Bella Baby Newborn Photography

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Bella Baby Newborn Photography

“We loved the images so very much that we wound up using them for our sweet girl’s birth announcements.” in 9 reviews

My husband won’t return to the hospital until late in the day. Can the session be done then?

Bring a dark-colored shirt to wear in the photos; we may photograph your baby in your arms and solid/dark colors look great in both color and black-and-white prints.

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Not impressed at all. The photographer came right during my newborns cluster feeding stage so all she did was scream and cry during the photos. The photographer did not seem patient and was in a hurry. She spent about 10 minutes taking photos and then showed us 15 very average photos. Out of those photos there were only two that we liked because the rest were of my baby crying. She then was very pushy when it came to buying packages. My husband was trying to get her out of the room and she still was pushy. She tried to act like she was giving us a good deal. $300 for a 10 minute session is ridiculous. I found a different photographer that will give us a 3 hour session, be patient with a baby and give us all the digital rights for that price. I felt like the photographer was trying to take advantage of us. Bella baby should be ashamed of themselves for preying on new, exhausted parents.

As other reviewers have mentioned, their work is just ordinary. They used hospital bed sheets under the baby instead of some fancy fur cloth. On top of that, they don’t provide any props (except a basket). The photoshoot doesn’t involve any creativeness. They simply take advantage of the situation and this works pretty well for them. For the money they took for the digital photos, I wouldn’t recommend them.

Such a great in-room hospital experience! Jillian Rodriguez was very efficient and super professional. Not to mention the pictures were AWESOME! I’d highly recommend.

Great experience with our photographer who came while my parents were visiting our baby. We had a fun photoshoot that was quick and the pictures came out awesome. The only problem is that I put the wrong email address in (misspelled my own last name due to sleep deprivation) and there’s not a way to change that on the order confirmation page. I emailed Bella Baby to explain my mistake and I’m waiting to hear back.. hope it’s soon since I want to post these great pictures! *Update* Contacted before 24 hours and all is well! Love the pictures. Thank you again!! 🙂

Hospitals contracted with Bella Baby Photography are staffed with our professional photographers, on-site every day. Each new mother is offered a complimentary photo session that takes place right in her hospital room; parents and siblings are encouraged to participate to create a beautiful family experience.

Hi Elena, we would love to help you find your pictures. Could you let me know your full name, email, and hospital where the pictures would have been taken? Read less

“We look forward to continue working with her for future photo shoots.” in 2 reviews

Photos are not impressive. Expensive service and preys on sentiments. We appreciate the patience that our photographer had. Jamie had to return several times to accommodate us and was great with baby. We find absolutely no fault in our session with Jamie. However, we are not impressed with the photos for the price paid. At a minimum of $150 (for the digital download), it is alot of money for photos that don’t meet our expectations. I specified that it was more important to have the gallery filled with pictures of baby rather than focusing on mom and dad. The gallery of 20 or so photos came with fewer than half a dozen pictures that were good enough quality for a professional service and focusing on baby. A few seemed to be various distances of the same shot (we can zoom and crop!). We ultimately purchased photos for the memory, but advise parents to bring in your own photographer and if you’re up for it, set it to day 1 so baby is sleeping rather than crying (not day 2 when baby is cluster feeding)

We love to include mom and dad’s hands in our photos. Wear clear or neutral nail polish on the day of your shoot. Distracting jewelry should be removed; your baby should be the focus of the photos.

Let’s hope this is the right place to review. We were unexpectedly transferred to Swedish Hospital in Denver due to complications. One of the upsides to that difficult situation was Dede from Bella Baby, who came by when our little girl was barely over a day old. We weren’t planning on getting glamour photos done of our baby, not really being that big into pictures ourselves, but we agreed to the free shoot, conveniently held in our hospital room. They turned out stunning. When Dede played the slide show, I was crying by the third image and my husband was already placing the order for the digital copies. We used them for our birth announcements and got our favorite one printed on aluminum to hang in our house (these we did on Shutterfly, not through Bella Baby). Absolutely worth it! Thanks, Dede.

Not sure what all the low stars are for. I had my son 11/4/16 at Good Sam in Downers Grove. The photographer came the day he was born but has to come back because he was only 10 hrs old. A different young lady came the following day and she was very nice. I had one outfit (didn’t want to play dress up with my precious little guy after his first day in this world). I forgot the name of my photographer, I’m so bad with names, but she did a wonderful job. We were going to just do a $60 pack, we are on a tight budget, but after seeing the slide show we couldn’t pick just one so we ended up getting the $150 package. It was so beautiful there were about 22 photos. We received the rights to the photos, a disc and a download link. I had no problem with any of them. I wish I could bring the photographer to the house to take more pics but unfortunately we can’t afford it right now. We were very happy with the finished product.

We absolutely encourage you to bring a favorite baby blanket or afghan from home to use in the shoot. A beautiful blanket can add texture, color and memories to your newborn’s photos.

