

Happy Mother’s Day to the superheroes who deserve to be celebrated year round!

If I could give them a 0, I would… They came into the room, and took about 3 minutes of photos, in which I got 6 options to chose from. There was ONE I loved, and one I liked, the rest looked like something I did in my own home… Against my better judgement, I ordered ONE print of the one I loved, because I couldn’t pass it up. The picture came to me in a box that was COMPLETELY flimsy, and destroyed. Holes, covered with clear tape to “fix it” … The picture itself was undamaged, but it was blurry. Aside from being blurry, the color was NOTHING like what I thought I was ordering seeing the online version. Had they not been able to print it the way it showed online, they should have set up a warning when I ordered it in a larger print. The blurriness was minimal, I could have dealt with that, but the color? How is the color going to be off? I e mailed them to let them know my disappointment. Their response was that they could reprint it for me in a different size. If I wanted a different size, I would have ordered a different size. They offered me a different print if I did not want the original one in a different size. I accepted, and told them which one. They proceeded to call me, left a message, and I called back right before an appointment. They e mailed me, as that is the best form of contact for me, and told me that they would just refund my money. So not only did I not get a good print, the offer of a different print got retracted as to just get rid of me and be done with it. I am HIGHLY disappointed with how unprofessional these photos were, and I feel like I was pushed to the side – they don’t need me anyway, they have plenty of customers, right?

Everyone needs to feel loved. It’s the kind of emotion and motivation we all use to get through our days and enjoy our lives. Our families may be our primary sources of love, or it might be our friends or chosen family.

As mothers, we feel loved by o…

It was a pleasure working with Bella Baby Photography. The photos they took turned out amazing. The photographer was very nice and new exactly what she was doing. I highly recommend them.

Laura was awesome! Worked well with our newest addition to our family. She gave us pose ideas and recommendations and made sure the lighting was on points. Photos came out beautiful and we can’t wait to get the hard copies! Thanks again for everything, would definitely recommend to anyone that gets the opportunity.

having come from a family of 5 children, i haven’t known life without lots of other siblings around. while i’m the oldest, my next sister arrived when i was just 18 months old, so all of my memories and experiences very much … Continue reading →

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The clothes may be different, but these pictures are all too recognizable. Check out these incredible vintage photos of mothers and their babies.

Teething, dry scalp, constipation… our blog post addresses these common issues and more.

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I had the pleasure of meeting Lauren a photographer at Scripps memorial hospital Encinitas as she came in my room to offer photos of baby she was complementing me and made me feel good, very polite and to the point no sales push. she was excellent with my newborn and took a few shots I was pleased with the photos but wanted more. I contacted the company to do a private photoshoot about 5 wks later. Lauren came to my home did a great job above and beyond the expectation. The photos turned out beautiful and it was the most affordable photography I have found. Im so happy with them I will recommend them to everyone I know, Im sure they will be asking when they see our beautiful photos on the wall. Prior to delivery I had contacted 7 different professional photographers and not 1 even returned my call….. I will cherish these photos for a lifetime!

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“They show up at the hospital and offer you a complimentary photo shoot of your newborn (with or without you in them, however you prefer).” in 8 reviews

The photographer never came to our hospital room to take pictures of our baby even though requested it many times. Even before we left we asked the photographer to come by and the photographer still refused. The photographer for Little Company of Mary in Torrance is extremely unprofessional and they deprived us of photography for our first child during her first days of life. Bella Baby photography is a horrible company.

Infants face many common issues, some of which can seem overwhelming for new moms. Relieving issues such as constipation take patience and practice but we hope that this guide will make your job a little bit easier.

Exercising during #pregnancy benefits expectant mothers during pregnancy and for years to come.

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‘Life is a box of chocolates. You never know what you gonna get.’ So too are Bella Baby photographers. Some are just bliss. Others are the pits. I delivered both my babies at Providence Little Company of Mary Hospital in Torrance. This hospital has a contract with Bella Baby Photography. Since we all love photos, we decided to have a photographer visit us. With my first born, we had an extremely talented photographer who happened to be a baby whisperer. She came in when my baby was asleep but was able to get him to go back to sleep each time she re-positioned him in a basket. He looked so comfy, peaceful and angelic in all of the pictures. Lighting was excellent – soft, romantic and forgiving. Angles were flattering, much to a sleepless new mom’s delight. For my second baby, we got a polite photographer who unfortunately had absolutely no artistic eye. I should have followed my gut and passed on her. Instead, since it was our last day in the hospital, we thought we’d give her a go. To try to ensure that we got photos similar to our prior experience (quality control and to match styles since we’d be displaying them on one wall), I detailed what we wanted. We even showed her all the photos of my first born, so she could replicate the style. We talked about how the room was not well lit and the decor sucked (got stuck in the old wing of the hospitalthis time), there wasn’t enough space, etc. This photographer politely insisted she had great lighting in the room (it indeed turned out harsh and super unflattering). Instead of using the hospital’s cream colored soft blanket in the basket, she grabbed a thin scratchy sheet that had a tint to it. She did not deal well with babies and my baby cried when she put him in awkward positions. Lastly, she didn’t even have us stand in front / block eyesores like old gym-styled timer or the numbered signs hanging over the beds (so fugly). For the love of God, why didn’t she get up and move the neon blue hospital phone from the 1970’s?! I seriously could have staged and taken better pictures with my iPhone! Once in a lifetime kind of stuff here and she missed the mark. Soooo disappointed! My advice: Go with a known entity that can guarantee consistent quality. Bella Baby isn’t that.

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We know you want to share your new baby with the world. From holiday cards to gallery wrapped canvases, we have you covered.

Text a link to your phone so you can quickly get directions, see photos, and read reviews on the go!

So unbelievably happy with our hospital photos!!!! We delivered at Little Company of Mary and Bella Baby does on-site photography there. The sessions are free and you can decide if you want to purchase digital images or prints afterwards, at all super reasonable prices. I was very apathetic about getting photos taken and was pretty sure I wasn’t going to want them. The photographer stopped by once on the last day we were at the hospital and I was nursing, so I asked her to come back later. She came around a final time and asked me if I wanted to get shots and I said alright! I was very grumpy! Despite my bad attitude, a tiny room, and my horror in discovering my tiny newborn didn’t fit into any of the newborn clothes I had brought with me to bring him home, our photographer Bora took AMAZING photos!!!!!!! She was also super professional and dealt with me on zero sleep which says a lot!!! She was able to improvise with his clothes/swaddle, found some amazing light and most of all made the baby and us look like we were in a photo studio instead of a gross hospital room! I was literally blown away by how amazing the photos turned out – I cried looking at the gallery and I am stone cold! I was so happy and thankful that Bora captured these incredible photos – memories of our first moments as a family we’re going to cherish forever. Gah, I mean sounds so corny but so true. These 15 min photos were better than some other professional photographs we got taken a few weeks later. I am definitely looking forward to working with Bora and Bella Baby in the future for other family photos.

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