Accessories To Wear Having A Family Photoshoot At Home Newborn Photography

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Accessories To Wear Having A Family Photoshoot At Home Newborn Photography

Marena Beck is a native Ohioan currently living in Chicago.  She’s been a professional photographer since 2011, and opening her Lakeview studio in 2013. Marena’s family includes her husband, two adorable children, and one large fur baby.

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The location of your family portrait session should be chosen to reflect places that suit your family. Decide whether you prefer the photographs to be taken indoors at our Studio, outside in our rustic Outdoor Studio, or at a place that holds special significance for your family.

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If you are coming to our studios, you may like to bring two completely different outfits. One dressy and one casual option is a great idea. We have facilities that allow for quick changes, and we can rearrange backdrops and discuss posing options to suit the mood of each outfit.

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While I always encourage clients to pick clothing that they feel comfortable in, communicates the style they have and compliments their home decor – I do always suggest starting from a neutral palate. Newborns should be the star of the show when it comes to the session, so dressing in bright colors or busy patterns often is distracting to the viewer. Neutrals do not have to mean a plain white T-shirt. I consider neutrals as a palate of likeness (gray, navy, tan, white, ivory, soft blue, soft pink, etc.) The most important part is that the colors compliment one another and there are three-four colors (if including denim) MAX. Men can sometimes have a hard time finding shirts without patterns, in which case a solid sweater overtop is a nice compliment to break it up.

While most women feel that black is the most flattering color choice for clothing, as it is “slimming”, I find it a hard color for lifestyle photography unless B&W images are your objective. My style of photography indoors is light and airy, so having dark clothing creates a moodier feel in the imagery. There is nothing wrong with moody – in fact, it really adds emotion to the image, just be conscious about this when you make your color selections. The other thing to consider is your home palate. If your home is mostly white, wearing black will again make from strong B&W imagery, but might feel disjointed in color.

When you look through our galleries, there will be some images that you absolutely love. What is it about those pictures you particularly like? It is usually a mix of background colour, styling, clothing choice, and positioning of the subjects. Looking at what appeals to you is a great starting point. If you love too many, start by eliminating those you know will not suit your family. Soon an idea will start to come together, and we are always here to guide you.

If there is an outfit that has been purchased specially for your photography session you can take inspiration from the colours in the garment and incorporate a few of these as base colours or tones to be picked up through the clothing of other family members.

Family portraits are designed to feature on the walls of your home for many years. You want to enjoy your pictures, and not feel embarrassed by outdated fashion choices, so it is important to consider the outfits your family will wear to the photography session.

The beauty of being in your home is you have the chance to incorporate bits and pieces of yourself. Whether that is a favorite knitted blanket from Grandma or imagery in the nursery – you have control over what is captured (light permitting – see further tips). Here is a link to a recent lifestyle newborn session that incorporated a lot of their beautiful home in the details – Hinsdale Newborn Photography Session

The age range of your children tends to dictate how many scenarios and setups can be accomplished in one photo session. When working with young children, we always begin the shoot with a favourite outfit (as kids generally do not tolerate too many outfit changes). Sometimes something as simple as a jacket can change the look without too much upheaval. We’d rather capture great expressions and happiness, than cause tears and tantrums over favourite shoes being removed.

Non-wardrobe related, the two other success factors are having adequate light and decluttering the background. Light makes or breaks the images, so don’t get your hopes up on shooting in a room with no windows. Look at your space at all times of the day and study the light. Exposure direction matters when shooting in the AM and PM and should be communicated prior to the session. I have a pre-consultation call scheduled with each client to ensure I know what I am walking into, and to set expectations for both the parents and me, the photographer. I also ask clients to send iPhone pictures of both their wardrobe and home.

Don’t let the accessories become a distraction from the true subjects of the photo; we want your smile to stand out, not your head band!

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  • June 19, 2018

When family groups wear clothing of a similar colour palette, the portraits appear balanced and harmonious. Classic blacks and darker tones are often very flattering as they enhance the way faces can stand out. Jeans are contemporary, and always in fashion, but some styles tend to date more than others. Denim works well with a myriad of colours.

We advise against wearing sleeveless tops, clothing that is too tight, too short, or revealing (particularly on young children with bruised legs). Children are active (even during the shoot), so we encourage parents to dress them in clothes that fit comfortably and won’t creep up or down when they strike a pose or play.

Try to avoid wearing obvious fashion trends that will date quickly and, if you’re planning on having a haircut before the shoot, give it enough time to settle and look natural.

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A place to help mama’s become better photographers, snuggle their babies and make their house a home.