Newborns aren’t the only subject we love to photograph… we love to capture all of the milestones of family life. Using a photojournalistic style approach to photography, we capture your baby learning to stand, your 5-year old riding his bike with no training wheels, and your teenager’s last photograph before she becomes an adult. Go to our Bella Life section to view samples of these important family moments.

Instant viewing of your photo session is made available with a custom online slide show posted to the Bella Baby website (protected with a unique password), thus enabling distant friends and family members the opportunity to share the experience. Online viewing and ordering is offered for two weeks to anyone you choose to share your password; immediate in-hospital purchasing is also available.

We look forward to working with you and to capturing photographs that show the “real” beauty of your family.

We always encourage husbands and siblings to participate if they are available at the time of the shoot, but we may not be at the hospital late in the day. We will try to accomodate you as much as our schedule permits.

Your newborn photos are just the beginning. We’re there for all of life’s treasured moments.

Hi Elena, we would love to help you find your pictures. Could you let me know your full name, email, and hospital where the pictures would have been taken?

My husband and I have been planning the birth of our son at Shady Grove Hospital since the 4 month mark in our pregnancy. It was to our pleasant surprise that there was an option to capture some of our newborn moments with a professional photography session. I ordered 4 custom outfits to capture the essence of our sweet rainbow baby during his hospital stay. Scheduling is not an option with this company so when the Baby Bella Team checked in with us on Day 2, we asked if they could come back on Day 3 at noon to give me time to get myself and the baby together after having a cesarean birth. The woman so graciously obliged. On Day 3, a different representative comes in from Baby Bella two plus hours prior to this time while I am trying to breast feed my son pretty much pressuring us to stop what we are doing to do the shoot and stating that it was not guaranteed to have a shoot at 12 pm. Needless to say, it got me and my husband into an unnecessary tiff with the stress of trying to get our baby to feed. Then this crass woman told us she was going to check with one family to see where they were and come right back to let us know about doing the session between noon and 1 pm. She came back almost two hours later and asked us how we were on time as if she confirmed. I told her to just go and that the shoot was not happening. We were so turned off by all the negative energy. I was left with such horrible anxiety from the interaction. I will be scheduling my shoot with a professional as soon as I leave tomorrow.

Yes, let your nurse know you are interested in Bella Baby pictures and sign the consent form. The session will be completed when the nurse tells us the baby is ready for pictures.

We had photos taken at Silver Cross Hospital with Chrissy. I could not be happy with how they turned out! Originally, we were not planning on having them done as we scheduled a session with someone else but boy am I happy Bella Baby took pictures. Not only was our photographer amazing, gentle, and creative, but she also really captured the moment. She got some awesome shits of our little girl and we ended up buying the whole package.. they were that good. I’m happy we did too because the other scheduled photographer we had did not come close to Bella’s end product. Thanks for making this a great experience!

As Grandparents of a new baby girl we are super disappointed in the very expensive photos baby bellas took. All 12 pics are in the window seal of the hosptial room. Huge dissapointment! Changed hats twice and took some very odd pics only 2 came out ok but nothing to write home about. If you want good pictures use your own cell phone and dress the kid up then at least you will have great pics that are worth printing. New parents and grandparents save your money and go elsewere for quality pictures.

This is for the Ballard, Seattle location – I thought the photos were nice and good quality, and I ended up purchasing the digital downloads. However, I’m disappointed that the photographer did not take my suggestion to change her out of the hospital swaddle which was ragged, old and pilling. I mentioned that I had a pouch full of clothes and swaddles and she was like “Oh, this is fine”. Unfortunately I was incapacitated at the time and unable to get out of the hospital bed otherwise I would have changed her myself. Looking at some of the other photos on the website where the babies are in better swaddles / outfits is very disappointing given how expensive the photos are, and the reason I did not use the photos for birth announcements. I did contact customer service who said they “followed up with the photographer” but not much else.

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I gave birth at Good Sam hospital. My baby had to be admitted into NICU shortly after delivery and I was having a hard time dealing with it– especially because I was pretty much alone at the hospital. My photographer, Jillian, walked in on me crying my eyes out. I think she felt bad, but her kindness and reassuring words were wonderful. I was scared I would miss out on hospital photos but she assured me that she would NOT forget about my baby and that we could make it work. When my baby was discharged, we didn’t have a room to take pictures in, but she made the parent room at the NICU work! I’ve had three children and these photos were by far the best. Jillian was kind and attentive to my baby and she took all sorts of pictures showcasing all of my babies adorable features and quirks. I loved that they weren’t typical photos. I had photos of my baby’s fuzzy little ears. Her cute toes. And Jillian was willing to take suggestions on poses because I wanted this baby’s hospital photo to match my other children’s. The only negative I have to say is that their picture prices are expensive. I would have gladly paid for all the pictures Jillian took (they were that good!) but I couldn’t swing that much money 🙁

I decided to get photos of my younger siblings taken and Akayna was great with them. She was very helpful and patient with them at all times. I would highly recommend Bella Baby Photography, very professional service!

I chose Bella Baby because they took my daughter’s very first baby pictures at the hospital. It was quick to set up an appointment and I loved their flexibility when I had to reschedule. The day of the photo shoot came and Jaime my photographer was running behind (it happens…) but she called me beforehand and let me know so I wouldn’t rush. We showed up and Jaime was awesome! She was open to all of my suggestions and worked with my vision. The pictures came in a timely fashion and they were the cutest!

We typically photograph all babies on their first full day at the hospital. It is also possible for your shoot to take place on the day before discharge. Generally, we do not take photos on the day of discharge unless there is a medical reason for the delay.

​​Love Bella Baby! It was our second time taking advantage of the service at Northwestern. We loved the pictures done of our daughter so much that we didn’t even bother hiring a newborn photographer for our son two years later! If you can request Beatriz I highly recommend you do, you won’t regret it.

The photos were good so I accepted the high price for digital copies and purchased them. Unfortunately I was extremely disappointed to find out that by digital copies they mean low resolution copies, in no where on their website they mention this so I naively assumed it would be full resolution copies that I can order large prints from afterwards. Do not buy digital copies of the photos until they clear this situation, I am pretty sure they have the high resolution copies since they offer large print options. Update: I have managed to reach their representative and the photographer, they shared the high resolution pictures without any problems so my issue is resolved. Note that it is still not clear if their website supports downloading of high resolution pictures though.

Bella Baby is the face of hospital baby portraiture. We bring experienced, professional photographers into the hospitals to capture your baby’s first photograph with a natural, artistic style. We believe that babies look the most beautiful when being held in their parents’ arms or cuddled in one of their own baby blankets. Bella Baby captures this beauty by using only “real things”…natural window light, professional photographers and professional grade SLR digital cameras.

Not at all happy with the pictures. They took our baby boy’s pictures in the hospital the day after he was born. She spent like 10 mins and took around 30 pictures. The pictures were below average. I could have taken better pictures than her. She did not spend time getting good poses, she took as if she was in a hurry. There is no creativity. All my friends who saw the pictures asked if they were taken with an iPhone or some other phone. They were surprised when we told them that those pictures were taken by professional photographers. She showed the pictures on her iPad, she didn’t edit on photoshop or did any kind of enhancements to the pictures. She gave us a price and told that we will get a discount if we buy them at the hospital otherwise we wouldn’t get that discount. She didn’t give us enough time to decide. Very very disappointed with the pictures. Hospital told us that they take great pictures but they were below average pictures. I wouldn’t recommend belly baby to any of my friends.

Text a link to your phone so you can quickly get directions, see photos, and read reviews on the go!

“My baby had to be admitted into NICU shortly after delivery and I was having a hard time dealing with it– especially because I was pretty much alone at the hospital.” in 22 reviews

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The photographer spent *MAYBE* 15 minutes in the room with the baby, then presented with about 10 shots, and *THEN* presented with a price list. Oh boy, oh boy. The cheapest price point that made sense to us (digital copies of the photos) is 150 bucks. This buys you the jpgs – not the raw files. The prices go all the way up to 4 digits, with custom prints, announcements, etc. By the way, the sales pitch never started with a price list. It started with “this is the last day I’m here this week, I’ll come back in 30 minutes to see if you made up your mind or not.” I asked the photographer for the raw files or a lossless compression format like png and she said “we just do jpgs, it’s what we edit our photos as.” By the way, the photos were shot with a Canon EOS 6D and I’m 99 percent sure the jpgs we were presented weren’t “edited” at all, but straight out of the camera. I get it, this is day 2 in the hospital, the parents are exhausted, and who is going to say no to something like that? Right? But here’s the thing, Bella Baby works off of that emotional vulnerability. One could almost say they prey on it. Go ahead and read the 4 and 5 star reviews, the common theme is “we were tired and the photographer told us what to do.” One last thing: the photographer had us fill out contact information on a laptop. One of the check-boxes on the form said that we agree with the terms & conditions. The other said that we agree to basically let Bella Baby use the photos whichever way they feel like. Both were checked by default – I had to uncheck the one that gave Bella Baby rights to the shots. The shots were decent, but not stellar. Caveat emptor.

April was fantastic! She was patient with my extended family and the baby and got such adorable pictures! I had brought outfits and she was willing to set up the baby perfectly for some great shots. Overall packages are very fairly priced based on what else is out there. Thank you April, for the great work!

Does not value your time. Was scheduled for a second interview and received a generic “this position has been filled” email at 10pm the night before. Now that I had scheduled and paid for a sitter for my children so I could attend the interview. My actual interviewer wasn’t even going to contact me. When I reached out she said that position was not available anymore.

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