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If you are having photos taken outdoors, think about colours that will suit the season, location, and the mood you are hoping to create. It is also important to consider your home décor; how will the colour palette of your portraits fit in with the surroundings at home?

Fabric that moves or has texture is always my preference. Women who have just delivered a baby do not feel like their most beautiful versions of themselves (although they should). Fabric that moves and flows is a flattering option, especially when choosing ivories and whites for your color choice. Textures are also wonderful as they add visual appeal but don’t distract the viewer. It is a great way to add interest.

Consider how the colours and patterns of your chosen garments will stand out against the backdrop of your location. For outdoor sessions, it is important to choose your outfits with the season and the location in mind. Try to select clothing that is in keeping with the weather conditions you are likely to encounter.

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Accomplishments: Recognized internationally, with several winning images in both the National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP) competition and Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) image competition. Marena Beck Photography currently services Chicago and Chicago’s North Shore, including but not limited to Evanston, Wilmette, Winnekta, Kenilworth, Glenview, Glencoe, Northfield, Highland Park and Lake Forest. I also take sessions in Hilton Head Island, SC.

A colour palette usually consists of a combination of 2-4 complementary colours. See some examples of colour palettes that work well together here.

In the Studio, shoes are not always required. If family members are in a contemporary position, bare feet often look best, rather than dirty shoes. Consider having a pedicure prior to your shoot. If shoes will be in the portrait, make sure they are camera ready, clean and well-suited to the portrait. When shooting outdoors, bright white socks and a mix of colourful sneakers (unless intended to be that way) tend to be overwhelming, as do large watches, excessive patterns, and hair ties on wrists.

I also love the look of a dress on a woman after childbirth. I don’t suggest wearing a maternity dress that is tight around the waist. Instead, pick a dress with movement. Think maternal, classic and beautiful flow.

There is no need for everyone to wear matching outfits! For the best results, think about wearing gentle variations within the same general colour palette. Often a mix of 3-4 colour combinations works well. As a rule, it is best if family groups avoid stripes, busy patterns, clashing prints, and large logos.

Want to see more examples of family portraits? Visit our Family Gallery. If you are still unsure and need a little direction, please call us, we are always happy to help.

Here is a list of some of my favorite stores for finding clothes for mom as well as baby. They have a great mix of textures, colors, and choices for every size.

“My favorite moments during a session are the unexpected, in-between ones.” ~ Marena Beck

After a client books a photography session, the first question that they ask is “what should we wear?” I really love documenting lifestyle newborn sessions because clients can incorporate themselves into the session… their home, their colors and, of course, their style. These sessions are candid, relaxed and if done right, truly showcases the new love that has entered the home. Here are some tips on what to wear when planning a lifestyle newborn session.

The overall colour palette will help tie the portrait together. To capture great photographs, we need everyone to feel comfortable and relaxed. Remember not to get too caught up in wardrobe rules, try to let each family member wear clothing that suits both their body shape and their personality.

We have multiple backgrounds at our studio, and we can recommend the best option to complement your clothing choices.

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Don’t feel overwhelmed by the prospect of making wardrobe decisions. We are always happy to provide advice and make suggestions. Our guidance will help you to consider how the colours, patterns, and styles of your clothing will photograph, and whether your choices will work together as a whole.

Our backgrounds are black, brown, grey, white, pink, and blue and we can add coloured gels to backgrounds for variety. We also feature a warmly toned wall which photographs beautifully. These environments are fantastic for colour or black and white photographs.

Babies are teeny tiny and most clothing (even 0-3 mo. size) is still too big right after birth. If choosing an “outfit” to document your baby in, make sure it fits! You don’t want your little one swimming in their garments. I suggest shopping in the newborn section, and trying the clothes on your baby before the session. If nothing fits, never underestimate the beauty of a baby that is swaddled. There are adorable swaddles out there now with endearing prints and patterns. If the rest of the family is dressed plainly, the baby will shine in a sweet swaddle with some spunk. Or, select a simple and timeless swaddle for that classic imagery that you’ll never tire seeing.

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Accessories can add a pop of colour and visual interest to your photographs. You can have some fun with accessories: hats, scarves and jackets work well for outdoor seasonal portraits. We can change looks quickly and easily using your accessories; this is important if we are out on location or if the children are getting tired.

Decluttering is also key. I know parents are tired and cleaning is impossible – but books, kleenex boxes, bottles, magazines, empty glasses, breast pumps, etc. should be removed. You don’t want to remember that half-consumed beer on the nightstand!

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